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How to hibernate Facebook profile

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How to hibernate Facebook profile: Have you noticed that you spend too much time on Facebook lately and would like to unplug a bit by temporarily suspending your account on the famous social network? If the answer is yes you will most likely find out how to hibernate facebook profile will be of great help to you. How do you say? Have you already thought about it but you don’t have the slightest idea how to do it? Well, but don’t worry, I can explain everything to you, in detail.

To try to meet the needs of this type, Facebook has made available to users a special feature that allows you to temporarily suspend the account and that allows you to reactivate it at a later time as if nothing had ever happened. The functionality in question differs from actual deletion as it allows you to restore the profile at any time, then allowing the user to continue using it as he always did until just before his… “freezing”.

If you are interested in this and if you want to find out how to hibernate your Facebook profile, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time, get comfortable and concentrate carefully on reading this tutorial. I am more than sure that in the end you will be able to say satisfied and that you will also be ready to shout from the rooftops that hibernating Facebook profile was actually a real breeze. Let it bet?

Preliminary operations

Before illustrating how to hibernate Facebook profile, however, I want to explain what you need to do to perform a backup of your personal data on the social network. Making a backup of Facebook data can be very useful in order to always be able to access information, photos, posts and anything else you have chosen to make available on the social network.

To download a backup of your data from Facebook Click here in order to connect to the main page of the social network and then fill in the appropriate forms located at the top right by typing the email address or telephone number with which you have chosen to register on the social network and the relative password. Once this is done, presses the green button Log in.

Now press the icon depicting a arrow pointing down located at the top right of the blue Facebook bar and click on the entry Settings attached to the menu that is shown to you. Then click on the entry Your information on Facebook located in the left sidebar, go up Download your information and select the data you want to include in your backup between Post, Photo, Video etc.

Then use the drop-down menus at the top to choose thedate range to be included in the backup (you can also download a partial backup referring to a certain period of time), the format where to download it (keep the default option HTML) and the quality of multimedia content to be included in it. Next, click on the button Create the file and wait for the creation of your backup to complete.

When the archive containing the copy of your Facebook data is ready you will receive the download link of the same directly via email. Note that depending on the amount of data to be backed up, this could take more than a day.

If you prefer to act mobile, you can request a copy of your data by starting theofficial Facebook app and going to the menu ☰> Settings and privacy> Settings> Download your information.

Facebook profile hibernation

How to hibernate Facebook profile

Once you have obtained the backup copy of your data you can finally take the real action and then find out how to hibernate your Facebook profile. To do this, first connect to the main page of the social network and if necessary log in again by entering the data referring to your account. Then press the icon depicting an arrow pointing down which is located in the upper right part of the blue Facebook bar and then click on the item Settings attached to the menu that is shown to you.

In the new page that is now shown to you, click on the item Edit relating to the option Manage accounts and click on Deactivate your account twice in a row. If prompted, re-type the password for your account on the social network, then fill out the form that is proposed to you, taking care to indicate the reasons for which you wish to do so. To finish, click on the button Deactivate.

At this point you can tell yourself more than satisfied! You have finally managed to hibernate your Facebook profile, congratulations! From now on your profile will be disabled and your name and image will be removed from most of the items you shared on Facebook. However, some information, such as your name on friend lists or the messages you invite, may still be visible to other people.

However, since it is not a real deletion of the profile, if you think about it you can resume using your account at any time, therefore going to cancel the procedure just seen to hibernate the Facebook profile. To do this, just go to the main page of the social network and log in by entering the data you have always used to access your account. Once this is done, the Facebook profile will be immediately reactivated and you can continue to use it without problems as you did until before the deactivation procedure. The procedure to be carried out to re-enable the Facebook profile after hibernating it is extremely simple but if you still need more details you can take a look at my guide on how to re-enable the Facebook account.

Keep in mind that all the operations I have indicated to you are also valid from smartphones and tablets. If you are therefore intending to hibernate Facebook profile by acting from mobile, just start the Facebook app directly from your device and go to the menu ☰> Settings and privacy> Settings> Personal information> Deactivate.

How to hibernate Facebook profile

Cancellation of the Facebook profile

If, on the other hand, with the passage of time I had to make a decision, so to speak, a little more drastic and, instead of hibernating the Facebook profile, I would therefore delete your account completely and permanently, you will need to follow these steps.

To begin with, log back into your Facebook profile as I explained to you in the previous lines in order to reactivate it and then click on the icon of the arrow which is located at the top right of the main page of the social network and first select the item Settings from the menu that appears and then that Your information on Facebook from the left sidebar.

At this point, click on the link View related to the option Delete your account and information, click the button Delete my account and a box will open in which the procedure to delete the Facebook account will be started.

Screenshot showing how to unsubscribe from Facebook

Now type the password associated with your Facebook account in the field Password, enter the security code displayed in the center of the screen in the field Enter your text here (or select the required images) and click on the button OK.

If everything went well at this point you will be shown a message from Facebook warning you that your account has been deleted.

Like the procedure for hibernating the Facebook profile, all the operations to be carried out definitively deleting the account can also be performed from smartphones and tablets. If you are therefore willing to cancel your account by acting from a mobile, you just need to start theFacebook app directly from your device and go to ☰> Settings and privacy> Settings> Delete your account and settings.

How to hibernate Facebook profile

Keep in mind that by permanently deleting your account from the social network, other users can no longer view your profile but the definitive removal of all content shared on it could take up to 90 days. However, this information is inaccessible to third parties during the account deletion process.