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How to log out of Gmail

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How to log out of Gmail: Using email very often as a means of communication, you have decided to rely on the convenience and simplicity of the Gmail service offered by Google, which allows you to have a completely free personal mailbox, accessible from anywhere and equipped with excellent spam filters.

Now, however, perhaps due to a change of device or simply for a matter of personal security, you have decided to disconnect your Gmail account from one or more devices, but you cannot find the right option to do so. This is the way it is, right? Then don’t worry, if you want, I’ll be here to help you.

In the next lines, in fact, you will find explained how to log out of Gmail with the explanation, in detail, of all the operations to be performed to achieve this goal. Don’t worry: my instructions are simple and within everyone’s reach. You just need to take five minutes and read carefully what I am about to tell you. Are you ready? Enjoy the reading!

Preliminary information

Before explaining yourself in detail how to log out of Gmaillet me give you some additional information about Gmail and how the account management of the famous Google e-mail service is carried out.

First, as you probably already know, creating a Gmail account automatically gets you access to all Google services, such as Google Drive, YouTube, Google Meet and many others. Also, on Android devices this account is used to sync settings, contacts, calendars, and more.

In short, by completely disconnecting a Gmail account from a device, you could lose access to many functions and not just to the e-mail box; a different matter, however, concerns the simple procedure of disconnecting from a Gmail account in the browser: in that case you exit the service and that’s it. For all the details, however, read on.

How to log out of Gmail on mobile

If you are using Gmail on your smartphone, and you are wondering how to disconnect from the service on your device, know that the procedure is different depending on whether you are using a smartphone Android or a iPhone. Here is all explained in detail.

How to log out of Gmail on Android

In case you want log out of Gmail on Android, the procedure is very simple. But remember that disconnecting your Gmail account on Android is the same as disconnecting the Google account from your phone: you will not be able to access the Play Store to Google Drive and other Google services with your account. You will also lose synchronization of your contacts, calendars and app data (including WhatsApp backup).

The reason is very simple: Android is Google’s mobile operating system, and as such it needs a Gmail account to work (a bit like Apple ID on iPhone). In any case, you can connect another Google account to the phone to solve this problem without necessarily having to leave your personal account associated with the phone.

As a first step, find the icon of the Settings on the Home of your smartphone or in the app menu. Then tap on it and, in the menu that appears, scroll down until you select the item Account. Then press on it and tap on the email address corresponding to your Gmail account.

Finally, tap the button Remove account and a warning will inform you of the consequences of removing your account: to continue, click on the button Remove account one more time and wait for the operation to complete.

If your goal is just to stop receiving Gmail emails on your smartphone, however, you have the option to disable the synchronization. without removing your account. In this case, once you have selected your account in the menu Accountas I explained earlier, tap on the item Account synchronization.

Now, scroll down until you locate the entry Gmail. As you can see, the switch on the right is on. Tap on it to deactivate it, in order to stop receiving the emails associated with the account. As you can see, this is a very simple operation.

If you are wondering how to remove your Gmail account on your own Gmail app, know that the procedure you must follow is the same as described in the previous lines. Given the link of the Gmail account with the Android system, in fact, it is necessary to remove the account from the system settings and, once this is done, it will also be automatically removed from the official Gmail app.

How to log out of Gmail on iPhone

Are you an iPhone user and want to disconnect from Gmail? In this case, know that the operation is very simple and fast. If in Android systems the Gmail account is deeply linked to the operating system, in fact, on iPhones this is not the case.

First, tap on the icon Settings iOS present on the Home screen or in the iPhone App Library; scroll down until you find the entry Mail (or Password and account on older versions of iOS) and tap first on it and then on the item Gmail.

If you’ve added more than one Gmail account to your iPhone, you may see more than one address. In this case, click on the address you want to remove and tap the button Delete account. To continue, press the button again Delete from iPhone in order to confirm the removal from your device of all data associated with the account to be deleted and wait for the operation to complete.

In this way, you can completely delete your Gmail account from the iPhone (you will lose the synchronization of emails, notes and contacts). If, on the other hand, you just want to stop receiving the mail, you can, once you have pressed the item Gmail as I indicated above, tap on the switch next to the item Mail so as to stop syncing without deleting the entire account from your device.

If you are looking for a way to remove a Google account only from Gmail app for iPhone, the procedure is really simple and fast. First start the Gmail app, then press on yours profile phototop right.

Now, in the menu just displayed, tap on the item Manage accounts on this device. Then locate the account you want to delete and press the button Remove from this device, and then confirm the operation. That’s all!

How to log out of Gmail on your computer

In case you want log out of Gmail from your computer, you can do it quickly and easily both using Webmail and if you are using a client, such as Outlook or Apple Mail. In the next chapters I will explain how to go about achieving your goal.


To log out of Gmail using the webmailfirst open the Gmail site with the browser you usually use to access your mail. Once this is done, press onyour profile picture at the top right.

In the newly appeared menu, locate and press the button Go out, in order to permanently log out of your account. Remember that if you are using more than one account, the button you need to press is called Log out of all accountswhich allows you to log out of all connected accounts.

If you want to completely remove your account from the accounts stored in Gmail, click the button Remove an account and press the icon red next to the Gmail address you want to permanently remove.

This way, you have reached your goal in no time. Simple, right? Later, you can log into Gmail again by entering your email address and password.

Email client

In case you are using Mail Windows to consult your Gmail mailbox, you can disconnect your account from the program in a very simple way.

First open the application Mail, in order to view your emails. Now, click the right mouse button on the item corresponding to yours Gmail accountin the left menu (under the item Account).

Now press the menu item Account settings and, in the screen that opens, click on the item Delete account from this device. Finally, confirm the operation by pressing the button Delete place at the bottom and that’s it: after a few seconds, your account will be removed from the Mail program.

If, on the other hand, you use Outlook as an email program, proceed the other way. As a first step, open Outlook so that you have your emails in front of you. Now, tap on the item Filetop left, and go up first Account settings and then on Account settings.

Now that you have the list of accounts connected to Outlook in front of you, click on yours Gmail accountto select it, then click the button Removelocated at the top right, and confirm.

To log out of Gmail from Mail on macOS, the steps you need to follow are short and simple. First, open the Mail program to view your email. Then click on the entry Mailat the top left, and select the item Account from the menu that opens.

In the window that is offered to you, click on yours Google account present in the list of available accounts. You can then choose whether to completely delete the account from macOS or to stop receiving mail while retaining the rest of the account features, such as the Calendari Contacts or the Note.

To completely delete your account and disconnect it from the device, press the button at the bottom left and confirm the operation by clicking on the button Ok. If you want to stop receiving mail instead, click on blue tick present next to the Mail item, in the right pane.

How to disconnect Gmail from all devices

If you want disconnect Gmail from all devices with a single operation, know that Google allows you to do this in a very simple way. First, link to the page Your devices by Google. You may need to log in to continue.

On this screen you have access to an overview containing all devices that have the ability to access your Google account. If you want to disconnect from a single device, locate it and press the icon with three dots located at the top left of the device pane, and then click the button Go out. Finally, confirm the operation by pressing the button again Go out.

If you want to log out of all devices, click the button Don’t recognize a device? present at the top of the screen. On the page that appears, click on the item Change your password. Now enter your password to continue, then type your new password in the field New Password and in the field below Confirm new password.

Finally, click the button Change Password.
This way, all devices except the one you are using have been disconnected. Remember that if you want to access other devices again, you will need to enter the password you just created. Very easy, right?