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How to import music from iTunes

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How to import music from iTunes: Have you decided to switch from PC to Mac, or have purchased a new PC, and want to transfer the music library of iTunes from your old computer to the new one? At first glance it may seem like a very difficult mission to complete, but I assure you it is not.

If you want to learn how to import music from iTunes, all you have to do is follow the steps I am about to illustrate and in a matter of minutes you will have all your favorite songs on your new computer. The procedure can be performed from PC to Mac, from PC to PC or from Mac to PC. Here’s everything in detail.

If you want to find out how to import music from iTunes, know that all you need to do is copy the iTunes music folder from the source computer and copy it to the destination computer. In between there are three or four additional steps to take but the essence doesn’t change, it’s a very simple transfer of folders.

Then access the PC or Mac where the music library you want to transfer to a new system is saved and start iTunes. Now you need to make sure that all the media files in the Apple program library are saved in a single folder and organized for transfer to another computer.

To do this you have to go to the menu Edit> Preferences iTunes and select the Advanced tab in the window that opens. So put the check mark next to the item Copy files to iTunes Media folder while adding to library and click on the button OK to save the settings. This step on Mac is not necessary, as the option is automatically enabled.

Now, go to the menu File> Library> Organize Library (File> Library> Organize Library if you use a Mac) of iTunes, put the check mark next to the item Consolidate files (Consolidate documents on Mac) and click on the button OK to save the settings.

At this point, you are ready to copy the iTunes folder (where in the meantime all the multimedia files in the program library have been transferred without deleting those in the original folders) to an external hard drive or any other storage device capable of containing your entire music collection. Just a simple copy and paste of the folder iTunes on the external drive.

If you don’t know where the iTunes folder is, its location in Windows 7 / Vista And C:UsersTuo Nome UtenteMusiciTuneson Mac OS X And /Utenti/nomeutente/Musica while on Windows XP And C:Documents and SettingsTuo Nome UtenteDocumentiMusica.

The final step for import music from iTunes consists in connecting the external hard disk on which the iTunes folder was copied to the computer on which to transfer the music library and, with another copy-and-paste, replace the local iTunes folder with that of the other computer. The folder path is the one written above, which varies according to the operating system installed on the PC. Be sure to do this with iTunes closed.

If there are songs in the destination computer’s iTunes library that you don’t want to lose after transferring the songs from the other system, you can create a backup copy of them by going to preferences iTunes and clicking on the button Reset. After that you need to run the Consolidation of the library as seen above and that’s it.

After transferring the iTunes folder from one computer to another, you can launch the program and you will find all your favorite songs in their place. Admit it, it was a lot easier than you expected