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How to loop a video on Instagram

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How to loop a video on Instagram: Instagram it is your favorite social network, but even though you make daily use of it, you are aware of not being able to keep up with all its many functions, which are constantly evolving. In this regard, you are looking for a solution that allows you to publish a video on Instagram, while making sure that the playback continues automatically.

Well, if that’s exactly the case and you want to know how to loop a video on instagramdo not worry: in the next chapters of this tutorial I will provide you with all the useful information relating to the topic in question and, moreover, I will explain, step by step, how to do it, through the use of the various features made available by the well-known social network photographic network owned by Facebook.

So, if you are impatient to learn more and can’t wait to get started, sit down comfortably and take just a few minutes of free time, so that you can carefully read all the procedures I am about to give you. Put them into practice and you will see that you will succeed easily and quickly in the intent you have proposed. Let it bet? At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a good time!

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to loop a video on instagramI have to give you some preliminary information about it.

First of all, you must know that, in the past, videos posted on Instagram did not loop: when viewing a movie, its playback would automatically stop at its end. Following some updates, however, the social network has introduced the continuous autoplay functionality for videos, so their playback will automatically loop by itself.

This is a natively available feature, you don’t need to do anything to activate it. However, it is good to specify that the continuous automatic playback of videos published on Instagram is supported only for the publication of these contents in the post and in reelsnot in the Stories.

In fact, in case you were wondering how to put an instagram video loop in stories, you must know that this is not possible, in the true sense of the term, since the playback of a video published in the stories does not go in a loop. In this section of Instagram, however, it is possible to use an alternative solution, namely the function boomerang that, as I will explain in the chapter dedicated to the topicis useful for creating short videos that loop for a set number of times and then finish.

Having made the necessary premises, in the following chapters of this guide I will explain in detail how to publish a video in loop in the post and in reels of Instagram, so that you can take advantage of the native functionality of the social network that automatically plays videos indefinitely.

How to put loops on Instagram

As anticipated, to loop a video on Instagram it must be published in post or in reels, as these sections of the social network automatically support continuous automatic playback of content. Alternatively, you can create a looping video in the stories, using the feature boomerang. You will find all the information on how to proceed in the next chapters.

In the posts

Instagram video iphone

To loop a video on Instagram in the post as mentioned, you only have to publish the video in this section of the well-known photographic social network.

To do this, first launch the Instagram by pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device, and log in to your account, if necessary. Once this is done, on your profile screen, click on the button (+) and tap on the item Postin order to open the editor related to the publication of the latter.

Now locate, via the Tunnel of your device, the video you want to publish, select it by tapping it and then press the button Forward twice in a row.

At this point, write the caption accompanying the movie in the relevant text field and then tap the button Share, in order to publish it. Easy, right? In case of doubts or problems, refer to my guide in which I will explain in more detail how to post videos on Instagram.

In the reels

How Instagram Reels Works1

You can post a looped video on Instagram even in reelsa section of the social network that hosts videos whose maximum duration can be 30 seconds.

To do this, start the photo social network app and, in the section related to yours profiletap the button (+)then tap on the item Reel.

At this point, set the duration of the video (minimum 15 seconds and maximum 60 seconds) and load the movie, selecting it from your device’s Gallery and tapping on the item add. Then if you want, choose a piece of music to use as a background, using the section with the icon musical note.

Once this is done, click on right arrow buttonmake any changes to the video and, finally, press the button Share, to publish it. To learn more about using this tool, refer to my guide where I tell you about how Instagram Reels works.

In the stories

Boomerang Instagram

Since, as anticipated, it is not possible to loop a video on Instagram in storiesI want to explain to you how to use an alternative functionality which, called Boomerangallows you to create short videos that loop for a certain number of times (and then stop).

To use it, after starting the Instagram app on your smartphone, press the button (+) located at the screen related to your profile and then presses on the item Historyto open the relevant editor.

Now, tap on the item boomerang and record the video to post by pressing on round button located in the center. Having done this, after possibly modifying the story just recorded, using the predefined tools of Instagramfor example stickers (the square smiley face) and the superimposed texts (the symbol Aa), press the button Your story to post the video.

In case of doubts or problems, or for more information on how to make boomerang videos on instagramrefer to my guide dedicated more specifically to the topic