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How to make a card for Christmas

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How to make a card for Christmas: Hurray! Finally the Christmas holidays have arrived and therefore the possibility to rest and have fun as much as possible. Take advantage of it. Don’t waste a moment: send your friends some witty virtual postcards to send them your Merry Christmas greetings, you will see that not only will you make them happy but you will also be able to snatch at least a smile from them. How do you say? Sounds like a really good idea but you don’t know how to do it? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because I can explain everything to you. So if you are really interested in the question, read this guide of mine entirely focused on how to make a card for Christmas and you will see that you will not regret it.

I anticipate immediately that to succeed you will only have to resort to the use of some special online services, very easy to use and at no cost (at least in most cases). You can use them from any web browser, you don’t need to download anything on your computer and, above all, you don’t need to be a wizard in terms of computer science and new technologies to be able to use them. Great, don’t you think?

How do you say? In addition to computers, would you like to know if these resources are also usable from mobile? Yes, of course! Just replace the “clicks” with the “taps” and you’re done. However, if you want some advice, if you have the habit of acting as a smartphone or tablet rather than a PC, contact one of the various dedicated apps which, being foresight, I have reported to you at the end of the guide. The final results returned are good or bad the same but are even easier to use on the move (being an app). But now just chat and let’s get to work. Enjoy your reading, have fun and… Merry Christmas!


The first of the services to make a Christmas card that I want to tell you about is Kisseo. It is a very famous and very popular website for sending virtual greeting cards. It is chock full of postcards of all kinds, all animated, to be sent by e-mail to other users or to be shared through social and / or messaging services. All the contents are of high quality and its simplicity of use is disarming. In short, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

To use it for your purpose, first connect to the section dedicated to Christmas of the Kisseo website and presses the button Virtual Merry Christmas cards. On the page that will subsequently be loaded, scroll through the list of the various Christmas cards available and then select the one you like best by clicking on it.

Then press on the button Play attached to the new page displayed to preview the animation of the chosen postcard and, if it convinces you, presses the green button by Email (FREE) present under the heading Share this postcard.

Then fill in the field Enter your message here with the personalized message that you intend to attach to the postcard, fill in the form that you find under the heading A virtual card from by entering the data relating to your person that are requested of you, enter the e-mail address of the person to whom you wish to send the postcard in correspondence with the section What I want to send to: (You can also add more than one email address by clicking To add) and indicates the date of sending through the section I want to send my card:.

To conclude and then to send the postcard, select the item No which is at the bottom to indicate that you do not wish to receive offers from the partners of the site, click on Forward and then on Validate the submission. Here it is!

Don’t you prefer to send your postcard to wish Merry Christmas by e-mail but want to share it through social networks or instant messaging? If so, instead of clicking the button by Email (FREE) you have to press on the blue one with it written on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, …you have to enter your e-mail address and your personalized message and then you have to press on Save the postcard. Finally, click on the icon relating to the social service you intend to use for sharing and that’s it.


How to make a card for Christmas

Another nice service that I invite you to consider to create and send your Christmas cards is Punchbowl. It is a portal that, unlike those I have already told you about, offers the possibility of sending postcards via email that have the shape of classic greeting cards. They are also completely customizable (both in content and style). It’s free (but some content is paid) and you need to create a special account to use it.

To use it for your own purpose, connect to the section of the site dedicated to postcards for Christmas, scroll through the list of previews of the various postcards available and click on the one you like best.

On the page that will subsequently open, click on the button Personalize design which is on the right, then fill in the form displayed by choosing the type of event, entering the title, indicating the date of dispatch, etc. Then type your personalized message in the appropriate box at the bottom and personalize the message on the front of the ticket by pressing the appropriate label.

Then click on the tab Envelope to customize the envelope, always virtual, of the postcard. Therefore, it presses on the labels available to edit the reference elements. For example, by clicking Change Postage you can change the used stamp. All the changes made are visible in real time.

Then press the button Save and continue which is at the top right, type the name of the person the postcard is intended for in the field Name attached to the new page displayed and its email address in the adjacent field then presses on Add Guest. If you want to add more than one recipient, select the tab Add List and enter the list of email addresses in the appropriate box, then click on Add.

Finally, click on the button Next located at the top right, press on No thanks and then on Create a free account to register for the service with your e-mail address or with your Google account and to finalize the sending from the postcard.

Elf Yourself

How to send Christmas cards

Having fun with friends also means making fun of yourself. In this regard and always remaining on the Christmas theme, I strongly suggest you contact Elf Yourselfan Internet site that allows you to create very nice animated virtual postcards for free, transforming us into real dancing elves!

To use it, however, keep in mind that it is essential that it is installed on the computer you use Flash Player (if not, you can fix it immediately by reading my tutorial on how to install Flash Player). Alternatively, you can use a browser that already integrates the plugin, as in the case of Google Chrome

Having made this necessary clarification, in order to use the service, the first step you must take is to connect to the home page of Elf Yourself and press the button Upload photo which is on the right. Then close the notice that appeared at the top by clicking on “X”check the box next to the item I Agree to the Terms & Conditions present at the bottom and choose, by clicking on the appropriate buttons, whether to upload the photo to be placed on the body of the dancing elf in the virtual postcard from the PC (Upload from desktop) or from Facebook (Upload from Facebook). If you prefer, you can also take a photo at the moment by clicking on Use your webcam and using the computer connected webcam.

At the end of the upload of the photo, try to adapt the portrait face as much as possible to the silhouette of the elf making sure that the mouth coincides with the red dotted line, as in the example image on the left. If necessary, you can also zoom and rotate the photo using the buttons on the right. Then press on Next to go to the next step.

And if you have some friends to “elf” (you can enter four in all), you can add their faces to the virtual Merry Christmas card by clicking on the button Another elf? and proceeding in a similar way to what I have just indicated. To complete the postcard creation process and to preview it before sending, you need to click the button instead Let’s dance!..

You can then choose whether to send the newly created Christmas card or to share it on social networks by pressing the corresponding buttons at the bottom. You can also download the postcard to your computer by clicking on the button Download placed on the right.

I also point out that, if you wish, you can change the type of postcard and dance of the elves by clicking on the various options available in the final screen, corresponding to the section Select a Dance! on the right. The changes will be applied instantly and you will always be able to preview your choice.

Other services for making a Christmas card

How to make a card for Christmas

Didn’t the services for making a Christmas card that I pointed out in the previous lines convince you in a particular way? I’m sorry but… don’t throw in the towel just yet! First try to take a look at the additional solutions used for the purpose that I have reported here below, maybe you can find something that you think might really interest you.

  • – Famous portal used for the purpose full of postcards to wish Merry Christmas as well as other types. There are also animated ones and it is possible to approve a personal message. Free.
  • Christmas Card Maker – Great website for creating postcards to wish Merry Christmas. Allows you to choose image and title and to customize the message and signature. Try it now! Free.
  • Fotor Photo Christmas Cards – A very valid online tool that is still available from Fotor, the image editing service that can be used free of charge from browsers and smartphones, through which you can make a Christmas card in just a few clicks by inserting it into your photos. The final result is of excellent quality!

App to make a card for Christmas

How to send Christmas cards

As anticipated at the beginning, to make a Christmas card from a smartphone or tablet, just use any special applications. You ask me which ones? Well, for example the ones that I have indicated below and which in my opinion represent the best in the category. Download them now to your device and start having fun creating and sending your postcards.

  • Postman – Postcards (iOS/Android) – Allows you to create virtual (and real) postcards of various kinds, including those for Christmas greetings. You can customize them by inserting your own photos but also by applying frames, phrases, etc. It is free to download.
  • E-Cards (Android) – Another application belonging to the category in question through which it is possible to virtual Christmas cards and not in a simple and immediate way. It offers a large margin of customization and the surprise effect is obscured. It is free to download.
  • FaceMe Video Booth (iOS) – It offers the possibility to create virtual postcards to wish Merry Christmas and to celebrate various occasions. All postcards can be personalized by inserting your own face, as can be easily understood from the name. It is free to download.