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How to listen to free music online

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How to listen to free music online: You love music and, if it were up to you, you would spend every moment of the day in the company of your favorite songs. Unfortunately, buying music CDs is quite expensive, especially when you appreciate different artists and are willing to keep up with all their productions. Precisely for this reason you are looking for an alternative solution that allows you to listen free music onlineand thus avoid spending a fortune every time a new album comes out.

Well, if things are indeed the way you described them, I can’t help but completely agree with you. By now, listening to music has moved to the Internet, especially because, through the services that I will propose to you, it is possible to listen to many musical pieces in a freeas well as completely legal.

How do you say? Have these premises intrigued you and now you can’t wait to find out more? Okay then I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and read this tutorial carefully. I’ll tell you about what I believe are the best services on the web that allow listen to free music online. Are you ready to get started? I wish you a good reading and a good listening. (Web / Android / iOS) is an innovative online service that allows you to listen to music similar to your tastes, giving space to famous Italian and international artists.

How many times have you waited in vain for the song you like so much to play on the radio? I guess many times. Well, fortunately the problem is solved with, which tunes you to an online radio tailor-made for you and based on your tastes.

In this way you can always listen to the music you like (probably your favorite song too) and, in the case of songs you don’t like, go straight to the next ones, all for free.

If you want to know how to use it, you must first connect to the website and click the button Sign in located at the top right.

On the page that opens, you must fill out the form with your data (username, email and password), check the item I am not a robotaccept the terms and conditions of use of the service and click on the button Create my account to complete the registration.

At this point you will only have to verify your email address by clicking on the link that will have been sent to you by email.

Once your account has been verified you can start using to listen to free music online.

The music recommendations will be offered to you directly on the Home Page and just click on the name of the song or artist to start playback. music can also be listened to on mobile devices, by downloading the application for Android And iOS. is fully usable free for listening to music online but you can subscribe to a subscription monthly which, at a cost of € 3 per month, offers some additional features such as account statistics, ad-free browsing and preview access to platform news.

Deezer (Web / Android / iOS)

Another valid platform that allows you to listen to free music online is Deezer. Although this platform is less known than others, it still manages to stand out due to a very large and always updated catalog.

In fact, Deezer allows you to listen to music via the Internet and in addition to being accessible via the Web, it is also available in the form of a free application, downloadable for smartphones. Android or iOS.

Also in this case, to start using it for listening to streaming music you will first have to go to his official website and register completely free.

From the Deezer home page then click on the button Registration which is located in the upper right corner and choose the method that best suits your needs to create your account.

You can in fact press the button Facebook or on the button Google to carry out the creation of your account in a free via Facebook or Google, or manually type your email address in the text field on the screen.

You will also have to type in a password, a username you wish to use and fill in the other text fields indicating your gender and your age.

To confirm registration, check the button I am not a robot and then press the button Registration thus automatically accepting the terms and conditions of the service.

Since listening to music has now moved online, it will seem clear that to use Deezer you will need to have an Internet connection that is always active.

In case you want to download music for offline listening you will need to subscribe to the optional subscription a Premium + which costs € 9.99 per month.

In addition there is also the subscription Deezer Family which, at a cost of € 14.99 per month, comes in the form of a collective subscription. Both the aforementioned subscriptions can be optionally subscribed and are activated after 30 days of free trial.

To listen to free music online you can also use the free Deezer application which is available for download on smartphones from the PlayStore or the App Store.

Spotify (Web / Android / iOS)

If you love music and want to listen to it for free over the Internet, I recommend that you start using Spotify. If you have never heard of it, you must absolutely know that it is an excellent platform that allows you to listen to music in a manner free and streaming.

To use Spotify you need to register from your official website or via application free for Android And iOS.

It is one of the best known platforms for listening to free music online as, among its most prominent features, there is a large music catalog that hosts the songs of Italian and international artists.

Spotify is usable for free but it has some limitations, including the ability to randomly play music with limited skips. Optionally, you are offered the option to pay a monthly subscription to take advantage of additional features including the ability to download music for offline listening.

Subscriptions a Spotify Premium And Spotify Premium for Family they cost € 9.99 per month and € 15.99 per month respectively. Both subscriptions are activated only after 30 days of free trial through which it is possible to take advantage of all the unlimited features of the platform without paying.

To use Spotify you have to go to its official website, press the button subscribe located at the top right and choose whether to subscribe to Spotify through the account Facebook or through email address. In the first case, simply register quickly by pressing the button Sign up with Facebook.

Alternatively, you will have to fill in all the text fields you will see on the screen and once you have accepted the terms of use of the service and checked the captcha, you will have to press the button subscribe.

Jamendo (Web / Android / iOS)

For listening to free music via the Internet there are several famous and widely used platforms but, in my opinion, we should also give space to the less known but equally noteworthy ones.

Among these there is in fact Jamendo Music a platform for listening to streaming music that is aimed at those who love listening to music created by independent artists.

The main feature of this platform is its broad music landscape which covers national and international artists with music that can also be used for commercial purposes.

Jamendo Music allows you to listen to music in streaming even without registration and completely free. Furthermore, the creation of an account is in fact a choice reserved for those who want to download music tracks; as regards listening only, registration is not mandatory.

In addition to being available through websiteJamendo Music can also be used on mobile devices: just download the application for Android And iOS from the Play Store or the App Store, depending on the device you own.

If you want to register for Jamendo you have to go to its official website and first press the button Start. After that you can already start listening to the music and eventually press the button Create account located in the left sidebar to dedicate yourself to creating an account.

To perform this procedure quickly you can click on the button Create an account via Facebook or Create an account through Google.

Alternatively, you can also type your email address and choose a password, using the text fields you will see on the screen, and then press the button Create account to continue.

SoundCloud (Web / Android / iOS)

A lesser known but equally good platform for listening to streaming music is SoundClound. In particular, I choose to talk to you about this Web platform as it will allow you to meet artists whose passion is also given by the desire to remix music tracks.

It is therefore an Internet site that allows you to listen to free music in streaming, the main feature of which is undoubtedly the extreme originality of the music on offer. SoundCloud is a platform that is therefore used by independent artists: it allows you to upload your own music tracks to make yourself known to the public.

This platform can also be used only for listening and, in this case, it presents itself completely free.

SoundCloud is usable from official website only after registering an account, a procedure that can be completed from the home page of this website.

You can then press the button Register for freeperform the quick recording by pressing the button Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google or, alternatively, type your email address in the text field that you will see on the screen then pressing the button Go on.

If you want to continue listening to music even when you are away from home, you can download the SoundCloud application to your device Android or iOS and always listen over the Internet