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How to make a swimming pool on Minecraft

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How to make a swimming pool on Minecraft: You have just started playing Minecraft , Mojang’s popular sandbox title, and your home is finally taking shape. To get your friends to notice you, you have therefore decided to build a swimming pool outside the house, in order to make it more pleasing to the eye and make it look “luxurious”. You tried to search online for information on how such a construction can be made, but you did not find specific details and in the end you came here, on this tutorial of mine. It went like this, didn’t it? Then don’t worry: I assure you that you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you in detail how to make a swimming pool on Minecraft : I will start from the necessary materials, so that you can also make this construction in Survival mode, and I will go as far as the “setting up” of an automatic swimming pool. In this way, at the end of the tutorial, you will be able to show your friends a truly unique element of your home and, you can be sure, you will make a beautiful figure … on the other hand, a self-respecting villa cannot be complete without a pool!

Courage: what are you waiting for standing still in front of the screen? Take five minutes of free time, read and practice the quick instructions you can find below. The result is assured! At this point, I have nothing else to do, except to wish you a good read and make a big good luck for everything!

How to find the materials needed for the pool

Find Redstone Minecraft

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to make a pool on Minecraft , I think you may be interested in learning more about where to find the necessary materials within the world of the Mojang title.

Well, the materials you’ll need to build the pool are: polished andesite blocks , fir plates , red banners , fences fir , fences dark oak , slabs of quartz , polished quartz blocks , polished red sandstone slabs , steps of polished andesite , ladders and buckets of water .

If you like, however, you make a automatic pool , you need to add the following materials: redstone dust , redstone repeaters , Observer blocks , pistons sticky and a lever .

At first glance, these materials may seem difficult to find, but in fact I can assure you that it is not so impossible to get them, even in the game’s Survival mode . On the other hand, on Minecraft everything is possible by putting a little effort into it. In particular, I guarantee you that these materials can be found playing for a few hours. In any case, if you really don’t want to use this amount of time, you can always play in Creative mode , where you already have all the materials available.

If you want to proceed in Survival mode, know that most of the materials necessary for the construction of the pool are obtained simply by playing Minecraft. Probably the most difficult elements to find in Mojang’s title are the redstone powder , which is obtained by extracting it from the raw redstone or by collecting it inside the trunks scattered throughout the game world, and the smooth red sandstone slabs that, instead, are obtained combining 3 blocks of smooth red sandstone .

Minecraft materials tool

My advice is to turn to a convenient external tool to understand how to obtain certain materials: I refer to MineSearch .

To use MineSearch, simply connect to its home page , write in the search bar (top right) the name of the element you need and select the most relevant result .

The combination of objects that you will have to use to obtain the searched item will appear on the screen . I can assure you that, using this tool, you will not have any problem to find all the materials necessary to build your swimming pool (or your automatic swimming pool).

How to build a swimming pool on Minecraft

How to make a swimming pool on Minecraft

Once you have collected the necessary materials, I would say that you are ready to proceed in building your swimming pool.

The first thing you need to do is find a space that has many free blocks of terrain . My advice is to try to explore the world a bit: Minecraft is chock full of meadows just waiting to be “modified”.

Free Minecraft blocks

Once you have found the right terrain, dig a hole 10 blocks long and 15 blocks wide .

Minecraft hole

Then create a thick “frame” 2 blocks of polished andesite .

Two blocks on each side polished Minecraft andesite

Now, place 2 blocks of smoothed andesite on the right and 2 blocks on the left at the base of the pool.

Two blocks right two left Andesite Polished Minecraft

Then deepen the pool by digging up to 3 blocks .

Split two layers inside blocks

Then cover the floor and side “walls” with smooth quartz blocks .

row of minecraft blocks

At this point, place 3 polished quartz blocks at the base of the swimming pool, in order to create a sort of “step”.

Minecraft pool step

The time has come to add a deckchair . Choose the position you want, on the left of the pool, and dig 2 blocks at the outermost point of the pool and one block at the inner point.

hole two blocks one

After that, place a fir slab in the first block outside the pool and place a red banner on it .

Red Minecraft banner

Next, cover the holes created with fir slabs and repeat this procedure to create, for example, another deckchair.

Minecraft deckchair

If you want to make an umbrella , just place a fir fence and combine it with a dark oak fence .

Minecraft dark oak fence

Then place, at the top of the umbrella, a mix of quartz slabs and smooth red sandstone slabs , creating the type of umbrella you prefer.

Minecraft umbrella

At this point, go to the other side of the swimming pool, position the steps of smooth andesite and place us on the ladders .

Minecraft ladder

To create a diving board , go to the top of the pool and use 4 fir slabs .

Minecraft trampoline

Now, if you only need to have a normal swimming pool, all you have to do is fill the pool completely with a bucket of water .

Minecraft water bucket

I remind you that you must cover each side with water to be able to enjoy your swimming pool in Minecraft!

How to build an automatic pool on Minecraft

Pull Minecraft Lever

How do you say? Would you like to transform the swimming pool you have just built into an automatic swimming pool ? No problem, I’ll explain how to do it right away. If you have not yet followed the instructions in the chapter on how to build a swimming pool on Minecraft , I recommend starting from there.

After that, you have to go inside the pool, without water, and make it 5 blocks deep .

5 depth blocks

At this point, go to the base of the swimming pool (where there is the “step” created previously) and place a row of redstone powder .

Minecraft redstone powder

Next, fill all the remaining blocks with redstone boosters .

Minecraft redstone boosters

Then place Observer blocks on top of each redstone repeater .

Minecraft observer

Afterwards, put a sticky piston on top of each Observer block.

Minecraft sticky piston

Then place blocks of smooth quartz on top of the various sticky pistons.

Minecraft quartz cover

Now, go back to where you placed the redstone, manually create some steps that will get you out and get the redstone dust to the outside , placing it on the steps.

Redstone Minecraft steps

Remember, later, to cover all the empty blocks with polished andesite and quartz blocks  .

Cover everything Minecraft

Once this is done, go to the block where the redstone powder arrives and place a lever . Perfect, now you just have to have fun with your automatic pool. Just press the lever to make the water disappear and make the quartz blocks appear.

Mission accomplished! You have successfully created your automatic pool in Minecraft!

Minecraft lever

In conclusion, since you are probably building your house in Minecraft, I would recommend some tutorials that may be useful to you.

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