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How to make a secret door on Minecraft

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How to make a secret door on Minecraft: You have just built your refuge in Minecraft and, since you have collected many materials and objects, you have thought of creating a secret room that can house all the trunks containing these resources. Unfortunately, however, to perform this operation, you need to hide the entrance from the sight of any visitor, so as not to risk that some attacker could take away all the resources that you have laboriously obtained during your adventures.

How do you say? Are things actually this way? Then you will be happy to know that, in today’s guide, I will explain how to make a secret door on Minecraft in an easy and immediate way. All you have to do is follow the advice that I will provide you in the next chapters, in which I will indicate the materials and tools necessary to carry out this undertaking and the procedures, step by step, that you will have to put into practice to carry out this project.

Having made this promise, I would say that it is time to start reading this guide of mine. Sit comfortably and pay close attention to the suggestions I will give you. I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have all the information you need to be able to build a magnificent secret door! All I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Collect the necessary materials

Resources for Secret Door on Minecraft

Before starting to talk to you about how to make a secret door on Minecraft , it is important to indicate what materials you need to get in order to be able to carry out this project.

First, you’ll need Sticky Pistons , joining 1 Slime Ball unit and 1 Piston unit inside a workbench. The Slime Ball can be obtained by defeating the Slimes , creatures that live mainly near swamps.

As for the Piston , however, you will have to manufacture it in a workbench, using 3 units of Wood Planks , 2 units of Rubble , 1 unit of Iron Ingot and 1 unit of Redstone Powder . The wooden planks can be obtained from the processing of wooden logs , while the crushed stone is obtained by simply breaking the stone with a pickaxe.

As for Iron Ingots , you can get this resource by using iron in a furnace. The Dust Redstone , however, you can get working the Redstone blocks , to collect with a pickaxe into the ground.

In addition to the Sticky Pistons, you will need to have Redstone Powder , which I just told you about in the previous lines, and Redstone Boosters : you can obtain this object by combining, in a workbench, 1 unit of Redstone Powder , 3 units of Stone and 2 Redstone Torch units . The Stone is a material which is obtained from the fusion of Rubble in a furnace, while the Redstone Torch requires 1 unit of Stick and 1 unit of Redstone powder .

Finally, you will need a lever , necessary to activate the mechanism for opening and closing the secret door. In this regard, you will have to put together, in a workbench, 1 unit of Bastone and 1 unit of Rubble .

In summary, to put into practice the procedures that I will indicate in the next chapter , you will need 1 unit of Lever , 3 units of Redstone Repeaters , 6 units of Sticky Pistons , at least 20 units of Redstone Powder and, finally, 2 blocks that reflect the same material as the walls of the room, to conceal the door. You will also need several other blocks of any material, as they will only serve to make the links in Redstone.

How to build a secret door on Minecraft

Secret Door on Minecraft

Now that you have all the resources to build a secret door on Minecraft , it’s time to get down to business. All you have to do is follow the procedures that I will show you in the next paragraphs step by step, so you can be sure that you won’t make any mistakes.

First, make the entrance to the secret room by removing 2 blocks from the wall vertically. Once this is done, place the Sticky Pistons , placing 4 units away from each other by 1 block of space from the entrance and the other 2 units next to them.

I recommend that you place the Sticky Pistons with the faces facing the right way: the first four pistons must be positioned perpendicular to the entrance, while the other two must have their faces facing the latter.

Pistons for secret door

Once this is done, place three blocks of any material behind the four pistons and then add three more to follow. Just behind the pistons, on the newly positioned blocks, added two Redstone Repeaters , taking care to set them with the maximum delay.

Secret door repeaters

Now, next to the repeaters, add a block and then build a line formed of three more blocks, on the upper level. At this point, using two other blocks, continue the line perpendicularly, connecting it to the wall.

Support for redstone

After performing the steps I have indicated, it’s time to connect with the Redstone Powder . Therefore, along the other perpendicular part, identify the block on which to place the Lever that will operate the door mechanism and, on the opposite side, place the redstone. Draw a line until you reach the blocks on which the repeaters are positioned and connect them. Along this path, also enter the last Redstone Repeater , also setting the maximum delay.

Redstone connection to repeaters

At this point, continue the connection in redstone, climbing along the previously built block structure and draw a line also behind the pistons. You will have to make this line end right next to the pistons with the face facing the entrance.

Redstone link

Now, you just have to close the opening on the wall again with the same blocks of which the wall is made. By activating the lever, the mechanism will move to the closed position: as soon as you interact again on the lever, the pistons will pull the blocks that block the entrance to you, hiding them and allowing you access. It wasn’t difficult, was it?