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How to listen to Internet radio

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How to listen to Internet radio: Are you also part of that group of people who like to listen to the radio while working on the computer? Your trusty radio broke down suddenly and, therefore, are you looking for an online solution to listen to your favorite stations again? Well, if you answered in the affirmative to at least one of these questions, there is no doubt: you are in the right place, at the right time!

In the next paragraphs of this tutorial, in fact, I will be able to point you out like listening to internet radio making use of online services, programs and apps useful for this purpose. You will see that, thanks to my suggestions, you will be able to use your PC and your mobile devices as a radio, taking advantage of the Internet connection. You just have to follow step-by-step the “tips” that I will give you and everything will go smoothly.

So, what are you doing still standing there? Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and use the solutions listed in this guide to “tune in” to your favorite stations. I wish you good reading and have fun!

How to listen to free internet radio

Let’s dive right into the tutorial and see, together, like listening to internet radio using Web services, PC programs and apps for mobile devices useful for this purpose.

TuneIn (Online / Windows / macOS / Android / iOS / iPadOS)

The first solution I suggest you turn to is TuneIn, a very famous online service, also available as a desktop client and as an app for mobile devices, which allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world in an easy, fast and free way. The service does not require the user to register, but by doing so you can find your favorite stations quickly and quickly.

I would also like to point out the availability of the Premium version of the service, which offers the possibility of accessing commercial radio programs and some exclusive contents, such as live coverage of NBA (basketball), NFL (football), NHL (hockey) matches. and MLB (baseball) starting at € 4.99 / month (with a 7-day free trial).

If you want to take advantage of the online version of TuneIngo to his main page and click on the button Listen now located at the top left. Then take advantage of the search bar placed at the top to search for the radio station of your interest, or search by clicking on the links on the left, so as to identify local radios, trending radios, those specialized in listening to music, sports, news, debates and etc. Once you have found a radio station you are interested in, you need to click on its logo and then press the button Playso you can listen to it in streaming.


If you prefer to take advantage of the TuneIn desktop client, you have to install the latter and then tune in to the radio of your interest. If you have a PC with Windows 10you can download TuneIn directly from the Microsoft Store (just open the download page of TuneIn present in the latter and press the appropriate button download).

If you have aother version of Windows or if you have a Macinstead, go to the official site and click on the link Download app, top right. By doing so, you will start downloading the client, which you can install using the wizard that will be shown on the screen. On Windowsthen open the file .exe you have obtained and wait for the progress bar to load to 100%.

On Macinstead, open the package .dmg that you downloaded, drag theTuneIn icon in the folder Applications macOS and, after opening the folder in question, right-click on the program icon and select the item You open twice in a row (an operation that must be done only at the first start of TuneIn and which serves to “bypass” the restrictions of macOS towards non-certified software).

Once this is done, all you have to do is find the radio of your interest by selecting one of the available categories (eg. Local Radio, Trendy, Music, Sportetc.) or using the appropriate search bar present in the application window. Once you have identified the issuer of your interest, click on the button Playto listen to the live broadcast.

TuneIn client

If you prefer to use theTuneIn appinstead, install and launch it on your device Android or iOS / iPadOS. Once started, close the banner that invites you to try the Premium version by tapping on (x) located at the top right, and grant the app all the permissions it needs to function properly.

Then, tap on one of the categories of your interest from those you see on the screen Navigate (ex. Local radio, Music, Sport, Newsetc.) or, if you prefer, tap on the icon of magnifying glass to “manually” search for the radio of your interest. Once identified, tap on its icon and that’s it: streaming playback of the broadcast should start automatically. If not, you press the button Play placed at the bottom.

TuneIn app

Did you see how simple it was to listen to online radio using TuneIn? As you may have noticed, being available for different platforms, you can use it regardless of the device in your possession. Make good use of it!

Radio Garden (Online / Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Radio Garden

Another solution you can turn to to listen to radio online for free is Radio Garden, which allows you to navigate between radio stations around the globe via a virtual world map. In the next few lines I’ll focus on using its web version, but if you want, you can use its device app as well Android And iOS / iPadOS.

To use Radio Garden, go to home page service, click the button Play and, in the new page opened, click on the area of ​​your interest, in order to view the available radio stations (indicated by green dots).

Instead, to locate a certain radio station, click the button Search (the symbol of magnifying glasslocated on the right), write the name of the station you want to listen to in the search field appeared at the top right) and click on first name of the one you actually want to hear, so as to start playing it. If you want to add a broadcaster to your favorites, click on little heart placed in correspondence with its name (bottom right).

Official sites and apps of radio broadcasters

Broadcasters' sites and apps

Also official sites and apps of radio broadcasters they are great solutions for listening to your favorite radio programs. Below you will find a rather exhaustive list of the main Italian broadcasters.

  • Rai Radio 1 / Radio 2 / Radio 3 – to listen to Rai radio stations, just connect to the Web pages dedicated to Radio 1, Radio 2 And Radio 3 or, if you prefer, using the app RaiPlay Radioavailable for Android And iOS / iPadOS.
  • RTL 102.5 – to listen to the famous Italian radio station, you can go to his official site or use its device app Android And iOS / iPadOS.
  • Radio Deejay – radio created by the producer and DJ Claudio Cecchetto, now led by Linus, can be listened to through his online version or through its official app, available for free for Android And iOS / iPadOS. If you remember, I also dedicated a tutorial on how to listen to Radio Deejay: check it out!
  • RDS – another very famous radio station that you can also tune into via the Web and from mobile devices, as it is available as an app for Android And iOS / iPadOS.
  • Radio Italy – could not be missing from this list of radio stations. If you are a fan of Italian music, you can listen to the radio programs of Radio Italia through his website and its app for Android And iOS / iPadOS.
  • Radio Capital – to listen to Radio Capital (to which I also dedicated this tutorial), you can connect to his website or use its app for Android And iOS / iPadOS.
  • R101 – you can listen to the radio programs of this other famous radio station through his official site and its app for Android And iOS / iPadOS.

Other solutions for listening to Internet radio

Other solutions for listening to radio

If the services, programs and apps I mentioned in the previous lines were not to your liking, you can also use these other solutions for listening to Internet radio. I hope they can be useful to you.

  • myTuner (Windows 10/macOS/Online/Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is a very famous online service, also available as a multi-platform application, which allows you to listen to Italian and international radio stations. Its “clean” and uncluttered interface makes it very easy to find your favorite radios.
  • (Online/Android/iOS / iPadOS) – another Italian portal that allows you to listen to tens of thousands of Italian and non-Italian radio stations. It’s free and works even without registration.
  • RarmaRadio (Windows) – is a free software for Windows that allows you to listen to thousands of streaming radio stations. It also offers some recording functions that can be particularly useful in some contexts (for example to record certain interviews, songs, etc.).
  • Good FM Radio (Windows 10) – application available for Windows 10 that allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world. It is free, but there are advertising banners (not excessively invasive), which can be removed by subscribing to a subscription of € 1.49 / month) or by purchasing the full version, which costs € 19.99 one-off