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How to listen to the iPod in the car with the car radio

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How to listen to the iPod in the car with the car radio: After reading my guide on which iPod to buy , you decided to take the big step and buy the famous MP3 player from Apple to make your days more pleasant. Your job, in fact, forces you to spend a lot of time driving and, consequently, to listen to your favorite music, you were constantly forced to buy new CDs. With your new iPod the problem is solved … or almost. After uploading hundreds of songs to the device, in fact, you tried to connect the latter to the car but without getting the desired result.

If this is actually the case, let me say that today is your lucky day, because you have come to the right place at the right time! In the guide you are about to read, in fact, I will tell you  how to listen to the iPod in the car with the car radio and how to connect it both on cars that have the Bluetooth system or USB sockets, and on older cars that have at least the cassette player. Can’t wait to find out more? Well, then let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s get straight to the heart of the matter.

Courage, make yourself comfortable and take five minutes of free time to devote to reading the next paragraphs. Find the solution that you think best suits your needs, carefully read the instructions provided and try to put them into practice. I am sure that in a short time you will be able to complete the connection between car and iPod and listen to all your favorite songs while you are driving. Enjoy your reading and, above all, enjoy!

Listen to the iPod in the car via Bluetooth

On newer cars, the Bluetooth connection is the first solution to consider to connect the iPod to the car and listen to the songs through the car radio. This is a procedure at no cost, simple to put into practice and which allows you to avoid using cables that could be annoying when you are driving. In addition, the Bluetooth connection allows you to start and stop playback and to switch from one track to another via the controls of your car, without having to take the iPod in hand.

The exact procedure to activate Bluetooth in the car and connect the iPod varies according to the model of car you own, in any case the steps to be taken are more or less the same on all cars. The important thing, before proceeding, is to make sure that your car supports the connection with the iPod. Although some cars allow Bluetooth connection, in fact, they do not always allow pairing with an iPod. To find out if your machine supports the Apple player, read its manual.

Now let’s go back to the procedure to follow. In general, what you need to do to complete the Bluetooth connection between car and iPod is to turn on the display of the car, access the section dedicated to Bluetooth by pressing the Menu and Bluetooth buttons  and press the button to add a new device . In some cars, however, you must access the section device management (usually by pressing the button Phone or Phone ) in which you can assign a new device, as well as view the list of already paired devices.

Now, grab your iPod and tap on the gear wheel icon   to access the   iOS settings , then press on the Bluetooth item and move the lever next to the Bluetooth option from OFF to ON . For detailed directions, you can read my guide on how to activate Bluetooth .

After activating Bluetooth on your iPod, in the same screen you can view the My devices item , with the devices already associated, and the Devices item , with the list of all the other devices nearby where Bluetooth is active. Then find the name of the Bluetooth system of your car and press on it, then tap on the Match item , enter the PIN code that you see on the car display and press the Connect button to complete the configuration.

If the pairing between car and iPod has been successful, at the top right, on the player screen you will be able to view the Bluetooth symbol which will turn from gray to black. This procedure is necessary only for the first configuration, after which the car and device can connect by simply pressing the connection button, present in the Bluetooth section of the car. In addition, many models of cars and car radios with Bluetooth allow you to set a device as a favorite: in this way, cars and iPods can automatically connect when they are nearby (provided that both are activated Bluetooth).

If, on the other hand, the connection between your car and your iPod has not been successful, try repeating the procedure described. In the unfortunate event that the problems persist, unfortunately it means that the audio system of your machine does not support the Bluetooth connection with your iPod. Don’t despair though: you can consider purchasing a Bluetooth receiver to connect to the car via the AUX IN input or via the cigarette lighter socket.

For example, with a Bluetooth AUX adapter  you can take advantage of the AUX IN input of your car radio to add a Bluetooth receiver and then connect your iPod. The audio streams transmitted by your iPod will be transmitted to the receiver, which in turn will transmit them to the radio via the AUX port and will be reproduced through the speakers of the machine.

If your car does not have an AUX IN input, you can consider an FM transmitter : it is a Bluetooth receiver to be inserted into the cigarette lighter socket of the car, which communicates with the iPod via a common Bluetooth connection and which sends the audio flow to the car stereo via radio waves. The cost of an FM transmitter varies between 15 and 20 euros.

Listen to the iPod in the car via USB cable

If your car has a USB socket, you can listen to the iPod with the car radio via a common  USB cable . This solution is certainly the cheapest and fastest to put into practice, since no configuration is required for the connection and you can use the same Lightning cable supplied with the iPod and that you usually use to recharge the battery of your device mobile.

To listen to the songs on your iPod via the car radio, then insert the USB cable into the input in the car and insert the other end into the Lightning connector of the iPod. Now, start the application you usually use to listen to music, tap the ▶ ︎ key to start playing the song of your interest and you’re done.

You should know that not all car models support music playback via USB cable, but this connection only has the function of charging the device. If this is your case, you cannot listen to the music of your iPod via USB cable and you will have to put into practice one of the other proposed solutions.

Listen to the iPod in the car via AUX cable

Among the solutions to be considered to connect the iPod to the car radio , there is also the use of an AUX cable : it is a cable of variable length that has two 3.5 mm connectors to be connected in the appropriate input of the car radio, available in both newer cars and older car models. The cost of an AUX cable varies between 3 and 10 euros.

After making sure that your car’s audio system has an AUX input, turn on the radio and press the AUX button . If you do not see this option, repeatedly press the button you usually use to switch between the radio and the CD player (it should be SRC or Source ) until the display shows AUX . If the radio is not standard and you cannot see the word AUX, it may be necessary to activate the function via the settings of the radio itself. The procedure varies depending on the model of car radio installed, so I recommend you follow the instructions in the manual.

Once the configuration and activation of the AUX system has been completed, take one end of the cable and insert it into the AUX IN input of the radio, then insert the other connector into the input of the iPod (the same one in which you usually insert headphones) . Then start playing music from your mobile device and you’re done.

Listen to the iPod in the car via cassette adapter

If you’ve come to read this far, it means your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, USB or AUX inputs. However do not despair, you can connect your iPod to the car via a cassette adapter : a device that comes in the form of a cassette to be inserted in the cassette player of the car radio.

To listen to the music of your iPod in the car, insert the cassette adapter in the cassette player of the radio, then take the cable that comes out of the cassette and insert the 3.5 mm jack into the input of your iPod. Now, start playing the songs on your mobile device, turn on the car radio and press the button to play the cassette: the fake cassette will simulate the turning of the tape by deceiving the head of the car radio player, transforming the analog signal received from the iPod into magnetic field and, subsequently, in an electric signal.

On the market, you can find numerous cassette adapters with prices ranging between 4 and 15 euros. My advice is to avoid cheap adapters that may not work perfectly or work in poor audio quality.