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How to install applications on iPad

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How to install applications on iPad: You have always been fascinated by the Apple world and, finally, after putting aside a nest egg, you bought your first “bitten apple” device: a fantastic iPad . You have been handling your new tablet for a very short time but you have already learned how to use it perfectly. The only thing that is still not very clear to you is how to install applications on iPad .

Calm! The procedure for installing the apps is also very simple: just go to the App Store included in iPadOS (Apple’s operating system, known as iOS up to version 12.x) and you’re done. If you want to understand how, in detail, give me a few moments of your precious time and read on. In fact, I can illustrate, in detail, how to succeed in the enterprise.

Together, we will first of all find out what are the preliminary steps that must be taken to make sure that everything goes smoothly and, subsequently, those to be performed to start the download and installation of the applications of your interest. But now just chat and let’s take action. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


Preliminary operations

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, before you can  install applications on the iPad , there are some preliminary operations that must be done to ensure that everything goes the right way. What I am referring to specifically is to connect the tablet to the Internet, log in with your Apple ID and provide a valid payment method . To find out more, read on.

Connect the iPad to the Internet

The first step you need to take if you want to be able to download and install new apps on your iPad is to connect the device to the Internet. Depending on the type of connectivity supported by the tablet, you can decide to take advantage of Wi-Fi or the cellular data network , but I invite you to prefer the first option, in order to avoid wasting Giga or any unexpected costs by your operator. mobile phone.

That said, in order to connect your iPad to the Internet via Wi-Fi, take the device, unlock it, access the home screen, tap the Settings icon  (the one with the gear wheel ), then on the word Wi-Fi  present in the screen that opens and move the switch that you find in correspondence with the Wi-Fi item to ON .

If your iPad does not automatically connect to detected networks or if you have never connected the device to Wi-Fi, tap on the name of the connection of your interest in the list that is proposed to you and enter the access password in the ‘appropriate field that is shown on the display. For more information, you can read my article on how to turn on Wi-Fi. If you are connecting to the network of a public place, instead of the password, you may be asked for authentication via email or social network.

If you have inserted a data SIM in your iPad and want to connect to the cellular network (3G / 4G), after going to the iPadOS Settings screen, as I explained to you a moment ago, tap on the Cellular data item and bring up ON the switch next to Cellular Data . For more details, please refer to my guide on how to activate mobile data.

Both in the case of Wi-Fi and the cellular data network, as well as as I have indicated above, you can enable the connection from the iPadOS Control Center : to do this, recall the latter by swiping from the top to right of the display downwards, then tap the button with the cleats or the one with the antenna  (so that from gray they become colored) to activate, respectively, the Wi-Fi connection and that to the data network.

Log in with your Apple ID


Another preliminary operation that you must perform, if you want to be able to install applications on iPad, is to log in to the Apple account (if you don’t already have one, you can read my guide on how to create an Apple ID and fix it) .

To do this, touch the Settings icon (the one with the gear wheel ) that you find on the iPadOS home screen, tap on the item Log in on [device name] , enter your Apple ID and password to it associated in the appropriate fields and enter the  verification code that is required (if you have chosen to protect your account with two-factor authentication).

Also make sure you are logged in with your Apple ID on the App Store: to do so, select the iTunes Store and App Store item that you find in the main iPadOS Settings screen and make sure that at the top of the screen, next to under Apple ID , your Apple ID is indicated. If you have not logged in yet, click on the Login item and enter the required credentials.

Provide a valid payment method


Considering that on the App Store there are both apps and games that can be downloaded for free as well as paid content or in any case that offer in-app purchases, another operation that you must perform before being able to install applications on iPad is to associate a valid payment system to your Apple account.

To do this, tap on the Settings icon (the one with the gear wheel ) on the home screen, touch your name located at the top of the screen, select the item  Payment and shipping and tap on the wording Add method of payment payment . Through the next screen, then select the payment method you prefer, type the billing address and provide all the other requested data.

Install applications on iPad

Once the preliminary operations mentioned above have been completed, you are finally ready to take the real action and go and find out, therefore, how to install the applications on your iPad. To do this, as I told you at the opening of the post, you have to resort to the use of the App Store , Apple’s virtual store dedicated to apps and games. The operation, I anticipate, is feasible both manually and automatically . For all the details of the case, please read on.

Manual download

App Store

To be able to download new applications to your iPad, the first thing you need to do is to go to the iPadOS home screen and touch the App Store icon (the one with the blue background and the “A” on it ). Once this is done, you will find yourself in front of the main screen of the store: the Today section . Through the latter, you can access the apps and games offered daily by Apple, in the form of stories.

If you want to view the applications by ranking or by category, you must instead go to the App section , by touching the relevant item at the bottom of the screen, while to access the list of games (also proposed by rankings and categories), you must tap on the word Games . By pressing on the Arcade tab  , however, you will be able to access the contents of the subscription to the  Apple Arcade video game service , which for 4.99 euros / month after a 30-day free trial, allows access to many titles without advertising or in-app purchases. .

If, on the other hand, you want to search for apps and games by keyword, you can do so by tapping on the Search item that you find in the lower right part of the display, typing the name of the content of your interest in the appropriate field and then tapping on the relevant suggestion between those proposed.

You can help you search for apps and games by keyword also by taking advantage of the filters accessible by tapping on the Filters menu , present in the upper left part of the screen. I would like to point out that, from the menu in question, you can also choose to make the apps designed exclusively for iPhone visible, which, however, can also be used on iPad, albeit with non-optimized resolution and functionality: to do this, select the Supports voice and then that Only iPhone .

When you have found the app or game you want to install on your iPad, tap on its name to access its tab, from which you can view its description, screenshots, comments from other users and various other useful information (dimensions , supported languages, membership category, etc.).

If you want to proceed with the download and installation, first press the Get button and then the Install button , then confirm your intentions via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password and wait for the chosen content to be available on your device . Later, you can start the app or game you have decided to install by pressing the Open button that appears on the display or by touching the icon that has been added to the home screen.

For completeness of information, I also point out how to check the availability of any updates for the apps and games that you have installed on your device: to do this, just tap on your photo that you find in the upper right part of the screen of the App Store and consult the list of contents under the heading Available updates or Upcoming automatic updates in the box that opens.

To proceed manually with the individual updates, press the Update button next to the name of the apps and games in the list, while to update all the contents at the same time, just touch the word Update all . However, consider that, by enabling automatic updates, as explained in the next step , the operations described above are completely superfluous.

Automatic download

IPadOS App Store and iTunes Store settings

If you have another device based on iPadOS or iOS on which you are logged in with the same Apple ID with which you connected to your iPad, you can enable the automatic download and installation of apps and games that have already been downloaded, so that you do not have to proceed manually, as seen together in the previous chapter .

To activate the aforementioned function when connected to a Wi-Fi network, all you have to do is access the home screen of your iPad, touch the Settings icon (the one with the gear wheel ), select the iTunes Store item and App Store and turn ON the switch located next to the App item , in the Automatic Downloads section .

I also point out that, if you want to ensure that updates available for applications are also installed automatically, you can do so by moving the switch located next to the App Updates item to ON .

Then, if you want to make sure that the automatic download of apps and games is carried out even when you are connected to the Internet via cellular data, turn ON the switch next to the Automatic downloads item  located in the Cellular data section .

Keep in mind that with the cellular data connection, by default, in order to avoid unexpected consumption, downloads are started automatically for apps and games weighing less than 200 MB . In all other cases, you will be asked to authorize downloads.

If you want, however, you can change the behavior just described by touching the Download app item that you always find in the iTunes store and App Store section of the iPadOS Settings and choose whether to always allow downloads or to always ask how to proceed.

In case of doubts or problems

Apple iPad support

Have you followed my instructions on how to install applications on iPad but have not yet succeeded in your intent? In the course of construction, did you encounter any obstacles that you were unable to cope with on your own? Given the circumstances, the best suggestion I can give you is to get in touch with Apple Support so that we can get support regarding the issue you are experiencing.

Depending on your preferences and needs as well as, of course, the means in your possession, you can do it by phone , via the Internet or in person . To find out how to do it, exactly, in all cases, I invite you to consult my guide on how to contact Apple.

It might also be helpful to take a look at the section of the Apple website dedicated to iPad support : inside you will find guides and instructions on how the tablet of the “bitten apple” company works.