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How to kill an Ubuntu process

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How to kill an Ubuntu process: Ubuntu it’s a very stable operating system but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Even on Canonical’s operating system, programs can crash or stop suddenly. In this regard, today I want to explain to you how to kill an Ubuntu process when a program no longer responds to commands.

I already know what you are thinking of, a very complicated operation where you have to do everything from the command line. Well, that’s not it. Systems today Linux they are much simpler to use than a few years ago and even program management operations can be carried out by everyone in a few clicks. I’ll show you right away.

The easiest method for kill an Ubuntu process is to contact the System monitor, a task manager very similar to the task management utility present on Windows that allows you to monitor all the processes running on the computer and force the closure of those that have blocked. It is a tool included by default in the operating system, so to access it you just have to look for it in the Dash Ubuntu and click on its icon.

In the window that opens, select the tab Processes, select with the mouse the process of the program you wish to close (e.g. Firefox) and click on the button End process located at the bottom right. Confirm the operation by clicking once more on End process and the blocked program should close.

If not, use the strongest ways and force the immediate closure of the freeze program by right clicking on its process and selecting the item Kill process from the menu that appears. Confirm the operation by clicking on Kill process even in the window that opens and you’re done.

For more experienced users, it is possible kill an Ubuntu process also from the command line. Just start the Terminal Ubuntu, type the command xkill and press the key Submit on the computer keyboard. The mouse pointer will turn into a cross and it will be possible to end a program instantly by simply clicking on its window.

Alternatively, you can use the more classic method and “kill” a running process by typing the command killall followed by the name of the process to be “killed”. For example, if you want to close Firefox, you have to give the command killall firefox in the Ubuntu terminal and, “puff”, the program process is terminated instantly.