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How to kick out PS4 party

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How to kick out PS4 party: During your online gaming sessions on PlayStation 4 you like to make gods party to talk to friends and other players you meet in the game. Unfortunately, however, it also happens that you meet unpleasant players or people who cannot play the game: in these cases you would prefer to be able to expel these hecklers from the party, however you recently realized that, even following the updates of the PS4 system, the management of party is not as practical as you would like.

For this reason you have decided to read up and learn how to eject from PS4 party unwanted players. Good idea! Then let me give you a hand. Below, I will in fact show you the Party and Groups functions of the PS4 (following the 8.00 firmware update, which changed the way groups are managed and the procedure for expelling players from parties, as well as the tools to prevent the ‘entrance to all unwanted).

So, what do you think about getting to work right away and learning how to kick players who misbehave out of your party? You will see that, with little effort, you will greatly improve the quality of your online gaming sessions. Remember that a healthy play environment is the first, indispensable, requirement for a fulfilling and fun experience. Without further ado, I wish you good reading and a lot of fun!

Preliminary information

Before going into the specific procedure for kicking players out of the Party, I think it’s important to remember which PS4 features allow you to chat and connect with other people.

An important distinction is precisely that between Groups And Party. In fact, if the first is useful for exchanging messages and invitations to parties between players who are part of it (you can only be part of a group if you are invited or are the creator of the same), the second is a chat tool ( text and voice) with friends and other players which limits the participants to the maximum number of 16 (at least at the time of writing this guide).

Following the update of the firmware 8.00 for PS4, Sony has more integrated Party functions with those of Groups. This means that in order to expel a user from a party, it has become necessary to act on the group.

Furthermore, it is important to consider that it is possible to expel a user from a group – and therefore from the party – only if you are the creator of the same. In other words, if you have been invited to a group / party, you can ask the creator of the group to expel someone who is bothering you, but you cannot act yourself.

I remind you that the Groups and Party tools are the ones built into the PS4 operating system, but each online game has its own chat and party management functions. When you meet an unwelcome player in a game group, for example while talking about Fortnite, expulsion from the party may not be the solution. In cases like this you can intervene directly from the game.

A final observation to make, before starting with the actual ejection procedure, concerns the fact that the PS4 party function is closely linked to the console firmware update, in the sense that if you do not keep the console updated, access to the function is denied. Bottom line: Remember to always update your PS4 if you want to play online!

How to kick people out of the PS4 party

Procedure for expulsion of people from the PS4 Party

Having made the necessary premises, now that you have deepened the functioning of Parties and Groups, you are ready to go into detail on the procedure on how to kick people out of the PS4 Party.

In the next chapter, it will therefore be my concern to show you the specific steps to take control of your multiplayer games.

How to kick players out of the private party

Kick players from PS4 Private Party

Are you playing online on PS4 and need to kick a heckler out of the party, perhaps a friend who has become too nervous or a player met online and with whom you have not yet had little to do?

Well, fromPS4 firmware update 8.00, the distinction between public and private party has disappeared. The reason is simple: now each party is now tied to the group and each of them is considered private. Therefore, the party is always considered private.

Expelling from the group also means expelling from the party

This means that you can ban anyone who is bothering you using the menu Messages and function Groups. How? I’ll explain it to you immediately. From the PS4 main menu, move to the toolbar pressing the directional arrow Up of the controller, then move to theMessages icon and confirm the selection with the key X of pad.

You can now move to the list of Groups located on the right side (the one just below the button Create Message), enter the group in which the person you want to expel participates and, from the screen of messages exchanged with the group. moved to the menu on the left, in order to select the item Party.

Then proceed by moving to the list of group players who are part of the party and positioned on the player to be sent off then press the key Options of the controller and confirm the ejection by selecting the item Eject from the group from the menu that opens.

Seen? It wasn’t that difficult. Expelled the jammer from the group, you also sent him away from the party and you can finally enjoy your game session with newfound serenity.

How to prevent other players from entering

Prevent other players from joining the PS4 Party

If your interest is to understand how to prevent other players from entering in your parties, know that with the PS4 firmware 8.00 (and higher) adding people to a party is linked to the choice of the group.

The new procedure, in fact, first provides for the creation of a group. To do this, go to the PS4 main menu, move up and enter the section Party; then choose the item Start Partyselect a group currently existing or create a new one by selecting Create group. Finally, choose i from the list members to invite and, when done, press the button X of the pad on the voice Create group.

Remember that in a group with three or more peopleit is the creator who becomes the moderator / owner and therefore the one who can remove the participants with the procedure I have you described above.

By doing so, you have effectively prevented all players not present in the group from accessing your Party.

In a two-player party, both users manage groups

Another method of preventing unwanted players from entering is to block a player.

By blocking a player, you prevent him from any kind of interaction with you, including his participation in your parties. How to do? Simple: from the PS4 home screen, enter the menu Friends placed in the top bar and select the item All of the friends from the left sidebar.

Then scroll through the list of friends and find the person with whom you want to cut each interaction (to help you can also use the function Search for and write the name of the user you are interested in): after you have positioned yourself over his first namepress the button X of the pad, then press the button […] on screen and choose the option Block from the proposed menu.

You have thus prevented the selected user from taking part in your parties and groups. If you change your mind, you can always unblock the person by repeating the procedure I just described, but selecting the option Unlock. Very simple, right?

How to ban players on PS4

Proceed to ban a PS4 user

If a player uses abusive terms during a party or uses a profile picture / nickname that is not in line with the PlayStation Network terms of use, it is possible to proceed with a request to ban his profile.

Banning is not something you can do yourself, but it is possible to submit one report to Sony so that the company evaluates the case and decides whether to ban the user.

To proceed with the a person’s ban request who took part in your party or group, go to the main menu of the PS4, move to the upper toolbar and select the menu Friends. Next, choose the voice All of the friends (or Search for) from the left side menu.

When you have found the jammer from the list, press the key X on his first name and, from his profile page, press the button Options of the controller and then press on the item Report on screen.

In the new screen proposed you can indicate the reason for the report: Behavior during the game or things created or shared within the game, Something created or shared outside of the game (in the case of inappropriate messages, photos or comments) or Something in the profile (in the case of using inappropriate or offensive images, names or profile information).

Specify the reason for being banned by a PS4 user

I want to specify that sending a ban request does not mean that the user will definitely be banned by Sony. In fact, in this way you have simply opened a report, which, after a verification by the PlayStation team, can be accepted or rejected. If you have more than one type of report to make about a player, repeat the procedure I described to you, indicating the violation you encountered from time to time.

This is what you need to know about a player’s ban, but if you want to deepen and get more details, even on the possibility of requesting a ban from a PC, smartphone and tablet, feel free to consult my dedicated article.