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How to make banners on Minecraft

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How to make banners on Minecraft: You are decorating your refuge on Minecraft, placing different objects both inside and outside. By continuing with this activity, however, you realized that something is missing that can give a little liveliness and color to your home, for example the banners. Well, I would say that it is a great idea, considering that you can decide to color and customize them to give a unique touch to the refuge, to make it reflect your style.

How do you say? Do you agree but have no idea how to build such an element in Minecraft? Do not worry! I am here to help you: in today’s guide, in fact, I will illustrate you how to make banners on Minecraft, both colorful and adding textures and decorations that can make them truly special!

All you have to do is get comfortable and pay close attention to all the tips that I will give you in the next chapters. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have all the information you need to easily manufacture this object and decorate your refuge! All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to create a banner on Minecraft

Create a banner

For create a banner on Minecraft, what you need to do is get the resources you need to run this business. First of all, you must have a Stick. This you can manufacture it easily, by putting 2 units of wooden boards in a workbench.

In addition to this resource, you will also need the Wool. The latter can be obtained by shearing the sheep that you find around the world of Minecraft or that you have appropriately raised in your refuge. However, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding sheep on Minecraft.

All you have to do to get wool is to simply get yourself Shears, to perform the mowing operation. Don’t you own shears? Don’t worry, all you have to do is join together 2 units of Iron Ingots in a workbench, previously cast in one furnace from Raw iron.

After recovering all the resources I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you just have to place them on a workbench: to be exact, you will have to place 6 units of Lana is 1 stick unit, so to get 1 banner unit.

I warn you that the banners you will manufacture will all be in one solid color. In most cases, they will all be banners of White color, as the sheep that you find scattered in the world of Minecraft are mostly characterized by a white coat. If you want to know how to get colored banners, I invite you to continue reading in the next chapter.

How to color banners on Minecraft

Create colorful banner

If you want to get gods colorful banners on Minecraft, what you need to do is change the color of the wool. In fact, the wool you get from sheep shearing is mostly white and only on some occasions you could get it black, on shades of gray or, in other rare cases, brown or even pink.

In this regard, you can color the wool, using the sixteen dyes available on Minecraft: red, green, Violet, cyan, Grey, light grey, pink, lime, yellow, light blue, magenta, Orange, blue, Brown, black is White.

You can obtain these dyes by inserting, in a furnace, the corresponding ingredients that you can collect in the world of Minecraft: most of these are obtainable from plants, except white and black, which are obtained respectively from Bones and from Ink bag, which is released by the octopuses.

When you have the dye, all you have to do is put 1 unit of Lana with 1 unit of Dye in a workbench. The result will be 1 unit of Colored Wool, which you can use to make a banner. At this point, following the same procedure that I have already shown you in previous chapter, you will be able to make a colored banner, always in a solid color.

How to make custom banners on Minecraft

Apply a texture to the banner

On Minecraft you can create banners by customizing the plot. In fact, as I already told you in the first chapters of this guide of mine, the banners are precisely one-color. Although you can color them, they will still be solid.

Thanks to a specific tool, the Frame, it is possible to change the texture of the banner, for example by applying specific lines or geometric shapes. To make this tool, you need to put it on a workbench 2 units of wooden boards is 2 units of string. While the first material is readily available by dismantling gods Logs of Wood in a workbench, you can get the twinemainly by defeating the spiders.

After making the Frame, interact on it, to view its interface. There are three slots on the left side: one is intended to accommodate it Standard, one is for the Dye, while the other for Figures. In this chapter, I will not explain how to use this last slot, as I will postpone the explanation in next chapter.

Before you start editing the storyline, you need to make sure you have the useful items for the first two slots: therefore, you must have already made one Standard it’s a Dye. For the first object, I refer you to what I have already illustrated in the first chapter; for what concern Dyeinstead, I told you about it in detail in chapter dedicated to coloring banners.

After entering it Standard in the first slot and the Dye in the second, at the center of the interface of the Frame you will be shown all plots that you can apply. The banner you will get will be one consisting of the color of the base of the original banner, with the texture of the same color as the color.

How to decorate banners on Minecraft

Apply a decoration to the banner

To the banners it is also possible to apply decorations that depict specific figures. Those available on Minecraft are as follows: a flower, one skull head, one creeper head, the Mojang logo it’s a globe. The latter, however, is only available in Creative mode. In addition to these, for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can create the texture of bricks you hate creepers.

To apply the figures I told you about in the previous paragraphs, you must be in possession of the object Figure for Banner: it is precisely a parchment that contains the logo design to be imprinted on the banner. This is accomplished in a workbench by putting it together 1 unit of Paper and the object related to the figure itself.

For example, if you want to create one Figure for Banner with a Flower, what you need to do is join the card to 1 unit of Margherita. If you want to create the Mojang logoinstead, you will need to get one Enchanted Golden Apple. You can get, instead, the figures depicting the heads defeating the corresponding creatures.

When you have the Figure for Banner, open the interface of Frame and place it in the slot dedicated to it, also adding it Standard and the Dye. You won’t have to do anything else: in the right slot you can collect the new banner with the figure applied.

I advise you that on Minecraft real banners can be created completely decorated with elements not directly present in the video game. This operation is possible by processing the banner several times with different textures and colors until the desired effect is achieved.

If you want to have an idea of ​​some projects created by other users that could inspire your creativity, I recommend you to view the appropriate gallery on, in which you will find all the step-by-step procedures to create the pattern shown.