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How to hide your email address

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How to hide your email address: The first time you created an email address you were still a kid and that is why your mailbox has a name that you would now call a little singular and maybe even a little awkward. Probably for you that name has a meaning, maybe it is the nickname you used as a young man but, now that you are grown up and that you use that same email address for work, you risk making a bad impression due to your lack of professionalism.

Do you often surf the web but are reluctant to use your email address for online registrations because you are afraid of receiving spam? If you find yourself in one of these situations listed (but there are many similar ones) I imagine that this is the reason why you searched the Internet “How to hide your email address“. Well, in this case know that the most useful solution for this purpose is to associate an alias to your existing email address. Alternatively, to hide your email address you can also use third-party web services that allow the sending of anonymous emails.

How do you say? Is the question of interest to you and you want to know more? Okay, then sit comfortably because in the course of this tutorial I will tell you in detail about all the solutions that best suit your purpose. Take a few minutes of free time and read this guide carefully. Have a good reading.

How to hide your email address via alias

Preliminary notes

Most e-mail services, such as Gmail and Outlook, allow you to set aliases for sending and receiving e-mail messages from an address other than the one you are using. This way you will use your own inbox to receive and send messages from the alias.

In this case you should know that your e-mail address will share the same mailbox and, therefore, the same storage space with all other aliases (which are other e-mail addresses).

Given the assumptions, you may think it might be a problem to receive emails from multiple addresses on the same mailbox, as this could lead to confusion. This problem is helped by the message filter system that most e-mail services have.

The solution is to set up a filter that automatically transfers the emails received and sent from an alias to a folder within your inbox: this will make everything more tidy.

But let’s go in order. In the next paragraphs I will explain, by way of example, how to set an alias on Outlook and Gmail. However, keep in mind that other e-mail services also allow you to do this.


To set an alias on Outlook mailboxes, just reach the official website and log in.

Inside your inbox, move to the top right section and click the button with the symbol of a gear. Then select the item Connected accounts and then click on the entry Manage or choose a primary aliaswhich you will find in the new page that opens to you.

In this new screen you will need to click on the entry Add email and choose how to create an alias.

You can decide whether to create a new one or use an existing email address. Then choose the first item Create a new email address and add it as an alias and type, in the text box immediately below, the username of your new box you are creating. Then click the button Add alias to confirm its creation.

You will find the list of aliases on the new page you will be redirected to. I advise you, if you do not want anyone to be able to try to use your email address to try to access your mailbox, to click on the item Change login preferences. Uncheck the box relating to the aliases you have created and confirm using the button Save.

Now go back to your Outlook inbox and try to compose a new message. Normally, when you create a new message, it is always sent from the email address set as primary.

To change it while composing a message, click the button with the three dots symbol that you find at the top and select the item Show from. A new element will appear in the composition of your message: by clicking on the wording From, all the aliases you have registered will appear. Just click on one to send a message hiding your primary email address.

Let’s now pass briefly to sorting the emails sent and received through filters. From the main panel of your inbox, click on button [+] that you find next to the wording Folders, in the left bar. Then enter a name for the new folder and press Enter on the keyboard.

Then click the button with the gear symbollocated at the top right and click Options. From the left menu, click Automatic processing> Inbox and organization rules. Then click the button [+] under the heading Inbox rules.

Now enter a name for your rule in the field First name. From the drop-down menu When the message arrives and meets all these conditions, you will have to select the voice Includes the specified words> In the recipient address entering the address of your alias and then clicking button [+].

From the next drop-down menu Perform all of the following actions, choose the item Move, copy or delete> Move message to folderthen selecting the folder created earlier. You can then, after setting the action to perform, then click Ok and then again on Ok to confirm the creation of the new filter.

This way you will have created a rule for messages arriving in your mailbox that have your alias as their recipient.


Creating an alias on Gmail mailboxes is just as simple. In fact, there is the possibility of creating automatic aliases by inserting, within the email address, the sign [+] followed by a word of your choice, before the sign @.

You can then create the alias or All you have to do is simply communicate the alias to anyone who has to send you an email; you can also use these aliases for Internet registration.

An alternative and less automatic solution is the one that involves the creation of another Gmail address that will be made alias of the main address.

The procedure is similar, conceptually, to the one seen in Outlook, but Gmail requires that a new email address be created, a procedure that you can complete by doing this link. You will then need to click on the button Create an account and fill in all the information on the screen. You can learn more by reading this guide of mine.

Once you’ve created a new Gmail address to use as an alias, log into your main email account. Then click the button with a symbol of a gearwhich you find at the top right and select the item Settings.

Then click on the tab Account and import and then click Add another addressin correspondence with the item Send message as.

In the new window, then type the email address you created earlier and make sure there is a check mark in the box Treat as an alias. Then follow all the on-screen procedures to complete the association.

To check the e-mail of the alias, you can decide to directly access its e-mail panel or configure the reading of messages directly from your main account.

To do this, always from the section Account and importyou will need to click on the wording Add an account email corresponding to the item Check mail from other accounts. In the new window that opens, enter the alias email address and follow the on-screen procedure.

How to hide your email address from third party email services


Trash-Mail is an online service that allows you to create email boxes in just a few clicks to send anonymous messages, without worrying about showing your email address. It has a simple and intuitive user interface and offers the ability to instantly send a message.

Then connect to the website I provided you and click on the button above Start Now. Now click on the tab He composed to start writing the message to send.

The first field to be filled in is the one indicating the wording From: then type in a fancy name and select one of the providers from the list. Some of these, however, will require the insertion of a password, in order to access the virtual mailbox and read the messages arriving at that address.

Then type the recipient’s address in the next field To and then continue with the compilation of the remaining fields Subjectfor the subject of your e-mail, e Messageto compose your message.

Then fill in the field CAPTCHA you see below and click the button Send Mail to send your e-mail message.

Send Email

Another equally useful online service for sending messages without having to reveal your email address is the one offered by Send Email. This service allows you to send messages from a predefined sender to one of your choice.

Then connect to the website I mentioned earlier and first fill in the field To with the recipient’s email address. Then fill in the subject via the field Subject and finally compose your message using the text box Message.

To send the message, swipe the button with the arrow symbol from left to right.

Other services to hide your email address

In addition to the services I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you can view the list that I propose below. You will find many other services that can be right for you and that will allow you to hide your email address.

  • Dead Fake – is a simple and intuitive service for sending anonymous emails, which can be used with the aim of hiding your email address. It has an intuitive interface, through which you will have to indicate the essential elements for sending a message: sender (To), recipient (From), object (Subject) and message (Message). The sender will receive your message, but will be notified that it was sent through this service, while ensuring the anonymity of the person who composed the email.
  • Anonymouse – is another easy to use online service. You will have to fill in the fields you see on the screen, inserting the sender’s address (To), the subject of your email (Subject) and the body of your message (Message). The message will then be sent to the recipient anonymously.
  • Emkei’s Mailer– is another interesting service that works in a similar way to the previous ones. In addition, it also allows you to attach files to your messages. Then use the field Attachment to attach your files and send them anonymously.