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How to make a Cobblestone Generator

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How to make a Cobblestone Generator: You have just started playing Minecraft , the popular sandbox video game developed by Mojang, and everyone is talking to you about the Cobblestone Generator, however you have not yet fully understood what it is. You therefore opened Google in search of information on the subject and ended up on my guide. Well, I’d say you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain how to make a Cobblestone Generator by “manually” building a construction of this type and using an automated system. All of this, of course, without any type of hack or hack capable of violating the Minecraft conditions of use.

What do you say then? Are you ready to do this? Yup? Perfect, then take five minutes for yourself, read and put into practice the short instructions below. I can assure you that, following my instructions in a slavish way, you will be able to make a Cobblestone Generator in a flash. There is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Minecraft crushed stone

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to make a Cobblestone Generator , I think you may be interested in learning more about this particular construction.

Well, a Cobblestone Generator is essentially a stone block generator . This construction does not have a specific shape and can be accomplished in many ways, depending on the player’s creativity. However, each Cobblestone Generator is based on a common principle from the world of Minecraft: a flow of water that “collides” with a block of lava generates a block of crushed stone.

In short, a Cobblestone Generator, as you can guess from the name, is used by Minecraft users as the main method for farming (obtaining in bulk) of crushed stone blocks. On the other hand, in this way it is not necessary to damage the soil to obtain the raw material and therefore crafting (the construction of objects) and the creation of buildings becomes easier.

How to make a Cobblestone Generator

Cobblestone Generator creation

After explaining what a Cobblestone Generator is and how it works, I’d say you’re ready to build one in Minecraft. My advice is to first try to make a Cobblestone Generator in Creative mode, so that you can then rebuild it in the correct way and in a short time in the Survival mode.

To make a simple construction of this type, you only need to place two stacked stone blocks on all four sides , leaving a “hole” in the center. To place a block, use the right mouse button on PC, the L2 button on PlayStation or RT on Xbox.

Then, place a separation block  at the top of the structure you have just built and place other blocks stacked on the sides (always leaving a “hole” in the center and building a second structure identical to the previous one).

Second part Cobblestone Generator

At this point, place a block at the base of the structure, leaving a free space from the central part of the building (so that the lava and water do not escape).

Basic block Cobblestone Generator

Once this is done, place the lava in the “hole” on the right and the water in the one on the left (obviously the position of the elements does not change the result). I remind you that, to transport the water and the lava, you must have a  bucket .

In Creative mode, you can directly access the bucket of water and lava from the inventory, while in Survival mode you have to craft (build) a bucket using  three iron ingots (obtainable by melting the raw Iron).

complete cobblestone generator

Perfect, now you just have to destroy the block in the middle between the two elements (the lower one), so as to make them collide and continue to obtain blocks of crushed stone. To destroy a block, you have to press the left mouse button on the PC, the R2 button on the PlayStation or the RT button on the Xbox.

Cobblestone generator block

At this point, you will notice that the water and the lava will collide with each other and create a new block of crushed stone .

Perfect, now you have managed to build a manual stone block generator, which you can use whenever you need this raw material.

Minecraft Latest Version Cobblestone Generator

Be careful though: in some versions of Minecraft, the water is faster than the lava and therefore the block of crushed stone is created under the lava . It is not a big problem, however, since you can get the crushed stone anyway, but clearly it is much more convenient to use this method in older versions.

In any case, if you believe that this Cobblestone Generator is not advantageous enough, in the next chapter of the guide I will explain how to adopt a more functional solution, valid for all versions of Minecraft.

How to make an automatic Cobblestone Generator

Simple CobbleStone Generator

Minecraft players have found a method to make the Cobblestone Generator generate stone blocks faster, making the creation process automatic with a piston: in this way, the player only needs to press a button to start the mechanism and the game is done.

To proceed, you must first create a structure. Then place glass blocks  in this way: four glass blocks at the top, with a free space in the middle, four glass blocks at the bottom (always with a “hole” in the middle) and two glass blocks on the sides. After that, you must destroy two blocks of land : the one in the center and the one on its left.

I remind you that, to destroy a block, you must hold down the left mouse button on the PC, the R2 button on the PlayStation or the RT button on the Xbox.

Fast Cobblestone Generator

After that, the best way to get gravel blocks to be generated is to place a piston in the middle part (the block of soil destroyed in the center of the structure).

Minecraft piston

At this point, place the water starting from the leftmost free block and put the lava in the space on the right.

As you can see, a block of crushed stone will be generated and you can simply continue to break it to obtain this raw material. In short, already at this point you have a good Cobblestone Generator at your disposal.

Simple CobbleStone Generator

However, you still need to make some additions to get an automatic stone block generator. Then take the quartz slab and place it on top of the water and lava.

To do this correctly, you must first place a quartz slab on top of the outermost blocks and then press on them, to be able to cover the elements.

Minecraft quartz slab

To be clear, you must be able to obtain a “closed” structure, from which no water and lava cannot escape in any way. You will probably have to try again several times if you are not very practical with Minecraft, but I assure you that in a few minutes you will succeed.

Cover Minecraft water

To get the piston to push up, you might think of using the powder  and  redstone boosters to make the Cobblestone Generator work properly . To do this, dig down in front of the Cobblestone Generator (my advice is to break the ground in front of the central block and then go underground two blocks).

Dig Minecraft Blocks

Once this is done, place the redstone powder  starting from the central block, leave two blocks free and put more powder on the other side.

Redstone minecraft powder

Next, place the redstone boosters between the redstone powder. Remember to position them exactly so that they are active (to place the repeaters on “on”, simply press the right mouse button on the PC, the L2 button on the PlayStation or RT on the Xbox).

redstone boosters

Now, cover the area above the redstone boosters with blocks of sand , so that everything will go back to the way it was before. Of course, be careful not to destroy the various objects.

Minecraft sand blocks

At this point, place a stone button in  front of the main block of the structure.

Minecraft stone button

Perfect, now you just have to press the stone button as many times as you want to generate an infinite amount of crushed stone blocks . In short, the procedure is not entirely automatic, since you have to press the button, but in a few seconds you can get everything you need in this sense.

automatic cobblestone generator

If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of an even simpler method for obtaining crushed stone blocks, you could consider using the Simple Cobblestone Generator mod : it is a .jar file to be used with the Forge profile, which introduces a buildable object inside Minecraft capable of generating stone blocks. It is therefore not a construction, but a craftable object.

To use this mod, you only need to download Minecraft Forge from the official website , extract its files into the appropriate folder (eg AppData on Windows), copy the mod file into the mods folder (eg AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods on Windows), start Minecraft and select the Forge profile . For more details and the complete procedure, I recommend you consult my guide on how to install the mods on Minecraft .

Cobblestone Generator Finale

In any case, if you really can’t understand how to do it, I invite you to consult the Minecraft encyclopedia (in English), an inexhaustible source of information related to the Mojang sandbox video game where you can also find exemplary videos in this sense. I also advise you to search on YouTube , where you can find many videos of this type.