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How to listen to the radio on iPhone

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How to listen to the radio on iPhone: Have you bought a shiny new iPhone but it annoys you that you can’t listen to the FM radio like you did with your old cell phone? Don’t worry, using the right apps can solve this problem in no time. There are in fact so many applications that allow you to take advantage of the Internet connection for listen to the radio on iPhone just like you did with your old cell phone. Thanks to these apps you can listen to radio stations from all countries (and all genres of music) without having to purchase extra accessories. Beautiful, is not it?

Before you can get scared and think about the worst, I would like to point out from the outset that the use of these applications is extremely simple. Everyone, even the less experienced in new technologies, can in fact use them without any kind of problem. So whether you are a novice iPhone user or have been using one for some time it makes absolutely no difference, you have my word.

Having clarified this, take courage, take the headphones of your “iPhone by” and let’s find out together how to listen to the radio on the iPhone. I bet you will be pleasantly impressed with the quantity and quality of stations available online.


For the vastness of the database – it includes over 10,000 radio stations from all over the world – and elegance of design, the first app that I would recommend to listen to the radio on iPhone is Radium. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and is extremely simple to use.

Pressing on the voice Find more stations … you can quickly find radio stations by their name or the genre of the music they play. Once the playback has started, the app is then able to recognize the songs that are transmitted by the radio, shows their title, artist and cover and, using the share button on the right, allows you to search for them on Google, add them to a wishlist or search for them on the iTunes Store.

It should also be emphasized the presence of advanced functions, such as the automatic optimization of the sound based on the music genre being played (which can be activated by pressing the icon of thegear and activating the option Sound Enhancer) and the alarm clock that can be unlocked via an in-app purchase of € 1.99.

TuneIn Radio

Tunein Radio

Another free app that allows you to listen to the radio on iPhone and that is definitely worth trying is TuneIn Radio. Haven’t you ever heard of it? Let’s fix it right away! It is an app that allows you to browse the radio stations available online not only by name, by the musical genre of reference or by the country of origin, but also by the songs broadcast at a precise moment.

By going to the tab Search for of the app, you can in fact type the name of a song or an artist and find out if one of the many radios supported by TuneIn is currently broadcasting what you are interested in: very useful, right?

In the card Browse you can then find a dynamic list with stations from around the world divided by genre, the most recently listened to radios and even podcasts recommended by the staff. Finally, in the tab Home you can find a series of local (Italian) stations sorted by various criteria.

If you want to save a list of your favorite radios you can create a free account on TuneIn Radio (which is also accessible from a computer, via browser) by going to the tab Profile of the app and filling out the form that is proposed to you.

Radio Italy FM


If you mainly listen to Italian radio stations and are not interested in advanced functions, such as searching for songs online or creating a wishlist, Radio Italy FM is the one for you. It is an extremely simple to use free application that is able to make the happiness of those looking to listen to the radio on the iPhone in the “old style”.

The application contains in a practical menu the logos of all the main Italian radio stations: pressing on the latter starts the playback of the selected radio and stop, there are no other functions to think about.

If you want, you can also customize the list of radios present in the main screen of the app by pressing the icon of thegear and disabling the display of stations that are not of your interest.

Radio Italia FM is free but an in-app purchase is available that allows you to eliminate advertising banners at the cost of 0.99 euros. On the audio side, there are no additional advertisements, don’t worry.


How to listen to the radio on iPhone

Also Spotify, which now needs no introduction, allows you to listen to the radio on the iPhone. The most famous music streaming service in the world allows you to listen to songs in shuffle mode via the Radio function directly from the iPhone and totally free.

Provided you can put up with a bit of advertising, it is therefore possible to listen to music in radio mode starting from your favorite songs or artists with a maximum limit of 5 tracks skipped per hour. To do this, simply press on the item Radio located in the lower right part of the Spotify screen, identify a station to listen to by selecting among those recently listened to, those recommended or by identifying those potentially interesting based on the musical genre and then pressing the button Listen to the radio.

If, on the other hand, you subscribe to the Premium plan of the service (which normally costs 9.99 euros / month) you can listen to all the songs you want without advertising, create automatic radio stations based on artists or songs and even download your favorite playlists for the listening offline.

You can find more information about it in my guide on how Spotify works, consult it and I assure you that you will not regret it.

myTuner Radio Italy

Screenshot by myTuner Radio Italia

Another great app that I suggest you consider if you intend to listen to the radio on iPhone is myTuner radio Italy. This is an application thanks to which it is possible to listen to over 1,000 Italian radio stations (including the most famous and popular ones!) And 30,000 from 120 different countries without spending a penny. It is also possible to listen to the radio by selecting the stations by genre by choosing, for example, among those dedicated to sports, music, news and so on.

To be able to listen to the radio on iPhone through myTuner Radio Italia, simply select the station of interest by tapping on the icon with the three lines located at the top left, choose the item Stationsindicating the selection criteria (for example The most popular, Search by genre, Search by city and so on) and then press on the name of the radio of interest.

Once the playback of the radio station of interest has started, just use the controls located at the bottom of the displayed screen to stop and resume the playback flow, to adjust the volume, to add the radio station to your favorites and to share the listening moment. radio using the other apps installed on your device.

By accessing the section instead Settings of the app you can set an automatic radio shutdown timer by selecting one of the options available under the item Stop from ….


How to listen to the radio on iPhone

Haven’t the solutions to listening to the radio on iPhone that I have already proposed attracted your attention in a particular way? No? Well, then try going to the app Music from Apple, you find it already pre-installed on your device! In fact, thanks to the Music app it is not only possible to listen to one’s own songs but users are also offered the possibility of getting their hands on a catalog consisting of millions of songs and albums after signing up for a paid subscription (the cost is equal to € 9.99 / month for the Standard plan and € 14.99 / month for the Family plan).

Among the other interesting features offered by the Music app, there is the possibility to listen to radio stations of various kinds by accessing the appropriate function. Before you can misunderstand, however, I would like to specify right away that in its free form the Music app allows you to listen to only the station Beats 1 which, however, is exempt from any form of advertising. All the others available can be reproduced only upon subscription to a subscription.

To listen to the Beats 1 radio using the Music app, simply press on the voice Radio located in the lower right part of the main application screen and tap the button Listen now present at the top. To listen to the other radio stations, just select the one of interest from the reference category and wait a few moments for it to start playing.