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How to journal on Facebook

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How to journal on Facebook: You’ve been hearing insistently about the for several weeks Facebook diary (also called Timeline) but you have not yet understood what it is and how to activate it? No problem, I’ll try to clarify your ideas in no time.

The Facebook diary is a new format for personal profiles and pages of the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg that divides posts into two columns, allowing you to post messages, photos and videos on any date. Includes a large new cover image and special features to report important events on your profile. Interesting, right? Then find out now how to journal on Facebook and how to make the most of it thanks to the tips I’m about to give you.

If you want to learn how to journal on Facebook because you are still left with the old board, you have to activate the new style of profiles by connecting to this page of the social network and clicking on the green button first Get the diary (located at the bottom right) and then up Publish now.

In case of problems, you can get more details on this procedure and discover possible solutions to the failure to activate the diary on Facebook by reading my guide on how to put the diary on Facebook.

Once the timeline, you need to start customizing your new profile. As you well know by now, the Facebook diary is characterized by the presence of a very large image that acts as a cover for the page and therefore I would say to start diary on Facebook more beautiful by choosing a cover photo that will amaze and conquer your friends.

You can use any image like cover of your Facebook profile, but adapting your photos to this particular format is not always easy. Then I suggest you turn to a free app like Timeline Covers which offers ready-to-use cover images. There are all kinds of them: landscapes, abstract illustrations, famous people, video games, football team brands and much more.

To use Timeline Covers, all you have to do is browse the available covers based on popularity or genre of affiliation, hover the mouse pointer over the preview of the one you want to use in your profile and click on the button You choose. To complete the operation, you must authorize the application to access your profile. Find all the information you need on how to do this in my guide dedicated to how to customize the Facebook page.

Once you have activated the diary and embellished your profile with a personalized cover, all you have to do is make your timeline more readable and smooth by taking advantage of all the new features of this type of personal page.

First, with the diary you can post new messages, photos and videos in previous dates to the current one. Just place the mouse pointer in the vertical blue bar that separates the two columns of the page and click on the point in the timeline where you want to add the new post (in this case, the mouse cursor becomes a symbol +).

Another of the most important innovations brought by the Facebook diary is that which allows you to create special posts for important events, such as graduations, weddings, job changes, removals, etc. To add an important event to your timeline, you don’t have to do other than normally start the creation of a new message and click on the button Important event.

A menu will open from which you can choose the category of the special event to report on your profile (Work and education, Family and relationships, etc.) and the specific event to post on the page (Study abroad, Move, Marriage, etc.). You can also highlight normal posts, widening them so as to occupy both columns of the timeline, by clicking on the button with the star located at the top right.

As you can see, nothing particularly complicated. Journaling on Facebook and managing it are very simple operations, you just need to understand the basic concepts and do a little practice. Have fun!