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How to install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

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How to install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10: After so many postponements, you finally found the time to format your PC (which had now become very slow) and to replace Windows 7 with the latest Windows 10 . Everything went very well: the hardware components of the computer were recognized on the first try, the system is much more responsive than before and in a few minutes you were able to reinstall almost all the programs you had on your PC before the “formattone”. I say almost because you are faced with an unexpected obstacle: Windows Live Mail , the mail client you used on Windows 7, is no longer available for download. By connecting to the Microsoft website, you are told that it has been withdrawn and that now you need to turn to alternative solutions.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s true: on January 10, 2017 Microsoft officially ceased support for Windows Essentials 2012 : the suite of programs that included Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Family Safety, the OneDrive client and, precisely, Windows Live Mail. The product has therefore been withdrawn from the market and it is no longer possible to download it. From the Microsoft website at least. In fact, there is the possibility of contacting third-party sites, downloading Windows Essentials from there and proceeding normally with the installation of Windows Live Mail, Movie Maker etc., as would have been done until 10 January 2017.

If you are a very fond user of the old Microsoft suite and you are dying to find out how to install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 , all you have to do is dedicate five minutes of your time, read the instructions I am about to give you and put them into practice: I will suggest safe sites to download Windows Essentials 2012 from and I will explain how to install and use the software on your PC. Happy reading and, above all, happy download!

Download and install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

Windows Live Mail

As just said, Windows Live Mail is no longer available on Microsoft’s Internet site : to get it, you must turn to third-party sites, making sure that these are reliable and do not hide nasty surprises, in other words they do not carry malware and / or viruses through fake program downloads. To check the reliability of a site, paste its address in services such as VirusTotal (the online antivirus I told you about in my tutorial on how to do an online virus scan ) or MyWOT (a collaborative portal useful to discover the reputation of websites, I told you about it in my tutorial onhow to tell if an online store or seller is a scam ). Without this necessary clarification, let me show you a couple of safe sites from which you can download Windows Essentials 2012. the first is

  • MajorGeeks – is a very famous portal for the legal download of software. Allows you to download Windows Essentials in English. To proceed with the download, connect to this Web page and click on one of the two Download @ MajorGeeks links located under the Download locations item .

Download Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

Once the download is complete, you can install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 . Then start the Windows Essentials installation package (e.g.  wlsetup-all.exe ) and in the window that opens, click on the Yes button .

At this point, choose whether to install all the programs included in the suite (Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Family Safety and the OneDrive desktop app for Windows) or whether to install only Windows Live Mail. In the first case, you must click on the Install all Windows Essentials 2012 programs button , in the second on the Select programs to install button and put the check mark only next to the Mail icon .

Windows Live Mail installation on Windows 10

Then click on the Install button , wait a few seconds for the setup to complete and click on the Close button to close the window.

If you have been forced to download the English version of Windows Essentials 2012, you can follow the same instructions, clicking on the Install all of Windows Essentials item if you want to install all the programs in the suite or on the Choose the programs you want to install if you want install Mail only . To go ahead in the setup and close the window, just click on the Install and Close buttons .

English Windows Essentials 2012 installation

Note: if during setup you are asked to install in Microsoft’s .Net Framework 3.0 , connected to this page on the Microsoft website and click first on the Download button and then on the No button, thanks. Continue.DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer . At the end of the download, start the executable dotnetfx35setup.exe and, in the window that opens, click first on the Yes button and then on Download and install this feature . At the end of the download and automatic installation of the .Net Framework, click on the Close button to close the window.

Use Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

Windows Live Mail

When installation is complete, to use Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 , click on the Start button (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen) and select the program icon from the menu that opens: it should be in top, or under the letter “W” .

Now, click on the Accept button to accept the conditions of use of Windows Live Mail and follow the initial configuration procedure of the program to configure your e-mail account.

Windows Live Mail

Fill in the form you see on the screen with your e-mail address , the password to access the account and the name displayed for the messages sent . If you want to manually configure the account for the IMAP / POP parameters, put the check mark next to the Manually configure server settings item , then click on the Next button .

In case of manual configuration, choose the type of technology you want to use for your account ( POP , IMAP or Windows Live Hotmail ) from the Type of server drop-down menu ; enter the “coordinates” of the servers for incoming and outgoing mail in the Server address and Port fields (if the servers require a secure connection or require authentication , put the check mark on the appropriate boxes); type the login user name in the appropriate field and press first on the Next button and then on Finish to complete the procedure.

If you do not know the IMAP parameters of your email provider (I recommend using the IMAP protocol instead of the POP one, as it guarantees the synchronization of messages on all devices), see my tutorial on how to activate IMAP or the official website of the provider itself.

Windows Live Mail configuration

To configure a second e-mail account within Windows Live Mail, click on the File button located at the top left and select the Options> E-mail account from the menu that appears. Alternatively, select the Account tab of the program and press the + E-mail button located at the top left.

In the window that appears on the screen, press the Add button , select the E-mail account item , click Next and fill out the form with your email account data as explained in the previous lines.

Windows Live Mail

Once the account configuration procedure is completed, Windows Live Mail will automatically synchronize them with the computer and, therefore, download all the messages associated with the latter.

To start composing a new e-mail message, click on the E-mail message button located at the top left and use the window that opens to type your e-mail: in the To … field you must type the addresses of the recipients of the message; in the Object field the object, while in the Cc and Bcc fields (viewable by clicking on the Show Cc and Bcc ) item you can enter the addresses of other recipients to put in carbon copy or hidden carbon copy (in order not to show the recipient names to the other people who will receive the message).

In the central field of the window you can type your message, while clicking on the Attach file button located at the top you can attach files to the email. When you are ready to send the message, press the Send button located at the top left.

Windows Live Mail

For the rest, I don’t think there is much to add. In the left sidebar of Windows Live Mail there are links to access all sections of the program: Mail (to manage e-mail), Calendar (to manage calendar tasks), Contacts (to manage contacts in the address book) , Feed (to manage RSS feeds) and Newsgroups (to manage the newsgroups you are subscribed to).

Alternatives to Windows Live Mail for Windows 10


As pointed out on the Microsoft website, Windows Live Mail is an outdated product (as is the entire Windows Essentials suite). It would therefore be appropriate to put aside the affection for this software and consider the use of valid alternatives . Here are a few that I think could really do for you.

  • Mail – is the default Windows 10 application for managing email. It supports all major email providers and is very simple to use. It is, in fact, the direct evolution of Windows Live Mail.
  • Mail and Calendar – is a free application developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 and Windows 8.x. As the name suggests quite easily, it allows you to manage your mail and calendar. Supports Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail, Yahoo! and other known accounts.
  • Outlook – I don’t think it needs an introduction. This is the famous email and contact and calendar management software (technically PIM) included in the Office package, which is paid. If you want to learn more about how it works, read my tutorial on how to download Outlook .
  • Thunderbird – is a free and open source email client whose functions can be expanded with the help of extensions. I told you about it in depth in my dedicated tutorial .

In conclusion, I remind you that you can also do without traditional email clients and manage your email through a browser. In this case, all you have to do is rely on Webmail services such as Gmail or , which I told you about in detail in my dedicated guides.