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How to improve aiming on Fortnite PC

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How to improve aiming on Fortnite PC: Ever since you downloaded it to your PC, you’ve been getting more and more passionate about Fortnite, the famous title of Epic Games, and you are looking for tips that will allow you to improve your game performance. Going into more detail, you would like to know how to improve targeting on Fortnite from PC, so you opened Google looking for advice in this regard and you ended up on my tutorial.

This is exactly how it is, isn’t it? Then you will be happy to know that you have found what is right for you: in the next lines of this guide, in fact, I will give you some general suggestions that you can implement to obtain tangible improvements in your aiming techniques in the world of Fortnite.

If, therefore, you are curious to find out more and you are looking forward to starting, just sit comfortably, take just a few minutes of free time and carefully read the suggestions I am about to give you. You will see that, with a little effort and patience, you will be able to achieve the desired results. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Use mouse and keyboard

Fortnite Mouse Xbox One keyboard

If you wonder how to improve targeting on Fortnite from PC, the first advice I want to give you is what concerns the use of mouse and keyboard, instead of the controller.

Up Fortnitein fact, it is possible to play with the controller also on PC but, especially if you are a beginner with the game, the use of mouse and keyboard is easier to take aim.

Mice, in fact, especially gaming ones, have greater sensitivity and precision with often customizable parameters, making them more efficient than most traditional mice and controllers. In fact, these are peripherals specifically designed to ensure that high performance can be obtained in video games.

Gaming mouse

To improve your gaming performance in Fortnitetherefore, I advise you to evaluate the purchase of a gaming mouse. One of the main advantages of using a mouse of this type lies in the sensitivity of the pointer, which it can be regulated and customized through the use of “standard” software, with the aim of being able to perform more precise as well as faster actions in video games and, in this case, to improve aim.

By choosing, for example, to set a low mouse sensitivity, the cursor will move more slowly and will be easier to manage. On the contrary, with a high sensitivity, the cursor will move quickly and will be less manageable. In this regard, for more information on this, read my guide on how to see the mouse DPI.

As for i dPI mouse pointers to improve aiming on Fortnite and, therefore, of the sensitivity to be set through the video game settings, I will tell you more about it in one next chapter of the guide.

Now, however, I want to suggest you to deepen the topic by reading my guide on best gaming mice, where you can find numerous tips on mice designed for professional gamers.

Some examples of what are the best gaming mice can also be found below.

Use tools to improve aiming

Aim trainer

Improve your aim on Fornite it takes time and also a lot of training: you cannot expect to become a professional videogame player in a few days. For this reason, one piece of advice that I want to give you is what concerns the use of online tools or programs that help improve aiming, through simulations.

There are several online tools and software suitable for this purpose, such as the one offered by the website 3D Aim Trainer, which offers a fully customizable virtual environment simulation, but also several predefined presets based on popular video games, including Fortnite.

Another online tool that I recommend you use is the one made available by the website Aim 400 KG: it is a tool that allows you to train and improve your aim with numerous tools aimed at those who want to improve accuracy (Accuracy), the reflections (Reflex) but also the speed (quickness)

Also, if you downloaded the client Steam, you will be happy to know that there are several free video games that allow you to improve your aim. Among these there is Aim Lab, an excellent video game useful for those who want to train their aim in genre titles TPS is FPS.

Adjust game settings


Another tip I want to give you to improve your aim in Fortnite is to adjust your settings mouse sensitivity is resolution in the game.

More specifically, as regards the values ​​of dPI to set, there is no default value, it all depends on your preferences. In general, however, the most experienced gamers of Fortnite they use a sensitivity ranging from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 3200 DPI.

Having said that, my advice is to practice your mouse a little, so as to identify the configuration that best suits your needs. In addition, through the Fortnite settings you can further adjust the sensitivity of the device: to do this, start the game and choose one of the available modes (for example Battle royal), to access the screen Lobby. Then press on the icon , located at the top right, and click on thegear icon, in the menu that is shown to you.

After that, to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, press again on thegear icon in the top menu, and refer to the section Input, through which you can adjust the mouse sensitivity, the sensitivity of movement and also there targeting sensitivity.


Also, if you have lag problems and these have an impact on your aim, I suggest you act through the resolution panel, to lower the graphics settings.

To do this, access the menu of Settings, as explained in the previous lines, then click on theTV icon located in the top menu.

This way, you can set the quality of the graphics a bass or average, and customize some specific settings, deactivating, for example, the effects or the shadows, which can usually cause lag problems on less hardware-performing computers.

Fortnite settings

In this regard, even if it is obvious to say it, if you want to improve your gaming performance on Fortnite (including aiming too), you must have a gaming computer, so that i system requirements required by the game.

For more information on how not to get Fortnite to lag on PC and, consequently, to get improvements in terms of aim, I suggest you read the my guide dedicated to the topic.

Other useful tips

Would you like other useful tips to improve your aim on Fortnite? If so, pay close attention to the tips I’m going to give you in the following lines.

  • Know the weapons of the game – Fortnite is a competitive video game that is characterized by the presence of numerous game weapons. Since each of these has specific details, it is useful to know their characteristics, in order to master their use. I therefore suggest you consult the Fortnite Wiki, for more information on the parameters of weapons such as the rate of fire.
  • Train often – to improve aiming on Fortnite training is essential. Try to be patient and don’t expect to get results immediately. Train using the tools you need to improve the aim I told you about in previous chapter and put them into practice during game games.
  • Predicting opponent’s moves – another suggestion that I feel I can give you is to learn to predict the movements of the opponents. Track the movement of your opponent, positioning the crosshair in the direction in which it is moving and, when you shoot, aim at the body: this way it will be easier to hit it, compared to the head. If, on the other hand, you are jumping to avoid being hit, aim down to hit the opponent.
  • Learn from the best – to improve your aim on Fortnite, you can also take an example from professional gamers. In this regard, I advise you to watch videos on YouTube in which the more experienced players give advice on how to improve the aim. Then connect to official YouTube site or use the official portal app for Android or iOS and, type in the search engine “improve your aim on Fortnite” or, in English “Improve aim Fortnite” to see the videos related to the topic.