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How to improve on Fortnite PC

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How to improve on Fortnite PC: Playing Fortnite on PC has become incredibly demanding: this is because, with the spread and success of the game all over the world, the level of competition in online battles has risen very much. Not to mention how many players “populate” the game servers: among experienced users, with a lot of experience behind them, and new opponents thirsty for victory, it is practically a challenge to fight it!

I bet you think so too, don’t you? The difficult road to victory in Epic Games’ Battle Royale title is dotted with obstacles, small and large, which can only be overcome with a lot of practice and attention to detail. There are no shortcuts or magical solutions unfortunately, but this does not mean you have to give up! After all, if experts are not born, you can always become one and, to be one, you must also know the “tricks” and tactics used by professional players.

A few examples? I’ll settle for you right away. Read on and find out how to improve on Fortnite PC thanks to some tips and some tactics that will surely help you win your online games. Come on, position yourself comfortably, relax and let go of the tension of the multiplayer games for a few minutes, in order to learn what is needed to improve immediately in Fortnite. Happy reading and good luck for everything!

How Fortnite Battle Royale works

Improve on Fortnite PC

I think it is right to start with a review of the functioning of the main mode of this famous online shooter. The Battle Royale mode Fortnite is based on a very simple concept: the last one survives, wins. Players who compete simultaneously in the game can reach up to 100, in a large map that corresponds to approximately 5.5 square kilometers !

The characteristic of this mode is, therefore, the one that wins the last in life and not the one who does more kills. In other words, a player could theoretically win even by making one kill: that of the last remaining player. As you may have understood, it is therefore essential to be skilled in finding the right places to perch, to hide and build shelters to stay protected.

The start of the game is characterized by crossing the map over a very special flying bus that carries all the players. Everyone can thus choose where to be left to parachute to the location of the map they prefer. By the way: don’t forget to thank the driver for the ride !

Thanksgiving or not, once landed, the player must survive at all costs, finding useful items and the best weapons to increase the chance of survival.

The playing area, however, is not destined to remain as large as at the beginning, because as you progress in the game, circles appear and narrow the area more and more, so that the meeting with the other players takes place more and more frequently . The times between the narrowing of one circle and the other decrease progressively, but it is very important not to be unprepared for the storm , which is always around the corner, after the first circle has appeared on the map.

All clear at this point? Excellent, then you are finally ready to find out how to improve on Fortnite PC . Read on to find out which aspects you can work to survive last!

How to become Pro on Fortnite PC

Be pro on Fortnite

The path to becoming a professional on Fortnite is long and tortuous. Of course you must also have a certain predisposition for the Battle Royale shooter genre, but never underestimate the importance of constantly learning from your mistakes and the techniques of the more experienced players . These attentions are fundamental to improve as quickly as possible. That said, here are some tips that can help you concretely in your games in this famous online title.

Play with relative calm

Keep calm to play Fortnite

When you find yourself in a map full of opponents, all fierce, it is normal to be a little excited and hasty, but you must always keep in mind that the victory in Battle Royale comes with patience.

That said, start the game without being in a hurry to parachute you into the game area but study the area of ​​the map where you pass and observe the behavior of the opponents. Most Fortnite players tend to launch into the more central areas of the map, while not underestimating the advantage of positioning yourself in the more peripheral areas .

Usually, when you are in a peripheral area, you don’t meet many players and your chances of survival in the first minutes of the game will be higher. It is also true that you still have to be careful to get close to the safe zone in order not to be excluded from the game. Don’t forget to look for loot as you approach the safe zone: having good weapons and an upgraded shield are important for winning.

Also, remember to always move with caution, especially when you move to large areas without roofs and never approach a building in a hurry. Approached, however, by secondary entrances and observing openings such as windows and doors. Being able to “conquer” a building can prove to be a very effective method of resisting in a safe place indoors, however you will always have to observe who is approaching from the windows and you will never have to miss the opportunity to check the doors and listen to the steps of those who approach , in the event that an opponent has sneaked in.

Do not stay too long in the same building but, from time to time, look at the map and find other nearby buildings, which you could then try to conquer. The ideal would be to stay in buildings near the storm.

By playing with a calm and thoughtful attitude, you can build winning strategies, learning from mistakes and picking up the moves that work in subsequent games. In this way, you will refine your technique and be more inclined to learn from others.

Know the weapons

Learn about Fortnite weapons

The weapons in Fortnite are real tools that lead to victory. The key importance of weapons is demonstrated by the fact that those who master and know them better have a much better chance of winning.

To start, never miss an update on weapons and don’t forget that, periodically, the power of each of them is remodeled to better balance the game. This means that if you find a winning combination, it will hardly remain definitive and you may need to review it often.

It is also important to keep in mind the colors of the weapons , each of them corresponds to the rarity, therefore also to better performance. The colors of the weapons in order of rarity are: gray , green , blue , purple and gold . It goes without saying that getting to the final stages of the game with a gray weapon lowers the chances of winning. The greater the rarity of the weapon, the higher its DPS, which stands for Damage for Second (damage per second).

Still on the subject of weapons, do not forget to look around you: armaments and ammunition float and shine around, so seeing them will not be difficult, as long as you pay a little attention.

In order to “study” the characteristics of each weapon, I invite you to consult the Italian encyclopedia of Fortnite , where you can have all the updated details on the factors: Rarity, Ammunition, DPS, Damage, Magazine capacity, Cadence of Fire, Impact and Charging times .

Build quickly

Quickly build on Fortnite

Improving in Fortnite by specializing in the peculiar construction mode is certainly one of the most suggested approaches to the game by the professionals of victory. Mastering the construction of ramps and buildings, starting to practice from the first hours of the game, is very useful to guarantee shelters, defense walls and immediate coverings, wherever the clash takes place.

Always keep in mind the different construction materials : wood, stone and metal. To obtain resources, destroy elements of the landscape and dismantle buildings with the pickaxe , a tool that you will always have at your disposal. Use it by pressing the F key and collect immediately what you have found, before it is stolen from the eyes by other players. Do not forget to use it also as a close weapon, if you need it. You will need to collect at least 10 items to build structures.

90 degree construction on Fortnite

To start a construction, enter the respective mode with the G key and choose what you want to build. You can rotate the construction project with the mouse and position the piece the way you want with a click of the mouse . Do not forget, then, to place traps in your structure, by pressing the T button .

If you want to speed up the construction of buildings, use the shortcuts, opening the main menu, clicking on the Settings menu icon and going to Input . From this screen you can choose which keys to assign to the type of construction: my advice is to simply do several tests, in order to find out how you feel better!

Regarding the constructions, I also want to briefly explain the 90 degree technique . This technique involves the very rapid construction of a very simple ramp, to then move to its left or right side to build a wall exactly in the center and thus continuing making another one to the left or right.

Keep in mind that mastering this technique by becoming fast requires a lot of practice and, therefore, I suggest you practice in creative mode. The skill will consist of moving quickly from one newly built ramp to another. If you want to know more details on how to build on Fortnite, I refer you to my dedicated article .

Improve aiming on Fortnite PC

Knowing how to target Fortnite

If you want victory in Fortnite, you will do well to practice for good aim . I guess you will have understood how important it is to aim well in this Battle Royale. Having a good aim does not only mean shooting at the desired point, but also doing it quickly. Being able to be efficient when aiming for Fortnite is mainly a matter of practice: experience to be gained from game to game and in creative mode. The experience comes as you get used to the game speed in terms of FPS and the speed of movement of the mouse.

My advice for more efficient practice is to always try to aim accurately . The first few times it will certainly seem more practical to shoot on the target without pretending the point you hit, but if you do not start trying to hit the weak points , such as the head, you will never have enough training.

Practice, therefore, the so-called “headshot”, even when the target seems distant: over time, you will see that you will be able to score an increasing number. At first, do not try to jump while aiming at the head: although it is an effective technique, I advise you to do it only when you feel practical with aiming.

Finally, I want to reassure you of the assisted aim available to opponents who play on mobile and console. Unfortunately it is true that it can be a considerable advantage for those who approach the game for the first few times, however I assure you that perfecting free aim , using a mouse and a gaming keyboard, will give you a margin of success and flexibility unmatched use of controllers.

To reinforce this guarantee is the fact that many Fortnite players, even on consoles, prefer to play with the mouse and keyboard to have more precision.

A final recommendation on aiming is closely related to the performance of your connection , or having an excellent aim will not do much if your connection is inconsistent and slow. If you often experience lag (game slowdowns due to slow connection), I recommend that you do a speed test and act accordingly, possibly putting into practice my advice on how not to get Fortnite to lag on PC .

Find suitable settings

Better settings on Fortnite PC

What I told you in the chapter dedicated to targeting Fortnite, is closely related to finding the most suitable settings .

The first settings to adjust are definitely the video ones , precisely because finding the right one means not incurring a loss of FPS, otherwise called frame drop . These slowdowns occur when the graphics settings are higher than the computing power of your PC. It therefore becomes of fundamental importance to set the graphics to a level supported by the PC, especially when performance is preferred to graphic quality.

Many professional gamers prefer to reduce video quality close to the minimum and with the maximum field of view possible. This approach helps to avoid slowdowns even in the most complex and excited game situations.

If you didn’t already know, you can change the video settings of Fortnite on PC with the help of my dedicated tutorial , where I explain each step in detail to configure the graphics of the game.

Other settings that can make the difference concern the customization of the commands : in Fortnite, it is possible to adopt combinations different from those proposed by default by the developers; this is not a small possibility since, in this way, everyone can find new combinations according to their personal preferences.

To change the controls, you can always go to the Settings menu , accessible from the game’s home screen, and click on the icon with the three horizontal lines . Proceed, therefore, by clicking on the icon that represents the directional keys of the keyboard and you will be able to change the assignment of the keys to the corresponding actions. By clicking on the gear icon, you can then change the behavior of the mouse : for example, making it more sensitive, you will move the viewfinder faster.

My advice is to “play” with these customizations, in order to find the most suitable configuration for you, according to your tastes. You could also take inspiration from a professional player, imitating his winning configuration to understand if it could also be for you. When you have found the one you prefer, do a lot of practice to get used to it!

Purchase the right accessories

Gaming station and accessories

Have you ever noticed the accessories used by Fortnite professional players? If I had never noticed it, these are particular accessories, not only in aesthetics, but above all in performance. These accessories belong to the category called gaming , or peripherals designed with the prevalent use of video games in mind.

What does this mean in practical terms? We start, for example, from gaming mice and keyboards , which present a series of benefits aimed exclusively at gaming. To be more precise, gaming mice have greater sensitivity in terms of DPI, backbones and macro buttons (keys that if pressed correspond to the pressure of several keys simultaneously); many of these are even customizable in weight and performance .

The by gaming keyboards , also propose keys for macros, a stroke of the most suitable keys to gaming (the stroke corresponds to the time the button is pressed), as well as a better ergonomics for extended gaming sessions.

For practical advice on gaming mice and keyboards to buy, try taking a look at the buying guides I have dedicated to these peripherals.

Do not underestimate, then, the choice of headset most suitable for gaming : these can make a difference in particular in group battles to communicate with teammates. In this regard, if you want to have a clearer idea on the choice of the best headphones, you can consult my buying guide dedicated to these accessories.

To conclude this chapter on accessories, I would like to say that every player should find his ideal gaming position , where he can feel comfortable. Building a gaming station is not such an immediate process, especially if you do not follow specific principles. If you too believe you deserve a well-organized gaming station and where you can find yourself, I refer you to my article which will guide you step by step in choosing the individual components.

Explore the map and know its “secrets”

Map of Fortnite

Do you remember when, at the beginning of the article, I told you how big the Fortnite map was? Well, this information should make you understand how important it is to know how to move in such a large space: it is an attention that must be placed in every multiplayer title. I can assure you that knowing the secrets of the game map makes a big difference!

The Fortnite map changes periodically, based on updates, but it is always good to memorize multiple areas to take them as a reference. Therefore, try to remember the names, associating them with their physical and aesthetic characteristics. The best way to get to know the map is to play different games, memorizing strategic points. A tip in this regard: when you are eliminated, stay to watch the players, so as to study how they exploit the map!

As for weapons, I also propose in this case to refer to the Fortnite encyclopedia , because it is rich in information on the different places that make up the playing area. Try to observe how players behave, for example in small spaces such as buildings. This will help you develop action plans, which will remain suitable even when the map is updated.

Learn from professional players

Learn from the pros on Fortnite

You may have missed it, but remember that watching professionals play can teach you a lot. Cut out some time spaces where, instead of playing, you can watch videos or live games of professional games, because this will help you understand what level of skill you are at and what level, instead, you want. Try to assimilate the techniques and approaches to each situation, the most used type of weapons, the techniques of loot, construction and exploration and always try to grasp the details.

The most recommended means to learn from professionals are YouTube , where you can search for “improve Fortnite PC” or “How to get better at Fortnite PC” and the Twitch streaming platform in the section dedicated to Fortnite . The Twitch channels of professional players such as Ninja , Pow3r , Aydan and Tfue , can come in handy to see their skills live.