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How to improve on Rocket League

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How to improve on Rocket League: After your friends talked about it for a long time, you finally decided to play Rocket League , the popular sports video game of Psyonix Studios. So you played the first few games and you’re having a lot of fun. In particular, you came across the Competitive mode and you are passionate about the game. However, as you progress in the competition, you are realizing that the opponents are getting more and more aggressive and therefore you would like some advice to improve your game performance. Is this the case, am I right? Then I’d say you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain in detail how to improve on Rocket League . In case you were wondering, we will deal with all the problems encountered by novice players, but there will also be space to talk about the dynamics known mostly by professional gamers. The tutorial will focus mainly on the “football” mode of the Psyonix Studios title, which is the most played and widespread, but I will also focus on some useful techniques regarding the other sports offered by the game.

What do you say? Are you ready to take action and learn all the most useful tactics to become a skilled Rocket League player? I’d say yes, since you’ve come this far and are reading this tutorial with interest. All you have to do, then, is to take a few minutes of free time, make yourself beautiful and comfortable and follow the quick instructions below. I can assure you that they will allow you to reach your goal in a flash. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

How Rocket League works

Rocket League loading screen

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to improve on Rocket League , I think you might be interested to know more about how the title of Psyonix Studios works.

Well, we are talking about a sports video game in which users control machines. The goal is to score goals in the opponent’s goal, but during the game anything can happen and the players have the turbo at their disposal, the ability to climb on the walls and jump to try to hit the ball.

Put simply, we could therefore define Rocket League as a football game with cars instead of footballers. This is the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars : title released in 2008 on PlayStation 3. The soul of the game of Psyonix Studios is multiplayer , since the games include 1 to 4 players per team.

The rules are very simple: whoever scores the most wins . There are no fouls, since the players’ machines can even be temporarily destroyed. In the event of a tie at the end of the regular time, the golden goal rule is used for which the scorer wins. Players can get the turbo by hovering over special circles scattered around the playing field.

Another important thing to know is that Rocket League requires the inclusion of bots in case there are not enough users online.

Rocket League mode

The title also provides different game modes: Ca-R-lcio (football, normal game), Snowday (ice hockey), Hoops (basketball), Brawl (mode with powers), Dropshot (you have to drop the ball off the map ) and Competitive (rankings against other players). In short, although Rocket League is mainly known for its “football” mode, it actually implements various types of sports.

Tips to improve on Rocket League

Rocket League is a particularly varied and complex title to master. For this reason, it is very important to implement measures that allow you to significantly improve your performance within the game. Below are all the details of the case.

Train in 1v1 mode and tutorials

1v1 Rocket League

Often, the method to improve in a title is right there in front of your eyes: training with tutorials . It may seem trivial advice, but there are some players who, driven by the desire to play as soon as possible, skip the suggestions proposed by the game itself and “improvise”: there is nothing more wrong to do!

In particular, Rocket League provides the user with a myriad of tutorials dedicated to the various actions that can be carried out during a normal game. To access this content, all you have to do is select the Training item from the main game screen and press Tutorial or Custom Training .

Rocket League tutorial

Another tip not to be underestimated is to train in 1v1 mode . The latter might seem “boring” in some respects, but I can assure you that not having teammates will help you focus on your goal and fully understand the timing of attack and defense, which are often overshadowed during games with larger teams.

Change the game settings

Rocket League camera options

Rocket League has, like any self-respecting multiplayer game, many possibilities in terms of customizing game settings . It is therefore very important to change the various options according to your style.

In particular, I would advise you to “get your hands on” the camera settings. The parameters to be taken into consideration are manifold: Oscillation , the visual field of the camera , distance of the camera , the camera height , camera angle , the camera rigidity , speed of camera rotation , flip the field camera , hold , indicator ball cam and ball arrow .

Here it is not possible to give you special advice, since each player must research the style that best suits their needs. So what you have to do is “tweak” the options and test them in the game. However, if you really want a basic indication, professionals usually keep the oscillation disabled, use a field of view of 100/110 degrees , a distance between 260 and 300 , a height of 110 , an angle of -3 and a stiffness of 0.5. These options are usually good for many but, as mentioned above, it all depends on your playing style.

For the rest, you may think to change the key assignment according to your needs. For example, if you see that you are inclined to press one key rather than another during the game, try making this “switch”. In any case, I remind you that, to change these options, you only need to select the Options item on the game’s home screen and move to the Camera tab , or to the Commands tab .

Position yourself correctly on the pitch

Friends Rocket League

Football has always taught us that every player has a role. Well, forget this rule: on Rocket League every user does everything, from the attacker to the goalkeeper, passing through the midfielder and the defender.

In fact, the title of Psyonix Studios is very frenetic and you can go from one side of the field to the other in a few seconds, so giving yourself a role is unthinkable . It is therefore particularly important to position yourself correctly on the field, finding the right alchemy with your teammates.

Here the concept of “rotation” comes into play : based on what happens in the game, each user must be able to “replace” himself quickly to his teammates. I give a practical example: if a defending player manages to repel an opponent’s shot, he will automatically find himself in attack. It will be good, therefore, that the user’s companion returns to defense, so as not to leave the door uncovered in the event of a counterattack.

On the other hand, going all together on the ball is not a good idea , since probably the players of the same team would hinder each other. In short, you must be able to give the right spaces to your companions and try to be as versatile as possible. By implementing this mentality, I can assure you that you will be able to better understand what is happening on the playing field.

Master the handbrake

Rocket League handbrake

One of the most underrated techniques by players is the use of the handbrake . In fact, if used correctly, this tool is capable of completely reversing the fate of an action.

The main problem for novice players is to use only the classic brake (e.g. L2 button on PS4). The latter is useful in most cases, but in some contexts it is of fundamental importance to use the handbrake (e.g. square button on PS4).

The latter allows, in fact, to change its positioning quite quickly and therefore hit the ball correctly. My advice is to train a lot, perhaps with offline bots, in the use of the handbrake.

I can’t give you many tips in this regard, since each player has his own style, but I can assure you that, once you master this tool, you will notice a significant improvement in your performance on Rocket League.

Learn to use boosts

Turbo Rocket League

The boost is probably one of the first features that the novice player of Rocket League discovers. In fact, to use them, simply pass over one of the circles on the map and press the turbo button (e.g. circle on PS4).

Usually, the ” pillars ” that fully charge the turbo bar are placed at the corners of the map, so I recommend you take these tools when the action moves over there. As for the use of the turbo, the ideal time to activate it is in actions on the counterattack or in the air, trying to anticipate the opponents.

But be careful not to use the turbo too much, as in the most excited actions it could be useful to save the game. The secret, as far as offensive actions are concerned, is to anticipate the opponents , catching them off guard and activating the turbo when they least expect it.

In my view, it is very important to practice using boosts in offline games , where there is a way to test relatively calmly how they work and how far they can go. Always keep an eye on the turbo bar, so you can understand how long it takes to wear out.

Learn to move on the walls and “jump”

Jumping Rocket League

During the first few games, less experienced Rocket League players are always “afraid” of going up the walls. In fact, initially it can be difficult to move the machine correctly and reach the ball.

Despite this, I strongly advise you not to lose heart and to train, perhaps offline, to hit the ball starting from the walls . In fact, given that most players are unable to take advantage of this possibility, being able to catch the opponent by hitting the ball from the wall can be a winning tactic.

Another very important aspect is that related to jumping (e.g. X button on PS4). The latter is very important to hit the ball correctly when it is in the air and also, if combined correctly with the climb on the wall, it can be essential to make counterattacks with an almost insured goal. In short, do not underestimate the movement in height.

The passage and the “corners”

Rocket League walls

Rocket League often leads to wanting to score at all costs. However, this is one of the most wrong things that can be done within the Psyonix Studios game, as it often leads to the opposite result.

The transition is of fundamental importance on Rocket League, since it allows you to take your opponents off guard. Often, in fact, players expect the user to shoot directly on goal, but, by making their partners “serve” and serving them, many times they manage to score rather simple goals.

In particular, one way used by professionals to pass the pass to their teammates is to run towards the corners and make a high “cross” in the center of the area , a sort of “corner”, so that someone arrives to jump and score a goal. By using walls, this technique becomes even less predictable and I can assure you that it often makes sparks.

Look at the professionals

Rocket League professionals

One of the most obvious, but also most important, advice that is always given regarding multiplayer games is to observe and learn from the professionals.

On the other hand, now platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are teeming with real experts, also from the eSport world. So I can only invite you to search on YouTube toimprove on Rocket League “: in this way, you will find countless video tutorials that will explain in detail the features of the title of Psyonix Studios.

For a detailed list of the recommended videos, I invite you to consult this page of Reddit (in English), where you will find a myriad of multimedia contents that will explain from scratch how to become a true Rocket League professional .

Although the videos are often in English, I can assure you that they are really easy to understand and, moreover, you can always activate the subtitles generated by YouTube. If you don’t know how to do it, I invite you to consult my guide on how to put subtitles on YouTube .