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How to log into Facebook via Instagram

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How to log into Facebook via Instagram: Among all the social networks you use, Instagram it is definitely your favorite, but recently you are also looking with interest at Facebook, which you have not yet experimented with but which, for a while, has been teasing you. The idea, however, of having to create an account from scratch bores you and, therefore, you would like to know if there is a way to try the famous social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg quickly, perhaps using your Instagram account (which does also part of the Facebook group).

Well, if that’s the case and, therefore, you want to know how to log in to facebook via instagram, know that in the next chapters of this guide I will be happy to give you all the information you need and to explain how things stand in relation to accessing Facebook from Instagram. Once this is done, I will explain how to log in to your Facebook account, using the Instagram app for smartphones and tablets, or from a PC, if you prefer.

If, therefore, you can’t wait to find out more about it, sit down comfortably and take just a few minutes of free time, so as to carefully read the information I am about to give you in the following lines. You will see: by following my instructions you will easily and quickly succeed in the intent you have proposed. Happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

From the moment you want to know if and possibly how to log in to facebook via instagram, let me explain how things are.

First, in case you were wondering “Can I log into Facebook via Instagram?”, you must know that the answer is negative: it is not possible to log in to Facebook using the login data of your Instagram account.

However, it is possible in some ways log into Facebook via Instagram via an alternative solution that involves the use of the Instagram tool called Account Management Center, which allows you to manage various aspects of your Instagram and Facebook accounts from the same panel and, therefore, connects the two platforms (which, as we said, are part of the same company).

I repeat: it is not a way to access Facebook with Instagram, as you still need to create a Facebook account, as well as have an Instagram account, but it is a good way to synchronize the management of both and, for example, share stories And post simultaneously on both platforms. For all the details, read on: everything is explained below.

How to log in to Facebook with Instagram

Having made the necessary premises, let’s see together how to take advantage of the possibility of accessing Facebook via the panel named Account Management Center from Instagram. Follow the instructions you find in the next chapters to find out how to do it from smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Android and iOS

Log into Facebook with Instagram

If you want to use your smartphone (or tablet) for log into Facebook with the Instagram Account Management Center, first launch the Instagram app for Android or iPhone and log in to your account.

Once this is done, on the screen for yours profile, tap on the icon menu located in the upper right corner and then on the wording Settings, in the menu that opens. Now, scroll down the screen that is shown to you and tap on the item Account Management Center.

At this point, press on the item Configure the Account Management Center and then log in to Facebook, entering the access data to Facebook (cellphone number or email address And password). Then press the button Log in to confirm login.

Once logged in, press the button Continue as [il tuo nome]; then, to complete the configuration of the Account Management Center and, consequently, enable the simultaneous sharing of content on Facebook and Instagram, press the buttons Keep it going And Yes, complete the setup.


Account Management Center

Also acting from PC, making use of the Instagram official site or using his application for Windows 10 and later, you can log into Facebook through the Instagram Account Management Center.

To proceed, first connect to Instagram from a browser or application and log in to your profile. Then click on the thumbnail of your profile and press on the item Settings present in the menu that is shown to you.

At this point, in the screen that is shown to you, click on the wording Account Management Center and then press the button Add account. Therefore, log in to your Facebook profile with the appropriate login data (e-mail or telephone number And password) and press the buttons Log in And Continue as [il tuo nome], to confirm.

Done this, to enable the linked functions and share stories And post simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram, press the button Keep it going and finally, click on the entry Yes, complete the setup. Easy, right?