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How to make a kitchen in Minecraft

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How to make a kitchen in Minecraft: After a rather long period in which your friends kept talking about Minecraft well , you finally decided to try the popular Mojang sandbox title. So you started building your first home. The work is progressing well, but you have realized that you need a kitchen, possibly that it is also pleasing to the eye, but you don’t really know where to start. For this reason, you searched for information online and came here, on my guide. It went like this, didn’t it? Well, then you will be happy to know that you have come to the right place at the right time!

In fact, in today’s guide, I will explain exactly how to make a kitchen in Minecraft  illustrating you, with quick and simple instructions, both how to make a normal kitchen and how to set up an automatic kitchen capable of making you get cooked food in less than say it. I will not fail to let you know how you can get all the materials you need in the game’s Survival mode.

Courage: can you know that you are still standing there motionless in front of the screen? Are you going to create a kitchen in Minecraft? I really think so, since you are reading this post. Then cut out a few minutes of free time, read and put into practice the indications I am about to give you. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Minecraft kitchen

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to make a kitchen on Minecraft , I think you may be interested to know more about this possibility.

Well, a kitchen in Minecraft obviously serves to manage your food . However, the element on which everything is based is the furnace , while most of the other objects are purely for aesthetic purposes. In fact, the furnace is able to transform raw cooked food through the use of coal or other similar elements. To obtain most of the functionality of a kitchen, it would be enough to use only this object.

The players, however, also have the need and the will to build their own houses to show them to their friends, so the aesthetic side of their projects must also be taken into consideration. How? Read on and you will find out, along with the whole procedure to create your kitchen in Minecraft.

Materials needed to build a kitchen

Redstone Minecraft

The first fundamental step to building a kitchen on Minecraft is to obtain the necessary materials .

Well, to create a kitchen in the title of Mojang you need yellow terracotta blocks , barked fir trunk blocks , smooth red sandstone , light gray carpets , framesoak hatches , orange banners , 2 panels of orange glass , an iron door , 2 iron blocks , a bucket of water , a tripping wire hook , a lever , an acacia hatch , a furnace , apressure platform of acacia  and smooth red sandstone steps .

To create an automatic cooking, you’ll need instead of blocks of oak planks , a trap trunk , 2 normal trunks , a furnace , of hoppers , 3 gettatori , of comparators redstone , the redstone powder , of redstone repeaters , of frames and raw food .

All these materials may seem difficult to find, but in reality it is not so impossible to get them, even in the game’s Survival mode . In fact, by putting a little effort, it is possible to take and create all the necessary elements in a few hours of play. In case you don’t want to use this amount of time, you can always decide to build the kitchen in the Creative mode , where you already have all the materials available.

In any case, most of the elements are obtained simply by playing Minecraft. The most difficult objects to find are definitely the redstone powder , which is obtained by extracting it from the rough redstone or collecting it inside the trunks scattered throughout the world of the title of Mojang, and the smooth red sandstone  which, instead, is obtained by combining 4 blocks of red sandstone (obtainable using red sand ).


To sum up, all you have to do is connect to the MineSearch site , type in the search bar  (top right) the name of the element you need and press Enter .

In this way, the combination of objects that you must use to obtain that particular element will appear on the screen . In short, using this tool you should not have any problem in obtaining the materials necessary for the creation of your kitchen.

How to make a kitchen on Minecraft

Kitchen built Minecraft

After explaining what materials are needed to build a kitchen in Minecraft, I would say that you are ready to take action. This construction can be done in all versions of the game.

The first thing you need to do is place 7 yellow clay blocks on the ground.

Yellow terracotta Minecraft

Then, place the piles of 2 yellow terracotta blocks on top of the previously placed blocks, leaving only the central blocks of the third last and penultimate column empty.

Close Minecraft structure

At this point, dig a 3 block long and 1 block high pit in front of the structure you just created.

Buca Minecraft

Then cover the hole you just created with blocks of barked fir trunk .

Minecraft debarked fir trunk

Now, take the smooth red sandstone and place 1 block on the left and 2 blocks on the right.

Smooth red sandstone Minecraft

Next, place a light gray carpet over the 3 blocks of smooth red sandstone that you have previously placed.

Minecraft light gray carpet

Once this is done, place frames in front of the 3 blocks of smooth red sandstone.

Minecraft frame

Then add an oak trap door to each block of smooth red sandstone. Remember to completely rotate the “handle” (on the PC, just press the right mouse button to move it).

Minecraft hatches

After that, place an orange banner over each oak hatch. Remember to place the pointer slightly above the trap door, otherwise the banner will not be placed.

Minecraft banners

Now take  2 orange glass panels and cover the two holes previously left in the structure.

Orange Minecraft glass panel

Now, place an iron door on the right, leaving a block away from the wall.

Iron door Minecraft

Then cover the back of the door with 2 iron blocks .

Iron block Minecraft

At this point, place a cauldron on the first free block on the right and fill it with a bucket of water .

Minecraft water bucket

Once this is done, take a tripping wire hook and place it on top of the cauldron.

Tripping wire hook

Next, make a three block deep hole near the cauldron.

Hole three blocks Minecraft

Now, go down the hole, dig to the right and place a lever in the central block. Remember to activate it and close the hole you created.

Minecraft lever

Next, place an acacia trapdoor in the front of the cauldron.

Acacia hatch Minecraft

Now, place a furnace in the leftmost free block and place an acacia pressure platform on it .

Acacia Minecraft pressure platform

Then cover the remaining hole with smooth red sandstone steps .

Minecraft smooth red sandstone steps

At this point, cover the top of the wall with steps and smooth red sandstone slabs .

Minecraft polished red sandstone slab

Perfect, now you have correctly created your kitchen .

Minecraft kitchen

I remind you that you can use the furnace for cooking and the sink (the one with the tripping wire hook) for water. Of course, what I taught you to build is only a basic structure, which can then be customized in the way you prefer, both in terms of color and of various elements and mechanisms.

How to build an automatic kitchen in Minecraft

Minecraft cooked sheep meat

How do you say? Would you like to build an automatic kitchen that can cook chicken, sheepmeat and other foods in Minecraft on its own? No problem, I’ll explain how to do it right away.

However, keep in mind that in the latest versions of the Mojang game the object called Hopper may work differently and therefore you may not be able to achieve your goal. In any case, as you have seen, often the kitchen I illustrated in the previous chapter is enough and enough to proceed correctly with your adventure on Minecraft.

If you still want to try to build the automatic kitchen, my advice is first of all to do it in Creative mode , in order to understand if it works in the version of Minecraft you have and do not waste too much time and resources. Once you have verified that everything is working, you will clearly be able to “transport” the construction even in Survival mode .

To begin, dig a hole 7 blocks long and 3 blocks wide .

Minecraft pit

Then place 2 blocks of oak on the top left of the pit.

Minecraft oak planks

Now, put a trap trunk on top of the left block and a normal trunk on top of the right block. Then remember to break the 2 oak blocks you placed earlier.

Minecraft trunk

After that, go down into the hole and place a furnace halfway between the ground and the normal trunk.

Hole furnace Minecraft

Then place a hopper to the left of the furnace and two hoppers under the trap trunk and the normal trunk.

Minecraft hopper

Now, jump one block to the right after the furnace and place 3 stacked tokens on top of each other.

Minecraft disposer

At this point, place a hopper between the furnace and the tokens.

Hopper under Minecraft

Once this is done, place a redstone comparator in the block just to the right of the tokens.

Minecraft redstone comparator

Then cover the right corner of the pit with oak planks .

Minecraft oak wood cover

Starting from the oak boards, place redstone powder in the first free block and place a redstone repeater near the dial gauge.

Minecraft redstone repeater

Now, split the structure in half through 2 blocks of oak boards .

Minecraft oak separation

Starting from above the oak planks, make a path of redstone powder that starts from the rightmost hopper. After that, place a redstone repeater on top of the vacated oak plank .

Minecraft 2 redstone repeater

Once this is done, go back to the surface and cover all the holes with oak boards .

Cover Minecraft

Then place a chest on top of the remaining token. Remember that you may have to use a lock on the back as a base in order to correctly position the trunk.

Chest 2 Minecraft

Now build a structure 2 blocks high of oak boards behind each trunk and place a frame on each block left free.

Blocks behind Minecraft

Then fill the first frame with charcoal , the second with raw food (e.g. raw sheep meat) and the third with cooked food (e.g. cooked sheep meat).

Minecraft raw sheep meat

At this point, put some coal inside the trap trunk and insert some raw food into the normal trunk .

Coal Minecraft case

Perfect, now the furnace will start and you just have to go and “redeem” your cooked food through the rightmost trunk.

Cooked sheep meat 2 Minecraft

In case this method doesn’t work, you probably have a version of Minecraft in which the Hopper object has been modified.

Finally, since you are probably building your house on Minecraft, let me advise you to read my tutorials on how to make an automatic swimming pool on Minecraft , on how to decorate a house in Minecraft , how to make a statue on Minecraft  and how to make a shower on Minecraft .