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How to join a Facebook profile without friendship

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How to join a Facebook profile without friendship: Visiting some Facebook profiles, have you noticed that you are unable to view their photos and posts because you have not sent the friend request to the users they belong to? Would you like to find a way to view more information of the Facebook profiles in question? If you answered yes to these questions, you are obviously interested in knowing how to enter a Facebook profile without friendship, or how to view the information of some Facebook users without “exporting” asking them for friendship. Well, if this is indeed the situation you are in right now, I am happy to inform you that you have come to just the right place at the right time!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain to you in detail how you can look at some information relating to the Facebook profiles of users you are not friends with, using the parental control apps for this purpose (if you want to check the Facebook activity of your children) or by creating a secondary account and asking the person you want to “spy on” to befriend. The tools I will talk about in the next paragraphs, for obvious reasons, cannot override the privacy settings that users have selected. Therefore, if information about a profile is private, you will not be able to view it.

So far all clear? Well, then let’s not waste any more precious time and get right into the heart of this tutorial. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and implement the various “tips” that I will give you. You will see, with a little patience and a bit of luck, you will be able to complete your “business” today: enter a Facebook profile without asking for friendship. Enjoy the reading!

Use parental control apps

If you want enter a Facebook profile without friendship, you can use some parental control app, which allow you to control the activity that is carried out by other users on social networks, including Facebook.

When using this kind of applications, however, remember not to make an improper use of them: using them to control the activities of your children is legitimate, but the same cannot be said if you use them to control the activities of other people. In the latter case, in fact, there would be a serious violation of privacy, a crime punishable by law. Then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

One of the best parental control apps you can use for this is Qustodio. If you haven’t heard of it, know that this is an app for Android and iOS that allows you to monitor the activities of others in all respects: it can be used to block inappropriate content, adjust the time spent in front of the screen, check the apps downloaded and, of course, also check the activities carried out on social networks. To work, of course, it must be installed on the device of the user that you intend to monitor.

Before explaining how it works, I want to tell you that Qustodio allows you to have a 3-day trial period with all the premium features, including social activity control. After the free trial, you must subscribe to one of the subscription plans among those available to continue using the functions in question, starting from 42.95 euros.

If you have a device Android, linked to the Qustodio Play Store page and install the app by tapping the buttons Install And I accept. At the end of the download, start the app and, in the screen that opens, tap the button Allow.

You use a iPhone? Well, then connect to the Qustodio App Store page and tap the button Get / Install. If necessary, then confirm the app download by authenticating yourself via Face ID, Touch ID or with the password of your Apple ID.

Now, after installing Qustodio, create the account that will allow you to use the service. On the main screen of the app, press the button Create a Qustodio account / I’m new to Qustodio, provide all the information requested in the text fields Your name, Your email, Your password and tap the button Next / Next.

Qustodio Facebook

In the new screen that opens, tap on Baby device and, in the screen that opens, specify the device name (ex. Smartphone of [nome bambino]). Then tap the button Forward, fill in the fields Name and son, Date of birth And Sex. Next, tap the button Forward and select theavatar of your interest.

At this point, you need to grant Qustodio all necessary permissions to function properly. On Android, tap the button Activate now, presses on the voice Qustodio located at the bottom, move up ON the toggle switch located next to the app name and respond OK notice that appears on the screen. Then tap the button again Activate now and press the button Activate.

If you use a device iOSinstead, tap the button Grant permissions, press the button twice in succession OK and, in the new screen that opens, tap the button Install iOS Profile and select the item Allow. On the screen Install profile, then, tap on the item Install and enter the unlock code set on your device. After doing this, in the screen that opens, tap the button Install, select the item Authorize to authorize the remote management of the device by the app and finally tap on the item end.

Qustodio Facebook

Once you have completed the installation of the app on the device of the person whose activity you want to monitor with their Facebook profile, connect to Qustodio web panel for families, fill in the fields Username And Password and click the button Log in to log in.

On the main Qustodio screen, you can check every activity done on Facebook (and also on other social media accounts) by the person you are monitoring. By clicking on the section Social activity, you can even check what the latest actions were (under the heading Timeline).

Qustodio Facebook

To carry out the advanced monitoring of Facebook, however, know that the user you are controlling must have logged in to the famous social network from a PC on which the official Qustodio client is installed, available for Windows And macOS. I have already explained to you how to install and use it in the guide on how to inhibit Internet sites.

Create a second Facebook account

Another way to see what is posted on Facebook by a user who is not your friend, is to create a second Facebook account and use it to ask the friend of the person whose profile you want to see. By becoming his “friend”, in fact, you should be able to see much more information about his Facebook profile than a “non-friend”.

Before creating a second profile, however, be careful! On Facebook (as with many other social networks) it is forbidden to create “secondary” accounts or fake profiles: by doing this you could violate the conditions of use of the service and run into the termination of your account. I warned you! OK?

If you have problems or difficulties in creating a new Facebook account, do not hesitate to examine the tutorial in which I show in detail how to create a Facebook account: there you will find all the info you need to proceed.

After creating your “secondary” Facebook profile, you will need to send the friend request to the user whose profile you want to see, hoping that he accepts the request. To submit your request, click on the white button add to friends (from PC) or presses on the symbol oflittle man (from mobile). If the user in question accepts, you will be able to see more information relating to the Facebook profile of the user in question (based on the privacy settings used by the latter) without having asked for a friendship with your “main” profile.