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How to improve in Ruzzle

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How to improve in Ruzzle: Did you also succumb to Ruzzle’s mania ? Then I bet you get very bad every time you lose a challenge against a friend less experienced than you or you can’t beat your record of words found during a game for too long. It happens to me too.

So what if I reveal some techniques to win more challenges and make high scores during your games? I assure you that by preparing well and playing intelligently, there is no need for tricks or irregularities to become champions of Ruzzle. Courage, start the game and find out now how to play checkers on the Internet thanks to the tips I’m about to give you.

If you are looking for some advice on how to play checkers on the Internet to raise your scores and win more games, I would say that one of the first moves you can make is to study a standard game strategy . Create a mental pattern with which to proceed in the search for words and always use the one in your challenges.

For example, you could decide to always start from the letters that are located at the four corners of the screen and switch to the other pieces only after finding all the possible combinations with the latter. Following a pattern, in fact, relaxes the mind and makes the search for words on the screen more peaceful.

Continuing the discussion of the predefined pattern, you could also search for the longest words first and then the shortest ones. In short, the various articles (the, the, the, etc.) always reserved for the end of the game, when time is running out and the mind is no longer lucid enough to build more complex words.

In addition, for the purposes of scoring, I highly recommend you to build the shortest words using as the initial letters the pieces that give bonuses and not the first ones that come under your fingers. As I explained in my guide on how to play checkers on the Internet , in fact, there are colored badges that allow you to get important bonuses if used to compose the words: DL gives a double score for the letter used, TL gives a triple score for the letter will use, while DW provides a double score for the word found and TW guarantees a triple score for the word.

Other tips I can give you to improve in Ruzzle is to never forget similar words , diminutives, accretives and verbs. This means that if on the table you find a term “flexible” as taken , it is very likely that the same path you can also find similar terms, such as took , took , potholder , sockets and so on.

Furthermore, do not forget to mark the singular and plural variants of the terms you have found, to look for the masculine and feminine variants of the words and to try – from time to time – to compose words that you do not know : maybe they are present in the dictionary and are worth even a bunch of points!

A very good technique to know “new” words to be exploited in your games is to consult the summary of all the terms found by your opponents in online challenges and the reports with all the words that you could compose with the pieces of your game. I assure you that, unwittingly, the opponents could give you a huge hand to improve your scores.

For now I think it will be enough. Practice any of these tips (or all of them, if you consider them valid) and try to raise your Ruzzle scores . Of course the more exercises you will do in single player and the more chances of winning you will have against online opponents … but actually playing alone after a little tired. So throw yourself in the arena and challenge your friends without too many fears. I bet you are going to have great games!