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How to log out of Facebook mobile

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By now there are very many who cannot do without Facebook and, as well as from the PC, more and more people are checking the status of their friends and exchanging messages on the popular social network using smartphones and tablets. For these devices, there are specific apps and a special version of Facebook optimized for the mobile format but not everyone knows how to handle it easily.

For example, there are still a lot of users who don’t know how to log out of Facebook mobile to avoid unwanted access to your profile when you leave your smartphone unattended or to connect with other credentials than those entered at the beginning, and today I am here to help them. How do you say? Are you among them too? Then read on and you will finally find out how to disconnect from Facebook even on your mobile!

If you want to find out how to log out of Facebook mobile when you use the web browser of your mobile phone (without using dedicated applications), all you have to do is click on the icon Grill you see at the top left of the main Facebook page.

At this point, a sidebar will open with the list of pages, lists and other important sections of the social network. Scroll through this list to the bottom and select the item Go out to log out of Facebook and return to the login page.

You have an Android smartphone and have not yet been able to understand how to log out of Facebook mobile using the official Facebook app for your mobile operating system? Nothing simpler. Again, the first thing you need to do is press the icon of Grill located at the top left and scroll up and down the sidebar that appears.

Then select the item Account and press on first Go out and then on Yup to disconnect from Facebook and remove social network data from your mobile. To reactivate the connection, just reopen the app and log in to Facebook again.

You have recently downloaded the Facebook for iPad and you don’t know how to log out of your account? Guess what, this time too it only takes five seconds to complete the operation! All you have to do is start the application, press the icon of Grill located at the top left and scroll down to the bottom of the bar that appears on the side.

At this point, select the item Settings and presses the red button Go out to disconnect from Facebook also on iPad. The same solution also applies to iPhone, so as you can see it takes very little to disconnect from your profile. Easy, right?