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How to make a table on Minecraft

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How to make a table on Minecraft: You have built a magnificent house in Minecraft and now you just have to decorate and furnish it, in order to make it more comfortable. You have already built several objects, but you realized that one is still missing table. You would love to create it, but you have not been able to find useful information in this regard. Things are this way, am I right? So if you want, I can help you achieve this.

If you take a few minutes of your free time, I can in fact explain how to make a table on Minecraft through the resources easily available in the game or, alternatively, through the use of a mod. If then your intention is to create work tables, I will explain how to make all those available, such as the work bench, the one for spells and several other tables that could be useful in your adventure.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start reading my guide? Very well: let’s not waste any more precious time. What you need to do is sit comfortably and carefully read all the tips that you will find in the next chapters. All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Building a table on Minecraft

Create a bar table on Minecraft

If you want build a table on Minecraft, you must know that unfortunately there is no project available to make this object. However, you can use the combination of some elements to create a table and use it to furnish your home.

There are different table designs that you can create, suitable for various purposes. A few examples? Let’s start with a bar table: if you want to make a table of this type, first of all pick some wood and turn it into wooden boards, using a workbench.

Now you have to create one fence it’s a pressure platform. For the first item, you need it 4 units of Aces is 2 units of sticks, while for the platform you only need 2 units of Aces. At this point, place the fence on the ground and place it on it pressure platform, so as to obtain the bar table.

Create a large table on Minecraft

If, on the other hand, you want to create a bigger table, you just need to use the same resources, replacing the pressure platform with some rugs. You can get this object from the processing of 2 units of Lana, obtainable by shearing the sheep: I told you about it in detail this my guide, in which I explained how to get this resource and also how to change its color.

What you need to do now is to place them fences on the ground and place on them i rugs, so as to create a table. It wasn’t difficult, was it?

As I already told you, if you have enough creativity, you can build any type of table. If you encounter any difficulties in the realization of this project or if you want more ideas to draw from, I suggest you go on YouTube, where you will find many ideas and suggestions from other Minecraft fans like you.

What you need to do is open the browser that you usually use to browse the Internet and reach YouTube website or, alternatively, open the YouTube app for Android or iOS) and search for terms “minecraft table” or “table minecraft” (in English), to view a list of videos that will explain how to make various types of table for your refuge.

Mod to build tables on Minecraft

Mod to create tables on Minecraft

In addition to the solutions I gave you in previous chapter, some fans have made some mod for Minecraft Java Edition which allow you to add tables within the game in an even easier way.

In particular, the mod that I recommend you use is MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod, available on Before moving on to its download, however, you must have installed it Minecraft Forge, a tool that allows you to manage these add-ons for the Mojang title.

If you have not already done this, reach the Minecraft Forge website and press the button Installer, to withdraw the .jar file of the program. Once the download is complete, double-click on the file you just downloaded and press the button OK, in the box you see, to install it.

Now, download MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod, by visiting this link and pressing the button Download. After downloading the .jar file of the mod, move it to the folder mods you find in the Minecraft installation directory (C: Users [nome] AppData Roaming .minecraft). If you don’t find this folder, create it manually.

Well: almost there! Starts Minecraft and press the ▲ icon, which you will find next to the button Plays. Then choose the profile Forge and click the button Plays. If you followed the instructions I gave you to the letter, you will have started Minecraft with the support of the mods.

You just have to access the world of Minecraft in mode creative and browse the pages of the inventory, to reach the section relating to the newly added mod: there you will find different accessories and objects to furnish your shelter, including the tables.

Build a work table on Minecraft

Workbench on Minecraft

Most of the objects you create in Minecraft must be processed within a Work station. As you can understand, it is an essential element to progress within this video game. If you are wondering how to create one, in the next few lines I will explain how to proceed.

The first thing you need to do is collect the wood and turn it into wooden boards, using the section Manufacturing that you find within the inventory of your avatar. After doing this, position 4 units of wooden boards on all four free slots in the section Manufacturing, so as to get the Work station.

To use the workbench, place it on the ground and interact on it: you will be able to create many types of objects. I advise you to use the Cookbook (L’green book icon), to discover the projects that you can currently build and to automatically place the resources (if present in the inventory) of the object you want to create in the slots.

Build a spell table on Minecraft

Spell table on Minecraft

Do you need to enchant an item with a bonus? In this case you will need a Spell table. If you don’t know how to build one, I’ll explain it to you.

What you need to do is collect the essential resources to create this object on the workbench: you need a Book, 2 units of Diamond is 4 units of Obsidian. For what concern book, you can create one using 3 units of Card (of which I spoke in this my guide) is 1 unit of Leather. The latter is a very common material, which is obtained by defeating animals such as cows or horses or in the trunks you find during your adventures.

THE diamondsinstead, they must be extracted from the corresponding mines in the subsoil, and then subsequently work on the raw form inside a furnace. Finally, theobsidian it can be easily obtained by pouringwater on lava and using a diamond pickaxe, to extract this material.

Build more tables on Minecraft

Other workbenches on Minecraft

On Minecraft you can also build other types of work tables, based on the purpose of use. As I have already explained to you in the previous chapters, the Work station and the Spell table which respectively have the purpose of creating new items and adding bonuses.

In addition to these, however, you can also create other types of tables. For example there is the Cartography bench, which allows you to create maps useful for your explorations. To make one, you only need it 4 units of wooden boards is 2 units of Card, to be placed inside a workbench. If you want to know more about this object and how to make maps on Minecraft, I recommend reading this my guide dedicated to the topic.

Finally, you can make the Fletching bench and the Forging bench. You cannot use these objects directly, but you can create them to add them to a village, to make sure that a non-player character (NPC) is assigned to the specific task.

In fact, thanks to a fletching bench, you have the possibility that a citizen can become a Arrows blacksmith, with which you can trade to buy arrows and shooting weapons. With a forging bench, you can get a citizen to get the profession of Tool blacksmith, which will allow you to purchase tools.

You can create a Fletching bench using 4 units of wooden boards is 2 units of Flint, which is easily found by destroying i gravel blocks. For the Forging benchinstead, you have to use 4 units of wooden boards is 2 units of iron ingots, which are obtained from the processing of raw iron in a furnace.