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How to install Skype

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How to install Skype: You would like to keep in touch with friends and relatives who live abroad and, for this reason, they suggested you to use Skype  from Microsoft, a famous free VoiP software that is useful for instant messaging, but also for making calls and video calls via Internet. Also, you’ve heard of Skype for Business , which is useful for improving teamwork and organizing online meetings with large teams – just what you need.

That said, if you’re wondering how to install Skype , I’ll give you great news right away: you’ve come across the right tutorial at the right time! In the course of this guide, in fact, I will show you in detail the steps to take to install Skype and Skype for Business  (the corporate version of Skype) on Windows and macOS, as far as computer use is concerned. In addition, I will explain how to install both apps on Android and iOS, so that you can use the services indicated on smartphones and tablets as well.

How do you say? Are you eager to get started? Okay, then take a few minutes of free time, sit nice and comfortable in front of the computer and keep your smartphone or tablet handy. Carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you and you will see that you will easily succeed in the intent you have proposed. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good job.

How to use Skype without an account

Before talking to you about how Skype works for computers, smartphones and tablets, I want to point out the possibility of using the service without registration and without installing programs , acting directly from the browser you normally use to browse online (currently only Chrome and Edge are supported ).

To better understand what I mean, connect to this web page and click on the Create a free meeting button : you will get a link (with no deadline) to invite other people to a chat / call directly online. Once you have visited the conference address, anyone can join by clicking on the Join as guest button and setting a username (which will expire after 24 hours) or by logging in normally with a Skype account .

Once logged in, it will be possible to chat, exchange attachments or start a call / video call using the appropriate button located at the top right. Also noteworthy is the availability of functions such as those to start recording the conversation and share the screen .

How to install Skype

If your intention is  to install Skype in the standard version, carefully follow the instructions I am about to give you in the following lines: in this way you will be able to perform the operation correctly both on your computer (be it a Windows PC  or a Mac ) and on your own. smartphone or tablet (with  Android or iOS system ).

Before starting, I would like to remind you that, in order to use Skype , you need to register for the service. In this regard, if you haven’t done it yet or if you have doubts about how to proceed, read my guide in which I explain how to create a Skype account. As for the operation of the program, however, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the subject. Also I remind you that you can use Skype even without installing it, by connecting to its web version .


To download Skype on Windows (it is compatible with all versions of the system starting from  Windows 7 and requires at least 512 MB of RAM with a processor of at least 1GHz), you can get the official client from the program’s website  or, if you have a computer with Windows 10 operating system , you can download the Skype app through the Microsoft Store .

To install the classic Skype desktop client , then connected to the official website of the program via the link I provided you a little while ago and press the Download Skype button , located in the center. Then save the file on your computer and wait for it to download; it should take a few seconds.

At the end of the download, start the downloaded .exe file , double-clicking on it, and then press the Yes button in the User Account Control window , to authorize the start of the installation program.

Now, press the Install button and wait for the short automatic software installation process. All you have to do is: at the end of this operation you can start using Skype , after logging in to your account.

Alternatively, on Windows 10 , you can download the Skype app through the Microsoft Store by launching the Microsoft virtual store. Once this is done, in the search engine located at the top right, type the term Skype , to search for the app in question and click on it.

Now, to install it, press the Install button , wait for the automatic installation to finish and, finally, start the app by pressing the Start button .


To install Skype on macOS , you can follow an equally simple procedure to that seen for Windows: first of all, connected to the official website of the program , in order to download its installation file, by clicking on the Download Skype for Mac button that you can see in the center of the screen.

The requirements for its correct execution are the operating system updated to macOS 10.9 or a later version, an Intel processor with at least 1 GHz (Core 2 Duo) and a RAM of at least 1 GB. Furthermore, the latest version of QuickTime is required (the program is already pre-installed “as standard” on all Apple computers but, in case, you can download it from its official website ).

Having said that, after taking the .dmg file you just downloaded, double-click on it to start it, and then, to install the VoiP program, simply drag the Skype icon into the Applications folder . At the end of the procedure, you can start Skype  through the  macOS Launchpad . Easy, right?


On Android smartphones and tablets, you can install both the Skype and Skype Lite apps for free , a “lighter” version that is designed to be used on less performing mobile devices in terms of hardware and for slower Internet connections.

In terms of technical requirements, Skype and Skype Lite require that the Android operating system be updated to version 6.0 or later.

Having said that, the procedure for installing the apps in question is identical: start the Android Play Store , pressing on its icon located on the home screen of your device (the symbol of a colored triangle ). Now, use the search engine above to type the term Skype or the term  Skype Lite , and thus locate the app icon of your interest.

To install Skype or Skype Lite , tap on its previously identified icon, then press the Install button . At the end of the installation, the app icon will be added to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and, by pressing on it, you can start it.

Are you having trouble downloading Skype or Skype Lite via the Play Store ? in that case, you can get both APKs from the APK Mirror site : at this link you can find the Skype one , while click here , if you want to get the Skype Lite APK .

In both cases, scroll the web page that is shown to you to locate the wording All versions and select the latest version available, then the one compatible with your device, referring to the Download section . Once this is done, press the Download APK button to download the installation file.

To open APK files on Android you must have previously activated the installation of apps from unknown sources, i.e. from sources other than the Play Store . To do this, on Android version 8. 0 or later , first access the Settings by pressing the gear icon on the home screen.

Now, tap on the items Security and privacy  >  Other  >  Install unknown apps and then select the app with which you want to open the APK file (it can be the browser or a file manager app such as Google Files ) and move the lever to ON , in correspondence with the item Allow the installation of apps .

On previous versions of Android, however, you have to go to the  Settings> Security menu and move  the lever relating to  unknown sources to ON .

At this point, start the APK file you just downloaded and install the app, pressing the NextInstall  and  Finish buttons . The Skype icon will be added to the home screen and / or drawer of your device.


Installing the Skype app on iPhone and iPad is very simple. Pick up the device with which you intend to use the Microsoft VoIP service (which requires iOS 10.0 or later versions to work) and start the App Store , pressing on its icon located on the home screen (the symbol of a stylized “A” on a blue background ).

Now, in the search engine that you can see by tapping the Search button ( the symbol of a magnifying glass located at the bottom right), type the term Skype , to locate the icon of the app in question ( the symbol of an S blue ).

Then tap on the app icon and install it, pressing the Get button , then start the app installation using the Face ID, Touch ID or by typing the password of your iCloud account. At the end of the automatic installation, the app icon will have been added to the home screen of your device and you can start it by pressing on it.

How to install Skype for Business

To exchange messages with your company team via Skype and to organize online meetings via video or voice calls, you can use the paid Skype for Business program which requires the purchase of an Office 365 for business plan with prices starting from 8 , 80 € / month with annual subscription.

Skype for Business , available for Windows , macOS , Android and iOS , allows you to make video conferences with up to 250 people (instead of the 25 supported by Skype ) and integrates Office services . On all supported operating systems, however, it is possible to install it for free in its Basic version , which is however limited in some features mainly related to the management of group calls.


To download Skype for Business on Windows in its free version (you need Windows 10 or Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and at least 2GB of RAM), connect to the official website of the program and, on the page that is shown to you, click on the Download button free basic client .

On the next screen, scroll down to find the language Italian (Italy) , click on Skype for standalone business (32 bit) or Skype for standalone business (32 bit) and, finally, save the file on your computer.

At the end of the automatic download, start the .exe file downloaded by double clicking on it and click on Yes in the User Account Control window. Once this is done, you will be shown a screen where the automatic installation of Skype for Business will take place . Then wait for the installation process to complete automatically.

Once the installation is complete, the Skype for Business icon will be present in the Windows Start menu , and by clicking on it, you can start the program.

Alternatively, if you have  Windows 10 , go directly to the Microsoft Store  to download and install Skype for Business with the push of two buttons.


To download the Skype for Business program on macOS , the operating system must be updated to macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or macOS 10.12 (Sierra). If your computer meets these technical requirements, go to the Skype for Business on Mac download page and make sure that English is selected in the Select Language drop-down menu . Now, press the Download button to download the program installation file and wait for the automatic download of the same.

After downloading the .pkg file , double-click on it and, in the screen that is shown to you, press the key sequence Continue , Continue , Accept and Install . Once this is done, in the box you see, type the macOS password and press the Install software button . Then press the OK button to allow access to some macOS features. Finally, click on the Close button to complete the installation.


Se il dispositivo Android in tuo possesso è aggiornato alla versione 4. 0 successiva, puoi installare, tramite il Play Store, l’app Skype for Business.

Per compiere quest’operazione, avvia il Play Store di Android, pigiando sulla sua icona situata nella home screen (il simbolo di un triangolo colorato) e utilizza il motore di ricerca in alto per individuare Skype for Business, digitando il suo nome.

Dopo averla individuata tra i risultati della ricerca, premi sul pulsante Installa. Attendi adesso qualche secondo, affinché il download automatico venga portato a termine: al completamento di quest’operazione, troverai l’icona dell’app aggiunta alla home screen e tramite un tap su di essa potrai avviarla.

Nel caso in cui dovessi riscontrare dei problemi nell’installare Skype for Business, puoi prelevare il suo APK da questo link del sito APK Mirror, facendo riferimento alla voce All Versions per individuare l’ultima versione disponibile e alla voce Variants, per quanto riguarda quella compatibile con il tuo dispositivo Android.

Dopo aver scaricato il file APK premendo su Download APK, segui le istruzioni che ti ho fornito nel capitolo dedicato all’installazione di Skype per Android, in quanto, la procedura per installare Skype for Business da provenienti da fonti diverse dal Play Store è la medesima.


L’applicazione di Skype for Business è disponibile al download gratuito anche su iOS e richiede iOS 9.3 o versioni successive.

Detto ciò, se vuoi installarla sull’iPhone o sull’iPad che utilizzi, avvia l’App Store di iOS, pigiando sulla sua icona situata nella home screen (il simbolo di una “A” stilizzata su sfondo blu). Dopodiché premi sulla voce Cerca nel menu in basso e utilizza il motore di ricerca per cercare l’app Skype for Business, digitando il suo nome.

Una volta individuata la scheda dell’app, fai tap sulla sua icona (il simbolo di una “S” azzurra) e poi avvia l’installazione, pigiando prima sul pulsante Ottieni, dopodiché conferma il download tramite il Face ID, il Touch ID o digitando la password del tuo account.

Then wait a few seconds for the app to download and install automatically: at the end, its icon will be added to the home screen of your device. By pressing on it you can start it.