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How to like on Instagram

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How to like on Instagram: After much insistence from your friends, you too have decided to subscribe to Instagram, the photographic social network that in recent years has gained more and more popularity. Since you are taking your first steps on this platform right now, you have not yet fully understood how some mechanics work. For example, not seeing any buttons with your thumb up, you don’t know how to like on Instagram and consequently you fear that you will not be able to demonstrate to other users of the social network your appreciation for their content.

Well, let me tell you that this is really no problem at all! The “like” function is present on Instagram and is also very simple to use. If you want, I can show you how to use it, both from an app and from a computer. Also, if you like, I can give you some “tips” on how you can get more likes for your content, in order to start gaining a little notoriety on Instagram and increase the number of your followers.

What do you say then? Are you ready to get started? Perfect, make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time all to yourself and read carefully the information that is reported in the next paragraphs. You will see, making likes on Instagram and increasing the number of your likes will prove to be much easier than you imagine!

Like on Instagram from your smartphone

For like on Instagram from a smartphonefirst download and launch the official social network app on your device Android or iOS (if you have not already done so), log in using your login credentials and go to the section Home (the symbol of cottage located at the bottom left).

Now, all you have to do is scroll the screen until you find a post that is to your liking and, as soon as you find it, press the symbol of the white heart located just below the photo or video that interests you. The heart will turn red, and this means that you have placed a like on the selected content!

You can also do the same thing with stories, where you find the little heart at the bottom right (only from a smartphone; from a PC, at least at the time of writing, this function is not available).

In addition to pressing on the symbol of the little heart, on smartphones it is possible to add your own reaction to an Instagram post by doing double tap on the latter. In this case, the heart located at the bottom of the post turns red and a large white heart appears for half a second in the center of the photo or video that is “Like”, confirming that the operation was successful.

Did you like a post by mistake and now want to remove it? No problem: press on Red heart to cancel the operation. Simple, right?

Note: when you “like” content posted on Instagram, anyone who logs into the social network can see your username.

Like Instagram from PC


Like Instagram from PC it’s as simple as it is on smartphones. To proceed, first launch yours favorite web browser, connect to the Instagram login page and log in using your login credentials (or simply by confirming that you are the user suggested by the site).

Once logged in, locate a post you like and “Like” it by clicking on the symbol of heart white located at the bottom. Alternatively, you can like by doing a double click on the post you are interested in: in this case, the little heart will turn red and for a few moments a large white heart will appear on the post.

If you find that you have liked a post by mistake, you can cancel the operation by clicking on the symbol again Red heart located just below the preview of the content in question.

Note: remember that when you “like” content posted on Instagram, anyone can see it.

Check the likes posted on Instagram

You want to check the likes posted on Instagram, to make sure you have shown appreciation only to content that you like? Well, in this case, all you have to do is go to the “Posts you like” section of Instagram and check the latest posts you like.

To access the “Posts you like” section from your device Android or iOSstart the Instagram app, log in to your account and, on the main screen, tap the icon oflittle man located at the bottom right.

Next, tap on the symbol (…) placed at the top right, presses on the item Posts you like located under the section Account and, as if by “magic”, you will see in a single screen the latest posts you have like.

Show or hide the number of likes on Instagram

Re-likes on Instagram

You wish to know how to show or hide the number of likes on Instagram? It is also possible to do this by acting from the app settings of the famous photographic social network (not from its computer version, at least at the time of writing).

To succeed, log in to Instagram from its app for Android/iOStap on thelittle man or on thumbnail of your profile photo (bottom right) and press the icon (≡) (top right).

Next, tap on the items Settings> Privacy> Post and move up OFF the lever of the switch located in correspondence with the item Hide the number of likes and views to show the number of likes and views or move it up ON if you want to hide these stats. Simple, right?

Tips for getting more likes on Instagram

As I promised you at the opening of the post, today I also want to give you some advice that can allow you to have a few more likes on Instagram. Let me be clear: there is no “magic formula” that allows you to become a Web Star overnight, but the “tips” I am about to give you should help you gain a little more notoriety on the most famous photographic social network in the world.

  • Post interesting photos and videos and do it regularly – this is the first step to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Users who frequent this social network appreciate aesthetically beautiful content, so avoid posting photos or videos that have defects or that could be uninteresting. In this regard, help yourself with the filters and other editing tools made available by the social network to embellish your posts. You will not regret!
  • Interact with the community – by doing so you will be able to attract more users and, potentially, you could get more likes and followers. Use correctly all the tools made available by Instagram to interact more with your audience, including Live, Stories, Reels and polls.
  • Use hashtags suited to the content you post – by doing so you will be more likely to appear in the searches made by users and, if the content you post is to their liking, it is likely that they will express their appreciation with a nice “Like”. To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment, use some specific online services, such as Top Hashtag And All Hashtag.
  • Connect your social profiles to your Instagram account – in this way the contents you post will be shared automatically on Facebook and on other social networks connected to your Instagram account. As a result, more people will see your photos and videos and may like or even start following you.
  • Don’t get followers artificially – there are many apps that promise to achieve “easy” success on Instagram (and on other social networks) by purchasing packages of likes and followers. Do you want a tip? Stay away from such solutions: it is practically useless to have “fake” interactions.

Would you like to have some other tips on how to get likes on Instagram? Well, then I suggest you read the tutorial I published on the subject: there you will find many other useful tips that will help you be more successful on this social network.