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How to locate Android

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How to locate Android: You’ve been out with some friends and, when you get home, you realize you no longer have yours Android smartphone with you. Maybe you lost it because it accidentally slipped out of your pocket, or it was stolen: you have no idea how things went, the fact is that you are looking for a solution to find your beloved device.

If this is actually the case and then you ask yourself how to locate an android, know that all is not lost. In fact, you can use Google’s default tool, Find my device, to track it remotely. How do you say? Have you heard of it before but don’t know how to use it? No problem: in this guide of mine I will explain how to use them, also showing you other useful solutions to track an Android device remotely, acting from a computer or via another smartphone / tablet.

Courage! What else are you waiting for? Sit down comfortably and take a few minutes of free time; follow the instructions I am about to give you with the utmost attention, in order to put them into practice, and thus be able to track down your device. Have a good reading and wish you a big good luck!

How to locate lost Android

For locate an Android device lost or stolen you can make use of Google’s native tool called Find my device which allows to trace the position of the same. To use it, however, some preliminary requirements are necessary which I will tell you about in the next lines.

Preliminary operations

In order to remotely locate an Android device, it must be logged in and connected to a account Google. In addition, the activation of the Internet connection he was born in GPS, as well as the instrument Find my device. I’ll explain how to proceed in the following lines.

To verify the correct association of the device with an account Google, tap on Settings (L’gear icon located on the home screen), then tap on the items Account> Google or, if you use Android 8.0 and later, on the voices Settings> Users and accounts > Google.

In the event that this screen does not indicate any Google account (such as, go back to the screen Account (or Users and accounts) and press on the item Add Account. Then tap the button Google and connect the account in your possession, by entering the login data of the same (e-mail And password). In case of problems, follow the procedures I indicated in my guide on how to add a Gmail account.

Now, connect the device to the Internet: go, therefore, to the menu Settings> Wireless and networks> Mobile network and move up ON the lever at the voice Mobile data.

If, on the other hand, you want to link in Wifi, presses on the voices Settings> Wireless & Networks> Wi-Fi and tap on the network you want to connect to, entering the access key, if necessary.

You can proceed even faster by pressing thewifi icon (the symbol of an antenna) located in notification center, accessible by swiping from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Activate Android localization

Now that you have associated a Google account with your smartphone (or tablet) and have done all the preliminary operations above, activate the GPS by moving to ON the lever that you find in correspondence with the section Settings> Location. On Android 8.0 and later, the geolocation can be found in the menu Settings> Security and privacy.

The button to activate the geolocation it is also located in the Android notification center: to act through the latter, simply tap on it.

Finally, in the menu Settings> Google> Security> Find my device, make sure the toggle is set to ON.

Find my device

Once the preliminary operations, you can use the service Find my device to locate an Android device remotely.

This free tool developed by Google can be accessed from any other Android device by downloading the relevant application from Play Store, or through web interface. Its functioning is identical in both cases.

If you prefer to act as a smartphone or tablet, after downloading the app Find my device from Play Store (just press the button Install), start it and log in with the data of the same Google account connected to the device to be traced, by pressing on the item Continue as [nome del tuo account Google].

On the main screen, then tap onphone icon showing the device to be traced, then wait for a map with the location of the device in real time to be shown on the screen. In case you encounter any problems, click onarrow icon to reload the screen and wait for the device to be located.

In addition to tracking the device, you can make it ring remotely (Play audio), set a custom message on the lock screen (Protect your device) and also perform the factory reset remotely (Reset the device). I told you in detail about how to take advantage of these features in my guide dedicated to Find my device.

If the device is not found, it means that it may be turned off and / or not connected to the Internet. However, you can remotely control it: the controlled actions will be performed as soon as the device comes back online.

How to locate an Android mobile from a PC

If you don’t have another Android mobile or tablet to install the app Find my device, you can locate the Android device from a computer by connecting, as already mentioned, to the Web version of the service.

To do this, log in to the Find my device with data (e-mail And password) of the same Google account connected to the Android mobile phone to be tracked, then wait for the location of the device to be shown on a map.

From the Web the operation of Find my device it is identical to the Android app and therefore, in case of problems, refer to the information just provided in the previous chapter.

How to locate an Android mobile with Google

For locate an Android mobile via Google you can always use the tool Find my device, as the service is integrated into the search engine results.

To take advantage of this feature, connect to the Google main page and press the button Log in located at the top right, to log in to Google with the same account connected to the device to be tracked. Then type your login data (e-mail And password) of the same account and press the button Forward twice in a row.

Once this is done, type in the terms Find my Android in the search bar, press Enter and wait for the location of the device to be shown on a map.

How to locate Android from iPhone

You need locate your Android device, but you’re away from home and don’t have another Android smartphone or tablet handy to use the app Find my device? No problem, you can still succeed.

For locate an Android from iPhone just connect to the website from Find my device, as this can be used in the exact same way from any desktop or mobile browser.

Then log in to the service with the data (e-mail And password) of the same Google account connected to the Android mobile phone to be traced: within a few moments you will be able to view, on a map, the exact location of the device.

If you have any problems or doubts, refer to the information I gave you in the chapter on how to track android from pc.

How to locate a friend’s Android phone

If you need to know how to locate a friend’s android cellphone, you must know that, to do this, there are several solutions.

Firstly, if you know the access data of his Google account, you can find the smartphone for him, using the tool Find the device I told you about in previous chapters.

Alternatively, if you want to track down a friend’s mobile phone, because you need to know where it is, in order to reach it, you can take advantage of the location sharing solutions provided by apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook or Google Maps.

I have explained to you in detail how to take advantage of this possibility in my guide on how to know where a person is through the mobile phone.

Other solutions to locate Android

Besides Find my device, which is the pre-existing Google default service on all Android smartphones and tablets, there are also third-party services, such as Prey And Cerberus, which allow you to locate an Android device remotely from a computer, via a browser, but also from mobile devices, by downloading their dedicated app.

Similarly to Find my device, in fact, to be used these tools require an Internet connection that is always active and GPS enabled (I told you how to perform these preliminary operations in previous chapter), so that the position of an Android smartphone or tablet can be identified in real time on a map. However, they do offer additional functionality and, in some cases, prevent the GPS and connection from being turned off or disabled on the device to be protected.

If you want to know how to use them and / or you need more information on what are other useful solutions for the remote location of an Android device, I suggest you read my specific guide on the subject.