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How to install Facebook on Samsung

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How to install Facebook on Samsung: You just bought one Samsung smartphone, you would love to install the apps of all the social networks that you usually use on your computer on it, Facebook first of all, but are you a beginner with this kind of devices and do not know how to proceed in this direction? Don’t worry, if you want, I’ll be here to help you.

So make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of free time, read and put into practice the instructions in this guide of mine, which is dedicated to installing Facebook on Samsung devices. I will first show you the preliminary operations you need to perform and then I will explain to you how to install facebook on samsung, both for smartphones and tablets.

Then? Are you ready to get started? Yup? Great! So let’s ban the chatter and immediately start getting busy! I am sure that, in the end, you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and that you will also be ready to say that in reality it was a real child’s play to install the Facebook apps on your device. What do you say, we bet?

Preliminary operations

Before getting to the heart of the topic, going to explain how to install facebook on samsung, it is my duty to clarify the fact that to succeed in the enterprise you must have a Google account and you must have done so associate the latter to your smartphone or tablet: this is because the Facebook download takes place via the Play Store, the Android app store, to which you have to connect using a Google account.

That said, if you don’t have a Google account yet, you can create immediately one by following the instructions on what to do that I gave you in my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

At this point, if you have not already done so, you need to do so associate the Google account to your Samsung smartphone or tablet. To do this, take the device, unlock it access the drawer (the screen where all the apps are grouped) and tap the icon of Settings (the one with thegear).

In the new screen that is shown to you, select the wording Cloud and accounts, then that Account and select the option Add account. Then, tap ongoogle icon, enter yours login data in the on-screen fields and log in.

Once this is done, you will be asked to indicate which data is your intention synchronize automatically with Google cloud services (I recommend that you leave all the default settings active) and you will be asked to set a payment method for the purchase of apps and multimedia content from the Play Store (if you want, you can also ignore the request by tapping the button Ignore).

Install Facebook on Samsung

Facebook app on Play Store

Having completed the preliminary steps above, you are finally ready to take the real action and go and find out, therefore, how to install Facebook on your Samsung smartphone or tablet. So, first take the device, unlock it, access the drawer (the screen where there are the icons of all the apps) and tap on thePlay Store icon (the one with the multicolored ▶ ︎ symbol).

Now, you have to go to the section of the Play Store dedicated to Facebook. To reach it, select the link I provided you directly from your device. Alternatively, tap the search field located at the top of the Play Store screen, type “Facebook” and select the first suggestion that is shown to you in the list.

Then, click on the button Install to start the download and installation procedure of the application. If necessary, also authorize the download by pressing the button Accept.

Once the installation procedure is complete, start Facebook by tapping the button You open which in the meantime has appeared on the Play Store screen or go back to the drawer of your smartphone / tablet and tap onapplication icon of the famous social network (the one with the blue background and the letter “f” in the center).

Once the Facebook splash screen appears, run the login to your account by filling in the fields on the screen with the required data (email address or telephone number And password). If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one at the moment by tapping on the appropriate button and follow the guided procedure that is proposed to you, as I explained to you in detail in my article on how to subscribe to Facebook from your mobile. If you also want some advice on the use of the social network, I also recommend reading my specific guide on how to use Facebook.

If you cannot find the Play Store icon on the screen where all the applications installed on your phone are grouped, it is most likely because the Play Store is not installed on your device or has been removed later. In this circumstance, you can cope with the thing by installing it yourself (or reinstalling it), following the instructions on what to do that I gave you in my guide dedicated to how to install Play Store on Android.

Alternatively, you can still install Facebook on your Samsung by implementing the alternative procedure that involves theinstallation via APK package, the one I will tell you about in next chapter of the guide.

Alternative procedure to install Facebook on Samsung

Facebook APK

If the Play Store is not installed on your Android smartphone or tablet or if, even if it is present, you are unable to use it to download the Facebook app, you can deal with this by proceeding with the installation of the application through the relevant APK file.

To do this, you must first enable the ability to install apps from unknown sources (i.e. from sources other than the Play Store) on the device by acting from the Android settings and you must get the installation file Facebook through third-party websites.

In the first case, proceed as follows: take your device, unlock it, access the screen where there are all the apps and tap the icon of Settings (the one with thegear). In the new screen that appears, select the wording Safety or that Screen lock and security and carry on ON the switch that you find in correspondence with the item Unknown origins or Unknown sources. If necessary, confirm the operation by pressing on the item OK in response to the warning you see appearing on the display.

If you have a device with Android 8.0 or higher, however, you must go to Settings> Apps and notifications, tap on the item relating to the browser from which you intend to download the APK package (eg. Google Chrome), press on the wording Install unknown apps and carry on ON the lever corresponding to the item Allow from this source.

At this point, visit the website from which you want to get the Facebook APK package and download it on your smartphone or tablet. Among the various portals useful for this purpose, I recommend you APK Mirror. So, visit the section of the site dedicated to Facebook, locate the latest version of the app and tap on the icon down arrow.

Afterwards, select the version of the app you want to download from the section Download which you can find by scrolling the page, press the button APK Download and wait for the file download to start. If necessary, confirm the operation by pressing on the item OK in response to the warning that is shown to you on the screen. If you are also asked which application you intend to use to download the file in question, select the one related to browser you are using.

Once the download is complete, start the file obtained using the app Download of Android or any other file manager installed on your device (eg. Google files), then tap the name of the downloaded file and install it by pressing on the buttons Install And end.

Once the installation is finalized, you can start Facebook by pressing on its icon, which will have been added to the main screen of the device.

Install other Facebook apps

Facebook logo under magnifying glass

In addition to the “classic” Facebook app, there are also other applications developed and distributed by the team of the famous social network and always connected to the latter that could be useful to download and install on your Samsung device. You ask me which ones? Here they are, they are all free.

  • Facebook Lite – is the “lite” variant of the classic Facebook app. This is a special version of Facebook designed primarily for devices with not very good hardware and in case a poor quality Internet connection is used.
  • Facebook Messenger – is the Facebook chat app thanks to which it is possible to chat with friends registered on the social network (and not only), exchange photos and other files with them, call and video call them via the Internet.
  • Messenger Lite – as you can guess from the name itself, it is the “lightened” version of the above app: it is a solution designed for smartphones and tablets that are less performing in terms of hardware and in the event that the one in use is an Internet connection not particularly fast.
  • Facebook Business Suite – is the app thanks to which it is possible to create and manage pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Facebook Local – app thanks to which you can more easily discover and follow the events in the area promoted on Facebook.