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How to make a GIF

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How to make a GIF: You are very attentive to web trends and that is precisely why you have long argued that GIFs have become extremely popular. These animated images are all the rage everywhere, but for you, the real godsend would be to be able to give space to your creativity to create GIFs to share in social networks and messaging applications.

Oh yes, I absolutely agree with you and it is precisely for this reason that I want to help you with this problem of yours that concerns the technology and the use of the countless tools of the Web. In the course of this tutorial I will explain you in detail how to make a GIF using very easy and complete tools; you will see that you will no longer be able to do without it and you will talk about it with all your friends.

All you need is a few minutes of free time to devote to carefully reading this tutorial of mine: also keep your Android and iOS mobile device at hand because in the course of this guide I will also explain how you can make a GIF through real applications. popular on Android and iOS. Are you ready to start delving into this world of animated images? You will see that you will be satisfied with what you have learned; let it bet? Before we begin, I wish you a good read as usual.

How to make a GIF from a video

If you want to take advantage of web trends and make a GIF from a video, know that you can do it with some easy-to-use online tools. To make a GIF, in fact, you don’t necessarily need to know how to use complicated graphics software: you can carry out the procedure in a few clicks through the browser. I tell you, in the following lines, about one of the most noteworthy online tools for making a GIF starting from a video.

GIF Maker by Giphy

Among the Web tools that I recommend you use to make a GIF starting from a video, there is certainly GIF Maker by Giphy, web tool of the famous GIF website. The most interesting feature of GIF Maker is, in my opinion, the possibility of making a GIF starting from an uploaded video, but also from a video present in a video sharing platform. Supported platforms for this specific feature include YouTube and Vimeo.

If you want to create a GIF from a video, using this tool, first go to the main Internet page by GIF Maker. Then click on the menu item Choose Video if you already have a movie you want to make the GIF from. Alternatively, you can paste the URL of the movie into the text field that you can see next to the entry Add any URL.

In both cases, to make a GIF from a video you will have to act in the settings on the next screen, selecting the portion of the movie to be transformed into GIF.

You can use the items to carry out this procedure Duration and Start Time on the screen Trim your video. In this way you can respectively choose the duration of the GIF and the initial sequence of the same. To continue, click on the button Continue to decorate.

The next screen refers to a secondary functionality of the GIF creation tool. In fact, you can apply different types of aesthetic customization to the GIF through the menu items Caption, Stickers, Filters and Draw: so you can for example create a caption, apply stickers, filters or draw on the GIF.

Once you have customized your GIF, continue by pressing the button Continue to Upload. Don’t forget to add the tag to categorize your GIF and then press the button Upload to Giphy. Now wait a few moments: your GIF will be created and uploaded to Giphy; you can then download it to your computer by pressing the button Download.

How to make a GIF on Facebook

Among the social networks where GIFs are published, Facebook is one of the most popular. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, seems to have understood the potential of animated images, as he recently integrated a tool for publishing GIFs directly on his platform.

Publishing a GIF on Facebook through the native tool of the social network is only possible through your Facebook profile and is not available for Facebook pages, which still have to use the old manual method of copying and pasting the GIF link on their wall.

By accessing your Facebook profile, however, you can publish a GIF on your diary by clicking on the item What are you thinking about? You will then need to click on the menu item GIF to be able to see a box that will show the list of some popular GIFs.

By clicking on the search engine, in correspondence with the wording Search GIF’s across apps … you will then have to type in a search term for the GIF to be published.

Once you click on the GIF, you can customize your Facebook post by typing a sentence in the text field What are you thinking about? Once you have finished writing your post, you can publish the GIF on Facebook like any other traditional Facebook post, then pressing the button Publish.

The GIF you published will be visible directly through your Facebook profile: the image will animate if you click on it.

What Facebook profiles are also allowed to do (and Facebook pages, via the desktop version of the social network), is posting GIFs as a comment on Facebook. By pressing the button Commentin fact, the button will be available GIF which will allow you to publish an animated image among those available in the integrated search engine.

At the time of writing, the publication of GIFs on your Facebook profile is also available through the social network application (but only on Android), while the publication of a GIF in the comments is available for Android and iOS.

How to make a GIF on WhatsApp (Android / iOS)

The WhatsApp instant messaging application allows both to send a GIF in the application chat via the integrated search engine, and to create an animated image, starting from a video made on the spot. I’ll explain below how to proceed in both cases, but consider that, at the time of writing, the first feature I told you about is only available on iOS.

To share a GIF in a WhatsApp chat, first open the messaging application on your iPhone and, from the screen Chattap on the conversation of the person you want to send a GIF to.

You will then have to tap on the button with the symbol (+) that you find in the lower left corner. From the menu that opens, tap on symbol of photo library and video to open your device’s media gallery.

You will now be able to tap the button GIF at the bottom left to view a list of popular GIFs and, via the built-in search engine, search for a particular GIF to share. In the latter case you will have to tap on the wording Search for GIPHY and type in the keyword to search for the animated image. Once identified, tap on it and send it by pressing the button with the arrow symbol that you find on the right.

The possibility of making a GIF on WhatsApp, through a video recorded on the spot, is instead available on both devices. Then open the messaging application and, via the screen Chattap on the conversation of the person you want to connect with.

On both iOS and Android, then press the button with the camera symbol and record a short movie by holding down the round button in the center. Then release your finger from the button and adjust the length of the movie: then make a cut of the same using the appropriate tool that you will see on the screen, corresponding to the timeline. Consider that you will have to reach a maximum of about 5/6 seconds of video (the average length of a GIF).

Then turn the video you just made into a GIF by pressing the button GIFrather than the one with the video camera symbol. Then send the GIF to the recipient of the conversation on WhatsApp by pressing the button with the arrow symbol that you find on the right.

The GIF sent will be visible directly in the instant messaging application: just tap on it to see the image come alive.

How to make a GIF with an application (Android / iOS)

Moment GIF Maker (iOS)

Available only on bitten apple devices, this application is great for converting a series of photos previously taken by your device to GIF. The application is only available on iOS and is undoubtedly interesting for its attractive and easy-to-use user interface.

However, its limited functionality in the version must be taken into account free. Just to give an example to create a GIF from scratch, manually choosing some photos to convert to GIF, you will have to pay for the version premium of the app. After trying it for a 7-day trial period, the cost to subscribe is € 0.99 per month or € 9.99 per year. There is also the option to pay a flat rate of 21.99.

Anyone wishing to make use of the app in its free version can still make use of the valid tool for creating a GIF, which can be used via the button Moment. Once you have selected the images to be transformed into GIFs, you can customize them using the tools Filters (will allow you to apply Instagram-like filters to the application) e Contrast (you can change the contrast and brightness). The other buttons you can use are marked with Speed, Direction, Cut, Stickers, Text, Zoom and Effects. Once you have finished creating the GIF you will have to press the button Share or Save.

GIF Me! (Android / iOS)

Speaking instead of a recommended application for making GIFs on Android and iOS devices, we must absolutely mention GIF Me, a very valid application for making GIFs starting from images taken on the spot. This tool also allows you to create a GIF even through photos and videos taken and recorded previously.

To carry out these purposes you will need to have downloaded the application from the reference virtual store of your device. On Android the buttons to press are Camera (to take a photo to turn into GIF) or Import, Videos and Albums to be used respectively to import multimedia files from internal memory, to import a video made previously.

On iOS, the application comes with the same functionality but the button names are different (Record Animation, Import Photo From Library, Import Live Phot From Library, Import Video From Library And Saved Animation). In any case, the operation linked to the individual instruments is the same on both mobile devices.

In case you decide to create a GIF starting from a video you will then have to act to customize parameters such as duration, frame rate and size and then press the button Create. The GIF created can be saved in the memory of your device or shared on social networks.

The application is free but has banners published: to remove them you need to purchase the version Pro the cost of which is € 1.59 on Android and € 2.29 on iOS.