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How to increase Facebook likes

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How to increase Facebook likes: If you followed the instructions in my guide on how to advertise a site, you will surely understand that opening a Facebook page dedicated to your site / blog is certainly a great way to be successful. I bet that now you would like some advice on how to effectively promote and manage the page you have created, in order to increase the number of fans and quickly grow the “likes” counter. No problem, I can gladly help you, just ask.

As I like to repeat, when I talk about these topics, there are no real magic recipes to be successful on the Internet, but this does not mean that you cannot follow small rules that, combined with a good dose of commitment, can make easier to achieve certain goals. And it is with this spirit that I want to suggest you today how to increase Facebook likes with some little tips and tricks that I hope will be useful in managing your pages.

In today’s tutorial, I want to actually tell you about how to increase Facebook likes, without paying to sponsor your content. All you have to do is put some effort into it and dedicate yourself to learning how to make the most of your Facebook page. I’m sure that if you follow my advice, the interaction of users with your Facebook page will increase. Are you ready to find out how to increase likes on Facebook? Yup? All right, then let’s get started right away. As usual, before we begin, I wish you a good read.

How does Facebook work? A small premise

I have often been asked “Why are my posts on the Facebook page seen by few people?” A more than legitimate question. The answer is soon said. The visibility of a post on Facebook depends on a complex algorithm which, called Edge Rank, takes into account several factors, including natural interaction by users. This means that the visibility of a shared post also depends on the value assigned by the same algorithm. The more people interact with a post, the higher the score assigned is and the visibility of the post increases.

This discourse therefore goes to clarify one of the reasons why a person who often interacts with a Facebook page will see more of its contents in the Newsfeed, compared to a person who interacts little or nothing. In a nutshell: the greater the interaction between a person and a page (or post) on Facebook, the greater the likelihood that the post will appear in the newsfeed. Also you should know that the Facebook algorithm assigns a different value to each interaction tool on Facebook. For example, a comment has a higher value than just “Like”.

Consequently, one of the best ways to increase Facebook likes is to create posts that stimulate user interaction. As you could understand, increasing the likes on Facebook is not so easy, especially because the Edge Rank works in an extremely complex way (not surprisingly it is a very studied topic, as well as being discussed in the field of Social Media Marketing). Certainly the quickest and most immediate solution is obviously to pay to sponsor posts on Facebook, but it is not mandatory. As you will find out by reading this tutorial I made, it is possible increase Facebook likes, increasing user interaction without paying, by following some guidelines.

How to increase Facebook likes – Some useful tips

One of the fundamental rules to follow, also suggested by all the manuals on how to increase Facebook likes, is to keep your page constantly “alive” and actively involve users. In short, if you have a Facebook page and you do not interact with the people subscribed to it, you do not offer original content every day and, you give the impression that that fan page is only a showcase for the content you publish on your site / blog, you will hardly see hordes of users put I like it on the page.

Put simply: avoid setting up automatic publication on Facebook of all articles published on your site / blog, share only the most interesting articles trying to make them attractive to the public. Don’t just post links but introduce them with gods short comments, perhaps asking fans what they think of a particular news or what their thoughts are on a specific topic.

Use the survey tool to do requests to users, make them participate in choices related to your site / blog (e.g. advice on a change of address, a graphic theme, etc.), post funny / suggestive photos in theme with the topics usually dealt with on the page e always be available. If a user asks for clarification on an article or launches an interesting discussion point, respond to it and involve him in the life of your fan page and your site / blog.

Another method for increase Facebook likes it could be to comment on the pages of friends sites, or in any case sites / blogs that deal with the same topics that you deal with, using your Facebook page account instead of your personal account. This way, you can intrigue users of those pages and receive a few extra clicks.

To change your standard identity to that of your page, you will need to press the button with your profile icon next to the comments, corresponding to the item You are liking and commenting on how [tuo nome e cognome] and change your personal identity with that of the page, thus being able to comment on the name of your Facebook page. Please, use this solution only infrequently e never to spam. If you have to comment on other people’s pages, do it only in a constructive way – by participating seriously in the discussions that developed there – and never just to promote your page. By behaving badly, you would get a completely opposite result to what you hoped for by decreasing your “likes” instead of increasing them.

Finally, don’t forget the classic ways to promote a Facebook page. Suggest the page to your friends from time to time, inviting them to like it. To do this, go to your Facebook page and press the button with the three dots symbol. From the drop-down menu that will open, click on the item Invite Friends. Then search for the friends to invite using the appropriate box and press the button Invite.

Additionally, you can share a link to your Facebook page on your personal profile. To do this, all you have to do is connect to it, click on the button with Share present under the cover. You will then be able to share your Facebook page on your diary, asking your friends to “like” you.

Another thing you can do to increase Facebook likes is add a box with the “like” button in a prominent place on your site / blog. But avoid those annoying countdown popups that often appear when you open websites, because you would end up annoying users instead of enticing them to like.

To add the Facebook box with the “like” button to your site / blog, you need to connect to this page of the social network, fill in the form, select the type of box you prefer and press the button Get the code then go copy the iFrame code that is provided to you in your site / blog. In this way you will be able to insert the codes also in the articles of your site / blog.

How to increase Facebook likes – Guidelines for text and images

Turning now to the more practical side of the matter, I want to suggest some guidelines that you can follow whenever you are about to publish a post (or even an image) on Facebook. Text and images can in fact stimulate more user interaction, if well thought out. Consequently I want to give you some advice that you can apply, in a very simple way, to the posts and images you publish on your Facebook page.

  • Posts must be short, clear and concise: when writing a post on Facebook, don’t write long texts. Try to be succinct and stay in one or two lines at most. Also try to be clear and sincere. Don’t mince words and if someone asks you a question, tell it how it is. People appreciate sincerity and simplicity.
  • Write a post that contains a Call to Action. In technical jargon the call to action (literally the “call to action”) means a phrase that prompts action. For instance: “To find out more, click on the attached link”.
  • Talk about yourself and what you are passionate about. To increase empathy towards you and consequently also the interaction between users.
  • Write the posts in first person: it talks about you, you what you like, it tells about your day, perhaps through a live broadcast, for example. You will see that showing that you are a person, before a brand or a company, will increase the natural interaction and empathy of other Facebook users towards you.
  • Express yourself in friendly language towards your audience and use emoticons. Remember that you are writing on a social network: you can use more conversational language.
  • Be a source of inspiration and convey positive emotions. If you are angry or if something is bothering you, maybe avoid letting yourself out in an extremely angry way with a post on your Facebook page. In your Facebook page you must always try to show and arouse positive emotions or that can lead to reflections. Your Facebook page is not an outlet for your personal problems; rather talk to your friends about it on your private Facebook profile. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel free to express your opinion.
  • Remember that your Facebook Page is also a virtual showcase for your business, as well as a business card for those who still don’t know you.
  • You can try to arouse emotions in those who follow you, through personal reflections or by inserting famous quotes. In the latter case, however, try not to be taken for granted and look for original quotes.
  • Stimulate interaction by making requests to your audience. For instance: “Have you ever been here?” or, “Do you remember? “.
  • Have your say on trending topics. To get noticed, you can also stimulate discussion by talking about trending topics, especially if they are related to the topics you talk about on your Facebook page. Don’t forget to be natural and always use common sense.
  • Use a few specific hashtags: while on Instagram, hashtags are used a lot to expand the visibility of your post, so it can’t be said for Facebook. On Facebook, hashtags are used to make you understand the topic of your post or the subject / object of your photo on the fly.
  • use great pictures with bright and vibrant colors. Subjects must be sharp and clear. Also in this case, it is possible to arouse an emotion, even through a simple photo.