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How to install Windows 8 from USB

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How to install Windows 8 from USB: After listening to the suggestions and advice of your most trusted friends, you have decided to replace the operating system currently in use on your trusted computer with Windows 8. You have made without a doubt an excellent choice. How do you say? do you agree with me but you have no idea how to do it because you don’t have the OS installation DVD? Well, if that’s the case, you don’t have to worry. Fortunately there is an alternative solution: install Windows 8 from USB .

Well yes, with a minimum of concentration and following the indications that I will provide you in the following lines you will be able to install Windows 8 from USB as done by many other users. Before you can be alarmed, however, I want to immediately reassure you about one thing: carrying out this operation is very simple … it is therefore not essential to be a “geek”!

So if you want to understand how to install Windows 8 from USB I suggest you take some free time and concentrate on reading this guide. I am sure that in the end you will be more than satisfied and that you will also be ready to say that installing Windows 8 from USB was a real no-brainer. Let’s start!

The first thing you need to do to be able to install Windows 8 from USB is to get a pendrive of at least 4 GB (empty or otherwise without important files inside since it will be formatted!). You also need a special free utility distributed directly by Microsoft thanks to which you can create USB sticks to install the famous operating system. 

Then get a USB stick as I have already indicated, then  click here to connect to the Microsoft website to download the program I was talking about. When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded and type in the product key of your copy of Windows 8.


Then connect the USB stick to the computer, indicate that you want to create a USB drive for the installation of the operating system and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure. Then wait for the files to finish copying.

Know that the procedure of creating the USB stick through which to install Windows 8 could take quite a while. It all depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Once the process is over you can use the stick you got to boot and to install Windows 8 from USB on your computer.

To install Windows 8 from USB then close the Microsoft utility window that you used to create the pendrive with the operating system and restart the computer without removing the stick. If you intend to install Windows 8 from USB on another computer, just insert the pendrive into one of the USB ports of the PC you want to act on when it is still off and then turn it on by pressing the appropriate button on the case. Proceeding in this way should automatically start the procedure by which you can install Windows 8 from USB.

In the event that the procedure to install Windows 8 from USB did not start automatically and the copy of Windows already installed on the PC started normally, it enters the BIOS and changes the boot order by setting the USB port as the first device following the instructions in my guide on setting the BIOS .

BIOS screenshot

Once the installation procedure of Windows 8 via USB stick has started, select  Italian  from the drop-down menu relating to the item  Language to be installed  attached to the window that is shown on the screen, then set  Italian (Italy)  from the drop-down menu relating to the item  Format hours and evaluate  and then select  Italian  from the Keyboard layout or input method drop down menu  . Then click first on the Next button   located at the bottom right and then on  Install .

Windows 8 installation screenshot

Now type the product key of the copy of Windows 8 in your possession in the appropriate text field and click again on Next . Then accept the conditions of use of the operating system by placing a check mark next to the item I accept the license terms , and click once more on Next .

At this point click on the Custom item , select the drive on which you want to install the system, select the option Drive options (advanced) and then press on Format to format the selected partition. Then click on the Next button to start copying the Windows files to your PC. After a few minutes the PC will reboot itself.

Windows 8 installation screenshot

When the computer restarts, wait for the initial configuration of the devices to be carried out, then follow the initial configuration procedure of Windows 8 that displays on the screen. Then choose the name you want to assign to the computer, the color you want to use as the background of the Start Screen, the settings referring to updates, those relating to file sharing and all the other settings. If you prefer to use the default settings, click the Use quick settings button .

To complete the procedure by which to install Windows 8 from USB you must enter your Microsoft email address (Live, Hotmail or Outlook). The Microsoft e-mail address is essential in order to use the cloud features of the operating system. If you are not interested in synchronizing data and apps between multiple PCs via Microsoft cloud services, you can decide to use a standard local user account by clicking first on Log in without a Microsoft account and then on Local account .

Finally, enter the username and password you want to use for your user account on the PC. Keep in mind that if you entered your Microsoft e-mail address in the previous step, the username and password for the account on the PC will be the same as the access data of the e-mail address. To conclude the procedure, click on the Finish button .

You will finally be able to start using the system after a brief presentation of its new features.