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How to have blue messages on Instagram

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How to have blue messages on Instagram: Instagram is your favorite social network and, since you use it daily, you would like to be able to customize it a bit, perhaps by changing the colors of its interface. Speaking of which, you’ve heard that it is possible to change the color of private messages to blue, and you’d like to know more about this feature.

How do you say? Is this really the case? So if you are wondering like having blue messages on instagram, know that the operation in question is feasible and that today I’m here to tell you about it. In fact, in the course of this tutorial of mine, I will provide you with all the information you need to do so, explaining how to reach your goal through an official app of Instagram. In addition, I will also show you some alternative solutions that you can think of turning to to make the photographic social network more colorful.

So, if you are now impatient to learn more and can’t wait to get started, sit down comfortably and just take a few minutes of free time, so that you can calmly read the procedures I am about to provide you and put them into practice. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a good time!

Preliminary information

If you wonder like having blue messages on instagram but you don’t seem to have seen anything like this in the official social network app for Android And iOSdon’t worry, this is normal, since the latter does not yet allow you to change the color of private messages.

To apply the change in question you need to use the app Thread from Instagramavailable for Android (also on alternative stores) e iOS. If you don’t know it, this is an official Instagram app that allows you to stay in touch with the closest friends of the photographic social network, creating and publishing stories (albeit with limited functionality compared to the app Instagram) dedicated to them or by staying in contact through private messages.

Having made all the necessary premises, in the next chapters of this tutorial I will talk to you in detail about how to use it to change the background color of private messages. In addition, I will also give you some tips on how to implement alternative solutions, to be able to have colorful writings in the stories of Instagram and in posts. He therefore continues to read to find out more.

How to have blue Instagram messages

Instagram blue messages

As anticipated, the ability to change the color of the messages on Instagram it is officially supported by the app only Thread from Instagram. So, after downloading it on your device (by searching for it in the appropriate store, selecting it and pressing the button Install / Get) and have started it, log in to your Instagram account and add the friends you want to keep in touch with, by tapping on theirs names.

Keep in mind that, as mentioned, the app in question allows you to create stories to publish on Instagramas well as sending and receiving private messages, but only with those who have been added to this special list.

Therefore, if you want to use it to stay in touch with a particular person, select their name in the screen that is proposed to you, so that it will automatically be added to the list of closest friends.

After doing this, you agree to the prompts you are shown regarding access to the camera and microphone, in order for the app to work properly. After that, between the themes that are shown to you, tap on the item Dusk and press the button end to confirm the operation.

Applying the theme in question will automatically change the background color of private messages sent through the app in question: as you can see by pressing airplane icon (in the upper right corner) and by tapping on one of the pre-existing conversations, the messages sent and received will have a light blue background.

The functioning of the app in relation to instant messaging is, in fact, the same as the section dedicated to private messages of the app Instagram: you can then, send private messages to closest friendsusing the text field write a message and then pressing the key Send. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

Other solutions to have blue messages on Instagram

You would like to be able to change the color of the messages for the stories and posts of Instagram? In that case, don’t worry, as there are solutions that are right for you.

As regards the storiesyou have the option to use the button Create included inofficial Instagram app, which is used to start the text editor. You can, therefore, write a text and then change the color of the background or directly that of the writing using the color picker. At the end of the modification, publish the textual story by clicking on the button Forward and then on the one named Your story.

Speaking, instead, of the postyou should know that it is not possible to change the color of the caption messages for photos posted in the Feed of the social network. Therefore, what you can do is use a third party graphics app, such as for example Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Android (downloadable from Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS (downloadable fromApp Store) to create images or videos containing colored writings to be published in post of the photographic social network.

For more information about it, I suggest you deepen the subject, reading my tutorial in which I explain in more detail how to have colored messages on Instagram.

How to get a blue check on Instagram

How to get a blue check on Instagram

If, on the other hand, you are wondering like having a blue check on Instagramyou will be interested to know that the tick in question is actually nothing more than a verification badge attributed to profiles verified on the famous photographic social network.

In order to obtain this officialization, in the event that your profile is attributable, for example, to that of a public figure, you must follow some specific steps, in order to send the verification request to the Instagram team. For more information on this, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.