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How to locate Android phone

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Have you lost your Android smartphone and, despite having searched everywhere, you just can’t find it? In this case, you don’t have to worry, because thanks to my advice you will be able to spot it in the blink of an eye! As? Through the solutions that I will suggest you in the next chapters.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will provide you with all the information you need to know how to locate an Android phone , through the native tool of this operating system or using third-party apps (in case you have already installed them in advance or themselves reading this tutorial for informational purposes). Furthermore, in the unfortunate event that the lost item should go out, perhaps following the exhaustion of the battery, I will give you some tips to be able to find it anyway. I will then explain how to be able to identify the location of your Android mobile phone via an iPhone and also how to know the location of a phone starting from its number.

If you can’t wait to start reading this guide, I suggest you don’t waste any more time, because every minute is precious to find a lost smartphone! Courage: sit comfortably and pay the utmost attention to all the procedures that I will show you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and, above all, wish you a big good luck for everything!

Preliminary information

Before starting to tell you about the methods to locate a lost or stolen Android phone , it is important for me to tell you which features must be active on the device for it to be tracked remotely.

First, you need to make sure that geolocation is enabled, by reaching the Android Settings panel , via the gear icon on the home screen. After opening this panel, go to the items Geolocation or Security and privacy> Location services (on the most recent Android versions) and make sure that the appropriate lever that is shown to you is set to ON .

Once this is done, also activate the additional features of the GPS for improving accuracy, which you find in the area at the bottom, under the heading Advanced settings . You can activate the Search for Wi-Fi network and Search for Bluetooth devices options , to improve GPS positioning.

Another feature to keep active is the one concerning the Internet connection : you could enable the Wi-Fi network, but on the move I recommend that you keep that data on your SIM active. To do this, open the Settings app , select the Mobile network item and set the switch next to Mobile data to ON .

If you have activated the features of the device that I have indicated in the previous paragraphs, you should not have difficulty in locating an Android phone using third-party apps. If, however, you want to use the native Android tool ( Find my device ), in addition you must also activate other features than those I have indicated, which I will tell you about in detail in the next chapter of the tutorial.

How to find a lost Android phone

Find my android device

If you have lost your Android phone, you can easily find it thanks to Find My Device , Google’s default tool that allows owners of Android smartphones, tablets and wearables to know the exact location of the device in case of loss.

This feature should already be enabled by default, after you have associated a Google account with the device. In any case, in the next few paragraphs I will show you step by step how to make sure that everything is enabled and working.

As I have already mentioned, a Google account must be associated with the phone. To check that you have already done this, open the Settings app and select the items Users and accounts> Google from the screen that opens. If you do not find an @ account in the list, it means that you have not yet added one: press, therefore, on the Add account button , tap on the word Google and follow the instructions on the screen to create a new account, or carry out the access with what you already have (I told you about it in more detail in this guide).

After doing this, it’s time to check if Find My Device is enabled on your phone. Launch the Settings app and select the Google> Security items from the screen that is shown to you. Select, therefore, the words Find my device and move the relative lever to ON .

Activate Find my device

The last step to follow is to check if your smartphone is visible in Google Play services . Again, the option should already be enabled by default, but make sure you haven’t made any changes by mistake.

What you need to do is reach this link and log in with the same Google account associated with the smartphone. Once this is done, locate your device in the table and verify that there is a check mark in the corresponding box in the Visibility column .

If all the above features are enabled, including the ones I mentioned in the previous chapter of the guide , you can take advantage of Find My Device . You can use either the dedicated app , which you will need to install on another Android device (by connecting your Google account), or the Web panel. The choice is yours, as one or the other leads to the same result, considering that the procedures for use are also identical.

For convenience, I’ll tell you about the web panel, assuming you don’t have the ability to use another Android smartphone or tablet. After reaching this link for the web panel, log in with your Google account, obviously the same one you associated with the lost phone.

In the area at the top left of the main screen of this service, select the thumbnail for your Android smartphone and wait for its location on the map to be indicated in the right area by means of a colored marker .

The information that is shown to you is already more than enough to understand where you have stored your phone, but you can interact with it using the buttons on the sidebar: Play audio , to make the device emit a sound; Lock the device , to lock the screen with a personalized message, or Reset device , to reset it to the factory settings and delete any of your personal data (operation that will prevent you from tracing the phone remotely in the future).

Free Android phone tracker app

In addition to the native functionality of Android, which I told you about in the previous chapter , you can also orient yourself on the use of third-party apps which, in addition to locating the phone, can include systems for security and monitoring: here are some of the most interesting.

Lost Android

Lost Android

Lost Android is a free app that associates a minimalist interface with a set of functions that, on the other hand, turns out to be very rich. It allows you to locate an Android phone and control it remotely by performing various operations.

A few examples? It makes your smartphone ring or vibrate, displays the status of the device (battery level, IMEI code, etc.) or turns Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth on and off. There are also advanced functions, such as launching applications and searching for contacts remotely, reserved for those who purchase the Premium version of the application, at a cost of 3.35 euros .

The operation of Lost Android is based on GPS (for localization), Wi-Fi-3G / LTE (for sending commands from the Web panel) and SMS. This means that by authorizing another mobile phone to send commands via SMS to your Android smartphone, you can control the device remotely even if the thieves turn off Wi-Fi and GPS.

To use Lost Android on your mobile, all you have to do is download the app from the Play Store via this link and press the Install button . After starting it, press the OK button and consent to the various requests for access to the smartphone features.

Once this is done, press the Register button to automatically register for the service. Finally, tap the Request Administrator Rights button and, in the screen you see, press the Activate button , to authorize the application to control your device. The game is done!

When installation is complete, connected to the Lost Android website , click on the Sign In item , located in the box located at the top right, log in to your Google account (which must be the same one the smartphone is associated with on which you have installed Lost Android ) and click on the Allow button , to access the main screen of the service.

Now you can locate and control your device remotely. To view the location of the phone on a Google Maps map, click on the Controls button at the top, select the Basic icon and press the Send location button . If, on the other hand, you want to activate or deactivate Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth, go to the Status section and click on the appropriate buttons (root permissions are required for the GPS).

To lock the phone or delete the data on the device memory, click on the Security icon and use the buttons located under the Lock Phone items , to block access to the device with a PIN; Erase SD Card , to erase only the contents of the microSD card or Wipe phone , to erase the internal memory of the device.

You can even create backups of photos, contacts and SMS present on the memory of the lost smartphone: all you have to do is go to the Controls section of Lost Android and press the Backup icon .

If you want to activate the sending of commands via SMS, click on the SMS button at the top and, in the SMS allow field , type the number of the phone you want to authorize to send commands via SMS to your smartphone, then confirming the operation via the Allow button . The list of available commands is the one you see under Available SMS commands .


Prey on Android

Another solution that can do for you to locate an Android phone is Prey . This app is available for free, upon registration of an account that is also free, which allows you to manage up to three devices. In case you want to unlock additional features or extend the limitation of the devices that you can manage on the account, you will need to subscribe with costs starting from 5 dollars / month .

In case you are interested in installing Prey , you can download it from the Android Play Store, by tapping on this link directly from your smartphone, in order to view the app sheet on the Play Store . Then press the Install button to proceed with the download and installation of the application.

After starting Prey , on its main screen, press the Start button and then Approve , answering Allow the various requests for access to the features of the device that you see on the screen.

Once this is done, create a free account by clicking on Don’t have an account? and filling out the form presented to you. In case you already have an account for the service, simply type your credentials in the appropriate boxes and press the Login button .

After finishing all this procedure, the basic configuration of the app will start, completely automatically. Then press the Home button to reach its main screen.

In case you have lost your phone after setting up the Prey app , you will simply have to go to the official website of the service and log in with your account. In the section to which you will be directed, you will be able to see all the associated devices, in the Devices section .

To locate your smartphone, tap on its thumbnail , so you can see its position on the map. By pressing the Set device to missing button , you can record and monitor the entire activity of the device at regular intervals, using a special log.

Other apps for locating an Android phone

Lockout on Android

In addition to the apps I told you about in the previous chapters, I can recommend others that can help you locate an Android phone if it gets lost.

  • Lockout – is an app for Android (but also available for iOS ), which allows you to locate Android phones remotely. Registration for a free account is required in order to use it and it is also possible to subscribe, at a cost of 2.99 euros / month , to unlock other features that are not necessary for your purpose.
  • McAfee Mobile Security – is an app that performs several functions, including maintaining Android security and improving system performance, as well as locating the device remotely. Although many of these features are accessible for free, with a subscription of 2.59 euros / month you can unlock other features, but I warn you that they are not essential for locating your smartphone. This service is also available on iOS .
  • Wheres My Droid – is a tracking app for Android devices, which you can use for free. A monthly subscription of $ 0.99 is also availableto access additional features, not useful, however, for the location of the device remotely.

How to locate a turned off Android phone

Android smartphone

If you want to locate a turned off Android phone , my advice is to use the native Android tool, Find my device , which allows you to view the last detected position, useful if in the meantime the battery and therefore the device have run out. has turned off.

To find out how to use Find my device , I suggest you consult what I have already indicated in the dedicated chapter of this tutorial . I warn you, however, that the position of the smartphone can be detected only and only if some features are active on it, as I have already extensively told you at the beginning of my guide.

How to locate Android phone by number


Locating an Android phone starting from the phone number is an operation that can be performed thanks to the use of some tools, such as Tellows or Truecaller , which indicate the location from which a user is calling.

Unfortunately, they do not allow you to view the real-time position of the holder of a phone number, but they can still be useful. For more information, I suggest you read my guides on how to locate a cellphone on a map by number and on how to locate a phone number.

How to locate an Android phone from an iPhone

If you no longer find your Android phone and you only have an iPhone available , you can try to find it using Find my device , by accessing the web panel of the service via the Safari browser , as I explained to you in this chapter of the guide .

If you do not use the native Android tool and instead use third-party solutions, know that you will be able to view the location of your phone only and only if a web panel is available for the service you use or if there is a corresponding app for iOS.

An example is Prey , which allows you to view the position of all associated devices, regardless of the operating system in use on the smartphone, as the app is available on both Android and iOS . You simply need to install the app on your iPhone and log in with the service account that you also used on the lost Android smartphone. I told you in detail about the Prey app in this previous chapter of the tutorial.

For further information, you can then consult my guide dedicated to finding lost cell phones.