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How to join Facebook for the second time

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How to join Facebook for the second time: Did you unsubscribe from Facebook but now you have changed your mind and would like to re-subscribe to the number one social network in the world? Would you like to create a secondary account on Facebook to have reached the limit of friendships on your primary profile or to carry out some tests? Then you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

With today’s guide, we will see in fact how to join Facebook for the second time to create a secondary profile or if you have second thoughts after the cancellation of your account. Either way, it is a very simple operation that takes very little time to complete, you have to believe me.

So if you are really willing to find out how to proceed to be able to sign up to Facebook for the second time, I suggest you take a few minutes all for yourself, get comfortable and concentrate on reading the instructions below. I bet that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied and that in case of need you will also be ready and happy to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends eager to receive a similar tip.

Note: Although the operations indicated in this guide refer to the use of the computer, it is still possible to carry out the procedure to subscribe to Facebook for the second time also from smartphones and tablets. To do this, just start and use the browser (Chrome, Safari etc.) installed on the device and possibly request the display of the social network site in desktop version.

In case of creating a sub account

Want to know how to sign up for Facebook for the second time to create a secondary account? So, to begin with, if you are not currently connected to your Facebook profile, go directly to the home of the social network by typing in the address bar of the browser and pressing the button Enter on the keyboard.

If, on the other hand, you are “logged in” to your profile on the social network, you must disconnect from your primary account by clicking on the button depicting a arrow pointing down located in the upper right part of the blue Facebook bar and selecting the item Go out from the menu that appears. By doing this, you will be immediately redirected to the Facebook home page from which you can make a new subscription. If you want more information on how to log out of your primary account, check out my guide on how to log out of Facebook.

Once you have viewed the main Facebook page, to complete your second subscription to the social network, simply fill out the form on the right side. Then type yours first name and yours surname in the text fields of the same name and enter your e-mail address or your mobile number in the text fields Mobile number or e-mail address And Re-enter your mobile number or email address taking care to type information different from that used for the first account.

Then choose the password you want to use to access your profile by typing it in the field New Password, indicate your gender by putting the check mark next to the item Woman or Man, select yours date of birth using the drop-down menus and click on the green button subscribe to move forward.

How to hibernate Facebook

On the page that will be shown to you at this point, type the confirmation code you received via email or SMS (depending on whether you have decided to subscribe to Facebook via email address or mobile number) and proceed with the creation of your account.

After validating your identity, Facebook will ask you to invite friends to your profile by importing your contact list from Skype, Yahoo !, Outlook / Hotmail or other email services. To proceed with the process of creating your account without automatically importing contacts, click on the item Skip this step which is located bottom right.

How to join Facebook for the second time

Now it’s time to upload your photo to use as your profile picture and customize your account. Then click on Add image to upload a photo from your PC or on Take a picture to take a new one via the webcam and complete the profile information by connecting to your diary and clicking on the button Update information located at the top of the page. On the page that opens, by selecting the items located in the left sidebar, you can possibly provide information regarding your training and your current occupation, the places where you have lived and so on. If you need more details on what to do, take a look at my guide on how to create Facebook accounts through which I have provided you with all the necessary information.

Once the account creation is complete, to switch from one Facebook profile to another you will have to log out of the current one, as seen above, and log in with the data of the other profile. Alternatively, you can use your profiles simultaneously by logging in to one of the two accounts in a window undercover browsing in your browser by following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on the subject.

How to join Facebook for the second time

In case of account cancellation

If you want to find out how to subscribe to Facebook for the second time because in recent days you had read my guide on how to unsubscribe from Facebook and, consequently, you had proceeded to deactivate or eliminate your account from the famous social network and now you would like to be able to retrace your steps, first try to connect to the site and log into your profile normally by typing your login data in the appropriate fields visible on the screen.

In fact, if you have made a simple deactivation of the profile, just log in to your account again to be able to start using it again as if nothing had ever happened. Posts, photos, likes and friends will all be there, in their place. If, on the other hand, you had proceeded to perform the actual deletion of the account, Facebook will allow you to reactivate your profile and return to use the service only if you did this operation less than fourteen days ago. In doing this, you will most likely be asked if you intend to reactivate the account: therefore answer in the affirmative by clicking on the button Undo delete.

How to join Facebook for the second time

If you do not remember the access data to your profile, click on the item Don’t remember how to log into your account anymore? present on the home page of the site (top right, under the forms to type your email and password) and, on the page that will open at this point, fill out the form that is proposed to you on the screen by typing your e-mail in the field below the wording Email, phone, username or full name then click on the button Near.

Now try to locate your account among those in the list (if there is more than one!) And press the button It’s my account placed on the side of the fabric. If you can’t find your account among all the ones shown to you, click the button I’m not on the list located at the bottom right, then type the name of your friend on Facebook to allow the social network to identify you more easily.

How to join Facebook for the second time

Next, indicate how you intend to recover your Facebook password by selecting one of the systems proposed in the list on the left. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between sending an e-mail message with the link to set the password again to the email address associated with your account or an SMS containing a code to the associated telephone number to your profile (the options available may vary based on the contact information you have provided to Facebook). Then click the button Keep it going.

Finally, enter the six-number code that you received by e-mail or by SMS to your mobile number in the box that opened and then click on the button Keep it going then type the new password you want to use to access your account in the fields below the items New And Enter your password again and click the button Save Changes. If you need more details on what to do, check out my guide on how to recover your Facebook password.

How to join Facebook for the second time

If, on the other hand, your cancellation from Facebook dates back to more than fourteen days ago and therefore you cannot reactivate the profile, you must re-subscribe to the social network following the standard procedure. I explained it to you in great detail in the previous lines, when I explained to you how to sign up for Facebook for the second time by creating a secondary account, with the difference that in this case you do not need to use a email or phone number other than that originally provided.