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How to join MP3 songs

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How to join MP3 songs: Here we go again. You were making a very important audio recording, you were interrupted, and now you find yourself what must have been a single recording split in two MP3 different. How about joining them? How do you say? Are you afraid it takes too long? Don’t worry, I’ll take care of giving you a hand.

Below you can find a list of programs for Windows, macOS and Linux and a selection of apps for Android and iOS that allow you to do just what you need: take two or more files in MP3 format, merge them and create a single multiple audio file. long. The ease with which you can use them and the quality of the files they can generate is amazing, I guarantee it!

If I were you I would not waste any more time: read the list of programs and apps that I am about to offer you, identify the solutions that seem most appropriate to your needs and find out how to join MP3 songs using them. Find all the information and all the information you need right below. All that remains for me is to wish you good reading and have fun!

Merge MP3 (Windows)

Merge MP3 is a free program thanks to which it is possible join two different MP3 files Suddenly. Believe it or not, all you have to do is indicate to the program the songs to be joined and you will get the desired result in a matter of seconds. That’s how.

The first step you need to take is to connect to the Merge MP3 website and click on the link here placed under the heading DOWNLOAD. Once the download is complete, double-click on it to open the archive you just downloaded (, extract the contents to any folder and start the program MergeMP3.exe to start Merge MP3.

In the window that opens, select the item Add Files from the menu File to add to Merge MP3 the MP3s you want to merge, or select the item Add Directory Recursively from the same menu to select entire folders of MP3 files.

For join two different MP3 filesall you have to do is select them with the mouse in the list of songs located in the lower part of the main window of the program, right-click on one of them and select the item File> Merge Selected from the menu that appears. Then type in the name you want to assign to the combined song, choose the folder in which to save it and click on Save to complete the operation.

Merge MP3

In case opening the MP3 file generated by Merge MP3 should you come across an error message, try saving it again by changing the program settings. Then start Merge MP3select the item Preferences from the menu View and, in the window that opens, put the check mark next to the item Merge using raw stream mode and click on OK to save the changes.

At this point, merge your MP3 files again as seen previously and, once the save is complete, you should get a music track that can be played without problems by any multimedia player.

fre: ac (Windows / macOS / Linux)

fre: ac

Among the programs that I recommend you to consider there is also fre: ac, a free and open source audio converter that allows you to convert all major audio file formats (MP3, WMA, MP4 / M4A, FLAC, AAC, WAV etc.) together using Windows, macOS and Linux. How come I tell you about it? Simple, because among its many features there is also the one that allows you to merge the converted files into a single output file: this means that you can feed it two or more MP3s and get a single MP3 output. All in a few clicks. Convenient, right? Then don’t waste any more time and try it now!

To download fre: ac on your computer, connect to its official website using the link I just provided and, if you are using a Windows PC, click on the link freac-xx.exe placed under the first Windows flag, while if you are using a Mac click on the link freac-xx-alpha-xx-macosx.dmg located under the black “X” icon.

Download fre: ac

Once the download is complete, if you use a Windows PCopen the fre: ac installation package (freac – xx.exe) and, in the window that opens, click on first Yup and then on Forward, Yup , Forward for four consecutive times e end to finish the setup.

If you use a Macopen the dmg package which contains fre: ac, drag the software icon to the folder Applicationsopen the latter and start fre: ac by right clicking on its icon and selecting the item You open from the menu that opens (this operation is only necessary at the first start, to bypass macOS restrictions on apps from non-certified developers).

Fre installation: ac

Once fre: ac is started, drag the MP3 files to be merged into the program window and arrange them in the order you prefer using the mouse order. Then put the check mark next to the item Encoding in a single file located at the bottom right (to enable merging of output files), click the arrow? located next to the button (??) (top right) and select the option LAME MP3 Encoder from the menu that appears.

In the window that opens, indicate the first name that you want to assign to the unified song to create, choose the folder in which to save it and click on the button Save to start saving.

How to join MP3 songs with fre: ac

If you want to adjust the advanced settings related to the quality of the output file, such as the bitrate it should have, click on thegear located in the fre: ac toolbar and, in the window that opens, sets the item Custom settings in the drop-down menu USA.

Then choose whether to use a constant bitrate (CBR) or variable (VBR), use the adjustment rods placed on the right to set the quality of the output file and click on the button OK to save the changes. If you are not very familiar with audio encoding and settings such as bitrate, leave everything at their defaults.

Audio Joiner (Online)

Audio Joiner

Don’t want or can’t install new programs on your PC? No problem. There are online services that allow you to combine two or more songs in MP3 format by acting directly from the browser. An example above all? Audio Joiner, which is completely free and requires no registration. Its only limitation is that it requires the use of Flash Playera plugin now destined for abandonment, which however can still be used in Chrome and other web browsing programs by following a specific procedure that I showed you in my tutorial on how to activate Adobe Flash Player.

To join your MP3s with Audio Joiner, connect to the service using the link I just provided and select the songs you want to join by clicking on the button Add tracks. So, wait for the upload of the files to finish and arrange them in the order you prefer by clicking on the arrows? (move up) and? (move down) placed on the right. To finish, click on the button Fundswait for the output song to be processed and click on the item Download to download the latter to your PC.

MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner (Android)

How to join MP3 songs on Android

You have downloaded MP3s or used a voice recorder on your smartphone Android and now you need to merge two MP3 files without going through the computer? No problem with the free app MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner you can do everything you need in a very simple way.

As its name suggests quite easily, MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner is an application that allows you to join and split music files on Android devices. It can be used at no cost and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Now I’ll explain better how it works.

After downloading MP3 Audio Merger and Joiner on your device, open the app and choose the songs to merge by making a long tap on the first of them (you will automatically be shown all the music files available on the device memory). When the operation is completed, the Android selection mode will be activated. Then proceed by selecting the other songs to join, tap the button located at the top right, arrange the MP3s in the order you prefer (using your finger) and press the green button Merge you see below.

Finally, put the check mark next to the item mp3presses the button Continuechoose the first name and the destination folder of the output file and press the button Done to start saving your unified MP3.

Hokusai Audio Editor (iOS)

How to merge MP3 songs on iOS

Hokusai Audio Editor is one of the best audio editors available on iPhone and iPad. It supports all major music file formats and has an essential interface which makes it very simple to use. You can use and download it for free, although there is actually a paid version (10.99 euros) with extra features (which you don’t need, however).

To merge two or more MP3s with Hokusai Audio Editor, download and start the app on your device and start creating a new project by pressing the button + located at the top right. In the screen that opens, tap the icon Importallow the app to access your iPhone or iPad music library and select the first song to merge.

When loading is complete, move the indicator to the end of the song’s graph, press again on Import and select the second track to insert into your unified MP3. Repeat the operation with all the songs you want to merge and, when you are satisfied with the result, first tap on the icon sheet with the wrench placed at the top right and then on the item Share audio present in the menu that appears.

Finally, choose the app in which to export the output song (ex. File or Dropbox) or use AirDrop to transfer the file to your Mac wirelessly and that’s it. The unified song will be in M4A format and not MP3, unfortunately it is a limitation of Hokusai Audio Editor.

Note: DRM protected songs downloaded from Apple Music cannot be imported into Hokusai Audio Editor. To see only the “offline” songs that are not part of Apple Music or iCloud library, go to the menu Settings> Music of your device and deactivate the levers relating to the options Show Apple Music And ICloud Music Library.