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How to make an image smaller

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How to make an image smaller: Do you need to shrink some images to be able to post them on your blog or email them to a friend without breaking the attachment space limit? Don’t complicate your life with advanced photo editing programs, like Photoshop or GIMP. USA ImBatch.

ImBatch is a free program for Windows that allows you to resize one or more images at the same time in a very easy and fast way. It supports all major graphic file formats and includes many advanced features. there how to make an image smaller using it.

If you want to find out how to make an image smallerthe first step you need to take is to connect to the ImBatch website and click on the button Download Now which is at the bottom of the page to download the program to your PC. When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the file you just downloaded (setup-imbatch-latest.exe) and, in the window that opens, first click on Yup and then on OK And Forward.

Then accept the conditions of use of the program, putting the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and click on first Forward six consecutive times and then on Install And end to complete the installation process and start ImBatch.

For make an image smaller (or several images at the same time) with ImBatchall you have to do is drag it to the main program window, click on the button Add Task and select the item Resize from the menu that opens. Then expand the box Resize and double click on the items Width and Height to specify the width and height dimensions to apply to the photo (in pixels).

Now, click on again Add Taskselect the item Save as from the menu that opens, expand the box Save as and click on the folder located next to the item Folder to specify the folder in which to save the zoomed out photo.

Now all you have to do is click on the button Run (the arrow located at the top left) and ImBatch will save the reduced version of the images that you have dragged into it in the folder you just selected. Very easy, right?

Using ImBatch you can also rotate, flip, round edges and apply other small changes to images. Just follow the procedure I just showed you: click on the button Add Task and select one of the available options in the menu that opens (instead of Resize).

You can choose the option Rotate to rotate images, Soft shadow to apply shading, Round corners to round the edges, Convert to gray to turn images into black and white, and so on. The important thing is that you always add the option at the end Save as and specify the folder in which to save the edited photos