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How to make a free advertising flyer

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How to make a free advertising flyer: A relative of yours asked you to help him promote his business by creating advertising flyers. You have already answered yes but in reality you don’t know how to do it yet. You have great ideas about slogans and flyer style but don’t know the exact procedure for creating one and printing it yet. Don’t panic! I can in fact explain to you, step by step, how to make a free advertising flyer. I can assure you that thanks to my indications you will be able to keep faith with the commitment made despite everything.

In fact, today there are many online services and tools ad hoc to be used by computers that allow you to create promotional flyers and brochures of any kind even for those who – a bit like you – are not experts in the field. All without spending a cent. Just have a little attention and concentration as well as a minimum of inventiveness and that’s it.

So if you are really willing to find out how to proceed in order to make a free advertising flyer, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, get comfortable and concentrate on reading this tutorial. I am sure that in the end you will be able to obtain the result you so desired and that if necessary you will also be ready and willing to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends who want to receive a similar tip. So, ready? Yup? Very well! So let’s ban the chatter and proceed.

Make a flyer online

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

The first solution I recommend you try is Adobe Creative Cloud Express. This is a free online service (also available as an app for Android/iOS / iPadOS), which allows you to create graphic content, such as magazine covers, cards and advertising flyers, in an extremely easy and fast way without the need for advanced knowledge in the field of graphics.

To use it, all you have to do is connect to its home page using the link I provided, click on the button Design your brochure nowlocated in the center of the screen, and log in using your account Googleyour account Facebookyour account Apple or yours email address. If you already have an Adobe ID, you can do the login through the latter by clicking on the appropriate item.

Once logged in, you should already find yourself in the presence of the service editor: select one of the models among those proposed on the left. How can you customize it? It’s simple: in the center of the editor is the flyer, on the left are the functions for inserting text, photo, icons, etc .; on the right, on the other hand, there are the functions with which to add animationscustomize colors, backgroundsand so on.

Once you have selected an element on the workspace, customize it using the buttons and menus that appear on the screen. When you are satisfied with the result, you can download your flyer (Download) or share it online (Share).

Note: be careful not to use copyrighted images and / or images that cannot be used for commercial purposes in your flyer. If you are looking for photos to download for free, consult my tutorial dedicated to the subject.


How to make a free advertising flyer

Did you not like the solution to make a free advertising flyer that I just proposed? No? Well then try taking a look at Canva. It is a web service that allows you to create flyers and other printable content in an extremely simple way. It can be used at no cost for both personal and commercial purposes although, this should be borne in mind, some of the graphic content that the site makes available to users is subject to a fee.

To make a free advertising flyer with Canva, connect to the home page of the service by doing click here and choose whether to create a free account by filling out the form on the left or whether to log in through your Facebook and Google profiles by clicking on the appropriate buttons.

When turned on, press the option Job, Private use or Instruction depending on your needs, click on the green button with it written on Show me how and wait for the short presentation tutorial for the use of the service to be started and completed.

At this point, click on the Canva logo located at the top left, click on the button Other and click on the preview of the flyer for real estate that you find in correspondence with the section Marketing resources.

Wait a few moments for the Canva editor to open and start creating your flyer using the graphic resources offered by the site plus, if you want, the customized ones that you can upload from your PC.

All the tools you need to be able to make your flyer are located in the left part of the editor you now see: in Search for there is a search engine through which you can quickly browse all the icons, photos, geometric shapes and tables that you can use in your flyer, in Layouts you will find predefined templates for flyers which, unfortunately, are all paid, in Elements you will find numerous decorative elements that you can draw on to make your project unique, in Text there are tools to add custom lettering and logos to the flyer (many of which are free); in Background the themes to be used as background of the flyer are listed (some free and others paid), while in Uploads you can find buttons to upload custom images from your PC or from your Google Drive and Facebook accounts. As can be easily deduced, the free contents are those marked with the wording Free.

To insert an image, background, text or any other element in your flyer, click on its icon and move it to the place on the worksheet you prefer. By clicking on each object, you can also resize it, change its colors and, in the case of writings, modify the texts contained in them.

If necessary, you can also create a flyer consisting of multiple pages. To do this, click on the button + Add new page located at the bottom and proceed with the customization of the other pages as I have just shown you. When you are satisfied with the result, to save the final result on your PC, press the button Download located at the top right and select the item PDF: for printing from the menu that appears.

Caution: If you are asked to create a paid account, check carefully. You’ve probably accidentally entered paid content in your flyer.

Other services

Screenshot showing how to print flyers

If the Web services to make a free advertising flyer that I have already proposed had not been able to attract your attention in a particular way, I suggest you do not throw in the towel yet!

First take a look at the additional solutions I have proposed to you in my tutorial on how to create flyers online and in my guide on how to print flyers. I’m sure that in no time you will be able to find what is right for you!

Make a computer flyer

Microsoft Office

How to make a free advertising flyer

If you use Microsoft Office, you can try making a free advertising flyer using the preset templates found in Publisher. In this case, all you have to do is start the program through its icon in the menu Startto select Brochure from the list of available templates and double-click on the template to use as the basis of your flyer.

You can find many templates to use for brochures and flyers also in the appropriate section of the Microsoft website which you can access by clicking click here. Just download them on your computer (they are all free) and open them in Word – both on your computer and Online (if you remember well I told you about it in my tutorial on Word for free) – or Publisher to start creating a nice personalized flyer and printing it.


How to make a free advertising flyer

If you use a Mac, you can make a free advertising flyer using Pages. How? It’s that simple. Just start the app by clicking on its icon attached to Launcher or by looking for it in the folder Applicationsclick on the button New documentselect the category Flyers and posters from the left section of the window displayed on the screen and choose one of the many models available on the right by clicking on it and then pressing the button You choose present below.

Then the Pages editor will open, through which you can make all the changes you want to the chosen flyer model by selecting the elements and sections on which to intervene and using the appropriate tools located on the right sidebar and at the top.

Printable Flyer Templates

How to make a free advertising flyer

You can also make a free advertising flyer by downloading additional preset templates on your computer and editing them with special programs, such as the aforementioned Word or Pages. A great site on which to find preset flyer templates is Printable Flyer Templateswhere you can browse all flyer templates based on their degree of popularity (main page) or based on their genre (left sidebar).

To download a template from Printable Flyer Templates just connect to the service’s website by doing click herethen press on the preview of the template to download, put the check mark next to the item I accept the Terms of Use and click on the button Download in DOC format on the page that opens.