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How to join Facebook pages

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How to join Facebook pages: You were already thinking about this for some time then finally in the last few days, following my guide on how to create a page on Facebook, you took courage and you too, like many other users, have created your fanpage on the social network most used and appreciated in the world. Congratulations, I can’t tell you more. However if you are now reading this guide it is most likely because you have not been very careful and by mistake you have created two Facebook pages that are practically identical to each other that users have started to subscribe to before I even had time to remove that, so to speak, ” extra”. If this is actually the case, however, know that there is a more than valid solution to this: join Facebook pages.

How do you say? Sounds like a good idea but you don’t have a clue how to merge Facebook pages? Well, in that case you have nothing to worry about. In fact, I can explain to you what to do to succeed in the enterprise and you have to believe me, it is not complicated at all.

So if you are really willing to find out what operations you need to do to merge Facebook pages, I suggest you get comfortable, grab your computer and give yourself a few minutes of free time to devote to reading this guide. You will surely agree with me in the end that merging Facebook pages was actually very simple.

In order to join Facebook pages, the first operation you need to do is to open the main page of the famous social network in the web browser and log in to the service by typing your login data. Then click on the arrow located at the top right of the blue bar and select the title of one of the pages in which you want to incorporate the duplicate fanpage you have created from the menu that appears.

Keep in mind that the choice of which Facebook page you want to keep and which one you want to merge is entirely up to you. In case of merging the likes and registrations of both pages will be merged. The other page and everything else (e.g. posts, photos, reviews, etc.) will instead be permanently deleted.

Basically the page you want to keep remains unchanged, apart from the addition of likes and registrations that are imported from the other page. The page you don’t want to keep will be removed from Facebook and you won’t be able to cancel the merge. I therefore invite you to think carefully before taking such a step and possibly save the most important contents of the minor page on your computer hard disk before losing them forever.

Logged in to the fanpage presses on the item Settings which is located in the upper right part of the same and then click on the item General present in the left sidebar of the new screen displayed, locate the item Merge Pages and then click on the entry Edit placed sideways. Then click on Merge double pages.

Facebook screenshot

Once this is done, you should see a box containing the pages that can be merged with the one you are currently in. Then he pauses on the first menu Choose a page and select the fanpage you are currently on then click on the second menu Choose a page and select the other similar Facebook page. Then click on the blue button Merge Pages to start the procedure by which to join Facebook pages.

Facebook screenshot

To complete the procedure click on the blue button Confirmation attached to the panel displayed on the screen. Before clicking on the button, make sure, by reading the information in the box, that the page to “keep” is the correct one. Otherwise, press the button Cancel and try to repeat the procedure that I have already indicated to you in the previous lines.

Facebook screenshot

At this point, wait a few moments for the procedure by which to merge Facebook pages to be completed and then click on the button OK placed inside the box indicating the fact that the operation has been carried out correctly. Once this is done you will be automatically redirected to the Facebook page you have chosen to keep active.

Facebook screenshot

Know that to join Facebook pages it is essential that you are the Administrator of the same. Otherwise you will not be able to do this. Furthermore, even if you are an Administrator in some cases there may not be the option to merge Facebook pages. If you can’t see this option, don’t worry, it’s not you who made mistakes or have vision problems. Obviously it is not possible to do this for your pages. If, on the other hand, you see the option to request the merging of the pages, select it and your request will be examined by the Facebook team who will communicate the outcome of the thing as soon as possible. In general, the social network allows you to join Facebook pages together when they have the same or almost the same name and when they deal with the same topic.