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How to make a kinship request on Facebook

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How to make a kinship request on Facebook: Despite the updates that are made to the friends’ management system from time to time Facebook, the most famous social network in the world is not yet able to automatically detect if there is a degree of kinship between the users included in our contacts.

You still have to act manually if you want to classify a friend as your relative, and I’m here today to explain how to do it. If you are interested in it, here you are how to add relatives on facebook quickly and easily.

All you need to do to learn how to add relatives on facebook is to connect to the main page of the social network with your account and click on the item Edit my profile located at the top left (below the avatar).

On the page that opens, go to the section Friends and family using the appropriate link in the left sidebar and start specifying who your relatives are using the text fields next to the item Family members.

Then type the name of the person you want to classify as your relative in the text field First name, select the degree of kinship (eg. brother, sister, cousin, etc.) from the drop-down menu Choose kinship and click on the item Add another family member to specify the names and degrees of relationship of other family members on your Facebook friends list.

When you are done with add relatives on Facebook, you have to save the settings by clicking on the button Save Changes. Be careful, however, because the addition of a person as a family member is not automatic, for the changes to take effect you must wait for the selected people to confirm their degree of kinship with you.

In the panel Friends and family of Facebook you can also choose the level of privacy of your list of relatives. If you do not want all users connected to the social network (including those you do not know) to see the list of your relatives, click on the world placed in front of the wording Family members and select the items Only me, to make the list of relatives private, or Friends to make it visible only to friends.