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How to link a friend on Facebook

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How to link a friend on Facebook: Do you want to mention some of your friends in a message on Facebook and do you want a link next to their names that leads to their profiles page on the social network? Believe me, it’s one of the easiest things in the world.

Since the message mentions system was updated a few months ago, learn how to link a friend on Facebook it’s a real breeze. It is so simple that I would say stop with the preambles and immediately take action.

You want to find out right away how to link a friend on Facebook? Well, then connected to the main page of the social network, click on the text field What are you thinking about? (top center) and start writing normally the message you want to post on your wall.

When you get to the point where you want to link to your friend’s profile page, start typing their name and click on the suggestion for the automatic completion which appears in the drop-down menu below the text field in which you are typing. Almost as if by magic, your friend’s name will turn blue and, when you go to post the message, it will turn into a link to their profile.

If you want, you can also use the key Backspace on your PC keyboard to delete your friend’s last name from the message you want to post, in order to make it more informal (and short). In this case, however, make sure that the blue background remains on the name, otherwise the link will disappear completely.

Do you want link a friend on Facebook when you post a photo or video in which you are portrayed together? In this case, you can use the tags by following the wizard that is offered to you immediately after uploading new photos to your profile.

In case you want to tag photos already uploaded to your profile, connected to your diary, click on the item Photo (under the cover), open the photo you want to tag and click on the item Tag this photo located at the bottom right to start tagging the image by inserting the link to your friend’s profile.

For more information on how to tag on Facebook, I recommend that you follow my guide on the topic that I made some time ago. Have fun!