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How to improve on Fortnite PS4

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How to improve on Fortnite PS4: By playing Fortnite assiduously on your PS4 , you have noticed that some users are able to make moves at incredible speeds. Your desire is therefore to “emulate” their professional deeds and try to compete with them in the popular Epic Games Battle Royale title. However, you don’t really know where to start and would like some advice on how to improve on Fortnite PS4 in the fastest and easiest way possible. Well, magic recipes don’t exist but, if you want, I can try to give you a hand in this sense.

In today’s guide, we are going to find out what Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode consists of and we will analyze different tactics that are implemented by professional players of the famous Epic Games title. What am I referring to? For example, to “tricks” like that of “90 degrees”, which can help you improve your performance in a simple way and make you able to compete with higher caliber players. I will focus both on advanced aspects and on quick precautions to be put in place, so that you can immediately notice the difference.

I bet you can’t wait to get started, do you? Then take some free time for yourself and read the quick instructions below. I am sure that some precautions you had never even thought of and I am confident that you will become an excellent player of the Epic Games title very quickly. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and make a big good luck for everything!

How Fortnite Battle Royale works

How to improve on Fortnite PS4

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to improve on Fortnite PS4 , I think it might be useful to know more about the functioning of the main mode implemented by the famous Epic Games title.

The basic principle of Fortnite Battle Royale is simple: the game has a maximum of 100 players (the count clearly takes into account you and your friends too) who try to defeat each other on a particularly sized map high. This means that each player can have a large space available and must go looking for enemies. The ultimate goal is to defeat all opponents and remain the only player, or the only players (in the case of group games), alive.

At the beginning of the game, all users are inside a flying bus and have to wait for the latter to fly over the island (in the meantime, all they can do is thank the driver and rotate the view). When the “aircraft” is in the exact position, players will be able to choose when and where to parachute . After landing, they will then try to collect the best possible items, since finding an excellent weapon and good consumables can immediately guarantee a good competitive advantage.

In addition to the other players, Fortnite also foresees another “threat”: the storm , which, at regular intervals of time, will tighten its zone. Being unprepared for the arrival of the storm can be a significant problem, even if, especially in the early stages, it does not mean losing instantly.

After passing countless vicissitudes, players will arrive at the last circle, where the area can no longer shrink. Here the final battle will take place between users still alive and, of course, whoever manages to prevail over others will gain first place in the ranking.

If everything is clear so far, I would say that we can put aside the chatter and see, in concrete terms, how to improve game performance in Fortnite.

How to become Pro on Fortnite PS4

One of the greatest wishes of many Fortnite players is to become a professional player. There is obviously no “magic recipe” to do this, but it is possible to put into practice different tips that can quickly improve your game performance: here are the ones I consider most important.

Play with relative calm

Fortnite PS4 flying bus

As already mentioned in the introduction of this post, in the initial stages of each Fortnite game you will find yourself inside a flying bus, together with the other players. In this phase, you will have the opportunity to choose the landing area, changing the descent trajectory at will. Well, this is already a good starting point for planning the game.

In fact, many users, taken by haste and desire to play, immediately launch themselves from the flying bus and all fall into the same area: this leads them to find themselves all against and, inevitably, many of them will be forced to end the game immediately. You understand well, therefore, that by implementing a slightly more rational strategy , you can immediately gain many positions in the ranking and get valuable time to find the right weapons and objects.

One of the tips I can give you is to point to the most “external” areas of the map , ie those areas where most players don’t want to land. It may seem like a trivial matter, but many users want to play immediately and therefore do not even think about staying in the air for a few more seconds. Do not think, however, of finding the best loot, since it is usually available in the “busiest” areas, but I can assure you that finding good weapons in Fortnite is not that difficult, even in the most remote areas. In some cases, you may even have to run to get to the safe area, but this is a much lower risk than you can get off the flying bus immediately.

In my view, the best areas to start from are those in the middle of two known locations . To give you a concrete example, the forest can certainly be a good place to find fewer players, but obviously it all depends on the initial positioning of the flying bus.

Another very important aspect, which always relies on “caution”, is to move intelligently. Many users, taken by the euphoria of the moment, in fact run right to left in search of enemies to defeat. Needless to say, users who play in a more reasoned way, perhaps stationed inside a multi-storey building, will scoff at the “livelier” player, unless they have particularly surprising skills.

Play Fortnite calmly

Hiding and passing from one building to another, remaining a short distance from the storm (or entering it slightly), is therefore certainly a good way to improve the placement in the final ranking. To plan your moves in advance, press the PlayStation 4 controller touchpad and check the position of the houses within the next area on the map.

Of course, on your way you may encounter the same enemies, but hearing their movements while staying inside a building will be a breeze and you will surely meet fewer opponents than usual (since they will all be intent on moving first to the next area ).

Ultimately, playing with relative calm you will probably be able to get to the last stages of the game with ease, but then you will clearly have to take part in the final battle, where you will see the true skill of the players.

Know the weapons

PS4 Fortnite weapons

Fortnite has countless weapons and for this reason it is always good to know them all and learn to master them, always keeping up to date on new additions from developers.

The most important aspect to keep in mind about weapons is that related to rarity . In Fortnite weapons are in fact marked by different colors: gray, green, blue, purple and gold . Obviously, gold weapons will generally be the most “powerful” ones, while arriving in the final stages of the game with a gray weapon is not desirable.

Another tip that I feel I can give you is to keep in the inventory of very different weapons. In fact, during the game there will certainly be situations in which the combat will be close and others in which the other player will be very distant from your character.

The assault rifles are definitely the most versatile weapons, but also keep a sniper escort “” is never a bad idea. The grenades and rocket launchers can, however, be used to break the protections of the enemies and then have these on hand weapons can be very helpful. Shotguns are obviously particularly useful in close encounters.

For the rest, I invite you to consult the Italian encyclopedia of Fortnite , where you can find all the statistics of each single weapon in the game. Here you will understand which are the best weapons based on the following factors: Rarity , Ammunition , DPS , Damage , Rate of Fire , Magazine Capacity , Reload Time and Impact . In short, the information is certainly not lacking.

Build quickly

Fortnite PS4 materials

One tip that is often given by professional users to those who have just started playing Fortnite is to learn how to use construction mode . On the other hand, this feature is a feature that distinguishes the Epic Games title from other Battle Royale on the market and is designed precisely to give players the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

The basic elements of the construction mode are wood , stone and metal : the latter can be obtained from the various destructible objects present on the map, which can be “dismantled” with the pickaxe that is provided at the start of the game. To extract this object, just press the triangle button on the controller, while to “attack” you have to use the R2 button .

Once you have collected the number of elements needed to build the structures (usually 10 units ), press the O (circle) button and then R1 on the controller, select the structure you want to build and use the R2 button to place it in a suitable place. You also have the option to edit the newly created construction by pressing the pad’s O (circle) key .

As for the speed of construction, there is a technique that is called “90 degrees” by the players: this allows you to combine the elements I have illustrated to you in the best possible way, building a structure that is difficult to attack in a few seconds. Obviously, you will have to build this structure many times (maybe in Creative mode ) before learning how to do it so quickly.

There are many ways to use the “90 degrees” technique, but I’ll explain right away what I believe to be the most functional. The first thing to do is to get a good amount of materials , so as not to be unable to build during the game.

A good way to collect materials quickly is to fall at the start of the game in an area full of trees and cut down the larger ones. Don’t worry about the solidity of the structure: the “90 degrees” technique relies much more on the speed of construction and on the disorientation of the enemies.

90 degrees Fortnite PS4

To implement this technique, you have to place a ramp and go with your character on the left or right side of the same. After that, place a wall in the center and continue creating another one to the right or left, depending on where you want to orient your structure.

To finish, you just have to jump and place a ramp in the direction you choose. Excellent, now you have learned to use the “90 degrees” technique and you just have to repeat it as many times as possible to build a large building in a few seconds. For more information, I recommend you check out my guide on how to build on Fortnite for PS4 .

Improve aim

Aim Fortnite PS4

In a game of Fortnite, the frenetic situations are many and therefore having a good aim is very important. To get to a good level, you certainly need to train for a long time, but there are also some important precautions you shouldn’t forget to improve your aim.

Some trivial aspects, which are often forgotten in the game frenzy, are to always try to aim before shooting, even when it seems difficult to hit the enemy, not to jump while shooting (with the controller it can be difficult to score the shots) and to use the assisted aim , trying to aim at the opponent’s head, in order to score a shot that takes a lot of life from the enemy (headshot).

For all the details of the case, I invite you to take a look at my guide on how to improve the aim on Fortnite for PS4 , where you will find everything you need to learn how to manage battle situations.

Explore the map and know its “secrets”

Fortnite PS4 map

A valid trick for all online multiplayer games is that related to the knowledge of maps . In the case of Fortnite, this is even more important than usual, because the island is one (even if constantly changing) and therefore the “secrets” of the map can be exploited in all games.

Fortnite distinguishes the various areas of the map through unique names, from Borgo Bislacco to Hanging Pinnacles : this allows users to learn about the areas made available by the game and remember their characteristics. To learn the map, you can only play many games and mark the position of the strategic points that interest you, from the areas where other users usually do not go down to the buildings useful for hiding. I remind you that you just have to press the Dualpad 4 touchpad to see where you are.

If you have some time and you plan to seriously dedicate yourself to the title of Epic Games, I also recommend that you take a look at the Fortnite encyclopedia (in English), an inexhaustible source of information on the game. It is usually updated by the community, but I remind you that the game is constantly changing and therefore I invite you to take this information for indicative purposes only.

Find suitable settings

Fortnite PS4 settings

Fortnite offers the player the possibility to modify the combination of keys , in order to personalize the game experience: this is an aspect often underestimated, since trying and trying again to change keys can be a bit “boring”, but I can assure you that once you find the right combination, the improvements are noticeable.

To proceed, go to the main screen of the game’s Battle Royale mode , press the Options button on the pad and select the Settings item . Now, press the R1 key to go to the gear icon tab : here you will find all the items that are right for you.

The main fields you should consider, if you are using a controller, are: Wireless controller sensitivity X , Wireless controller sensitivity Y , Wireless controller motion sensitivity and Wireless controller viewfinder sensitivity . By changing these options and finding your ideal configuration, you can improve your speed of action and aim. However, I cannot give you precise suggestions on what values ​​to set, since each user needs a different configuration.

Fortnite PS4 presets

Another interesting aspect is the possibility of changing the keys to build. You can do this by going to Fortnite Settings and pressing R1 , until you select the joystick icon : from here you can select the various preset commands dedicated to the controller. In particular, those dedicated to construction mode are Fast Builder and Construction Professional.

The scheme linked to the chosen preset will appear on the screen and I recommend you try them all in order to understand which one is most suitable for your needs.

Purchase the right accessories

Pro Fortnite PS4 controller

Fortnite is a game that can be easily played with Dualshock 4, but there are accessories that can guarantee a good advantage. In fact, professional players use specific products designed specifically for competitive use.

I am referring, in particular, to the so-called Pro Gaming Controller , or pad, such as the Razer Raiju Gaming Controller and the Nacon Pro Revolution Controller , recommended by Sony itself, which focus heavily on ergonomics and responsiveness in the response of the commands. Using one of these controllers can definitely make you improve a lot on Fortnite.


Speaking of headsets , I invite you to consult my tutorial on the best headphones for PS4 , where you will find tips for all budgets.

If you are more likely to use the mouse and keyboard as an input method for the console, I suggest you take a look at my buying guides on the best gaming mice and the best gaming keyboards .

Learn from professional players

Fortnite PS4 professionals

It may seem obvious, but watching professional games and trying to carefully analyze their moves can lead to particularly interesting results. In fact, often to make the difference are small nuances, which maybe you have not caught watching absentmindedly videos and live.

For this reason, I advise you to watch videos on YouTube where more experienced players give advice on how to improve on Fortnite. To do this, simply connect to the official YouTube site or use the official app for Android or iOS and type “improve Fortnite PS4” or, in English, “How to get Better at Fortnite PS4” to see the videos related to the ‘topic.

Another platform where you can find a lot of Fortnite-related content is Twitch . The multimedia contents in this case are often live and therefore in many cases you can also ask your questions live to the professional player (if this is foreseen by the channel you are following). If you want advice on streamers, I can direct you to the POW3Rtv channel , managed by the Italian Giorgio Calandrelli, a member of the well-known eSport FNATIC team and one of the most famous Fortnite gamers in Italy.

For more information on the Epic Games title, I also advise you to consult my tutorials on how to win on Fortnite PS4  and on how to put the crushed view on Fortnite PS4 .