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How to know if an email has been read with Gmail

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“How to know if an email has been read with Gmail: Is it possible that Antonio hasn’t read my email yet?” . Stop repeating this question over and over and instead look for a solution to find out if your colleague actually read the message you sent them from your Gmail account ! How do you say? Don’t have a clue how to do such a thing? No problem: it means that you have come to exactly the right place at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to know if an email has been read with Gmail . Google’s email service does not offer a custom feature that allows you to do such a thing, unless you have an institutional account or an account belonging to a work organization. However, you have no reason to worry: thanks to some free apps and some browser extensions, you can fill this lack of the famous mail service “made in Mountain View” and achieve your goal.

So, what are you doing still standing there? Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time necessary to concentrate on reading the next lines and, more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read!


Know if an email was read with Gmail on PC

Are you wondering How to know if an email has been read with Gmail on computer ? You can use the integrated function of the e-mail service (as long as your account belongs to some specific categories that I will talk about shortly) or some free browser extensions (at least in their basic version), which are quite simple to use. .

Integrated Gmail function

The read confirmation function on Gmail is only available on institutional accounts or accounts belonging to a work organization managed by a user registered as an Administrator (therefore, if your email address ends in @ , unfortunately, you will not be able to have access to it. function) and only on the computer version of the service.

Sending a read confirmation request in this way is really simple: log in to the Google e-mail service , then press on the Login item located at the top right and log in (if necessary) with your credentials. If you have any problems logging in, read this tutorial of mine on how to recover Gmail accounts.

Now that you are in front of the e-mail box interface, click on the button with the pencil icon at the top left and start composing a message as you normally would, typing some text in the box that opens on the right (enter also a recipient in the To section and a subject in the Subject section ).

Once this is done, click on the ⁝ icon at the bottom right (next to the trash can icon ) and then click on the item Request reading confirmation . In conclusion, press the Send button to forward the email you wrote and that’s it: once the sender has read your message, an email will be sent to you by Google with the time and date of the opening of the email you sent.

However, I would like to point out that, in order for everything to be successful, the recipient of your message must accept the request for confirmation of reading. Furthermore, under no circumstances will you be able to receive a read confirmation for an email sent to a group mailing list, if the recipient does not use an email system that synchronizes in real time or if the administrator of your organization limits the read receipts for people outside the same. For more details on this, I refer you to my tutorial on how to put the read receipt on Gmail.

Mailtrack (Chrome / Edge)


Mailtrack is an extension available for Chrome and Edge that you can use to know if the emails sent with Gmail have been read by the recipients to whom you sent them or not. The service is free and allows you to track an unlimited number of emails, but you must take into account the fact that it informs the recipient of the message that it is being tracked. To remove this information, you need to subscribe to the Premium subscription, which starts at € 4.99 per month.

To install Mailtrack in your browser, connected to this page , press the Install for free button and follow the procedure provided by the browser in use to install the extension (for example, if you are using Chrome , press the Add extension button ). On the page that opens, then presses the Connect with Google button , select the account you want to connect to the extension and click on the Allow button to allow access to your Gmail email account.

Then, press the Sign up for free button on the page that opens to choose to use the free version of the service, press the Go to Gmail button to directly access your Gmail email account and start using the tracking service. e-mail.

Once logged into Gmail, press the (+) Write button located at the top left. Compose, therefore, a new message to send to another user and press on the symbol of the green envelope of the letters that is present near the Send button of Gmail (if on your account the Plain text mode is active , remember to deactivate it by pressing the symbol of three dots located at the bottom right of the Write box and unchecking the item Normal text mode ).

Make sure, therefore, that the switch lever next to the items Track this email and Notify me about this email is moved to ON (if not, remedy each of the aforementioned items). Finally, send the message by pressing the blue Send button . To see if the message has been read, go to the Sent Items folder of Gmail and make sure that there is a double green check next to the message of your interest. It didn’t take long, do you agree?

Streak (Chrome / Safari)


Streak is another solution you can take to find out if an email sent with Gmail has been read by the recipient. In case you don’t know it, this is a service available in the form of a free extension for the Google Chrome and Safari browsers , which integrates perfectly with the email service offered by Google, is quite simple to use and is quite reliable for track sent messages.

Before explaining how it works, however, I would like to tell you that Streak, being a real customer relationshop management tool – or customer relationship management – can be used for free but also includes advanced optional paid functions (such as integration with G Suite and access on Android and iOS mobile devices ) starting at $ 15 per month. If you would like more information on the subscription plans available, please visit this page of the Streak website .

To use Streak, all you have to do is install its official extension on the browser in use: then connect to the official website of the service and click first on the Add to Chrome or Add to Safari button (depending on the browser you use) and then on the button that appears on the screen (if you use Chrome, for example, press the Add extension button ; on Safari you will have to press the Get button , then the Install button and, if necessary, verify your identity by entering the password of your ID Apple ).

Once the extension is installed, log in to Gmail and press the icon of the square divided into orange sections at the top left. Then press the Sign in with Google button and select your account icon . To proceed, press the Allow button and that’s it. The request for confirmation of reading will be automatically applied to the emails you send.

To make sure that the email you want to send is “tracked”, press the (+) Write button located at the top left to start composing a new message and, from here, press the nine boxes button next to the Send button . Verify, therefore, that the icon of an orange eye is shown and if not, press the button of the orange box divided into sections at the top left and go to Settings> Email monitoring and click on the Enabled item . Now all you have to do is complete the message and forward it to the recipient by clicking on the Send button .

To find out if an email has been read, then, you have to go to the Sent Mail section of Gmail, make sure that the green eye symbol is present in correspondence with the email of your interest and that’s it. Easier than that ?!

Know if an email has been read with Gmail from mobile

To find out if an email has been read with Gmail from mobile , you can turn to some apps that are really intuitive and can be used for free for short trial periods or for unlimited periods of time, but with limited functions. Here’s everything in detail.

Track – Email Tracking (Android / iOS)


One of the best apps you can use to know if an email sent with Gmail has actually been read is Track – Email Tracking , a mail client available for Android (also on alternative stores) and iOS that integrates a convenient function that allows you to do this. The app can be used free of charge for 7 days: at the end of which, to continue using the message tracking functions, it is necessary to subscribe to one of the subscription plans available, starting from € 19.99 per month .

To install Track on your device, tap on one of the links I proposed earlier, press the Get / Install button and, if necessary, verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password .

After installing and starting Track on your device, press the Activate track for free! Button. located in the center of the screen, log into your Google account to connect the client to Gmail and allow the app to access your email information by pressing the Allow button . Then, click on the yellow Send test email to yourself button if you want to test by sending an email to yourself; or, directly tap the Activate auto-tracking button to activate automatic email monitoring.

To send a message, at this point, start Gmail directly and press the Write button located at the bottom right to start composing an email. In the To field, the one where you enter the recipient ‘s e-mail address , write the address of the latter followed by the caption (eg: ).

To send the email, tap on the triangle icon at the top right. Once you have composed and sent the email to the recipient, as soon as the recipient reads it, you will see the word READ next to the message sent (in the Track app) and you will also receive an email confirming that it has been read. Really easy, right?

Mail Tracker (iOS / iPadOS)

Mail Tracker

If you use an iPhone or an iPad , I recommend that you also try Mail Tracker , an app that applies to the emails that send the read receipt and informs recipients that they are “tracked”, but which on the other hand can be used for free. . To remove this warning and to take advantage of the advanced features made available by the app, it is necessary to purchase its full version, which costs 29.99 euros .

To download the application I am talking about, open this page of the App Store, press the Get / Install button and proceed, if necessary, to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password . After downloading and starting Mail Tracker on your device, press the Next button four times in a row, tap, then, on the Allow item to enable notifications from the app and then press the (+) button located at the top to the left. Type the subject of the message you want to send in the appropriate text field and, finally, click on the buttonDone .

At this point, the Mail app will open , the client installed “as standard” on iOS: all you have to do is press first on the text field Cc: Bcc: From:, then on the text field From:, select the Gmail account to use (if you have not yet configured Gmail on iPhone, read the guide in which I explain how to proceed) and, as soon as you are ready, send the message by pressing the Send button .

As soon as the recipient reads the message, you will receive a notification on your device and you will see the word Read Once (read once) under the subject of the message sent (always from the Mail Tracker app). Convenient, right?