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How to hack on Minecraft

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How to hack on Minecraft: You are a fan of  Minecraft  and, recently, you have heard of  hacks , that is, of some tools that users can use to obtain some advantages within the game world. The idea of ​​trying them tempts you a lot, as you could get faster what instead would require several hours of play, but you have doubts about the regularity of these solutions.

You hit the point perfectly: the use of hacks, in fact, when playing an online multiplayer game, is punished with the ban, as it brings advantages to a single player at the expense of all the others. The ban from the game server can be temporary or permanent, as appropriate. However, “punishment” always comes, so better avoid using hacks during multiplayer games and play “clean”.

Having said that, nobody forbids you to go deeper into the topic and to use hacks when playing a game of Minecraft in single player mode. In this regard, in today’s guide, I will show you how to hack on Minecraft to test these solutions during your solo games and to facilitate the game experience a little. So tell me, are you ready to start? Yup? Perfect. Sit nice comfortable, pay attention to the advice I am about to give you and try to put it into practice. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

Use the command console

Before talking about the Minecraft mods, I want to talk about a tool that allows you to get some more advantage during your gaming experience and that does not require any modification of the game files: the  command console . In the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain how to enable it and what codes you can use to make Minecraft a little easier.

Enable the command console

The command console is an interface that allows the insertion of specific strings to modify, in general, the natural behavior of Minecraft. I tell you about this tool because you can use it at any time in a single player game; moreover, if you play online on a server, you will not have to worry if you inadvertently use the command console, as this is disabled for all players, except administrators and moderators.

Now, however, let’s see how to enable the console and what commands could be useful to facilitate your gaming experience. To enable the command console on Minecraft, you must first identify which platform you are playing from.

If you play Minecraft on a computer , you can enable the command console both if you have already created a new world and in the phase of its creation. In the latter case, in the main menu of Minecraft, click on the Single Player button and then press on the one called Create a new world .

Once this is done, enter the world name and then press the More world options button , to access some additional setting parameters. So locate the item Commands and click on it to change the wording to Yes . Then click on the Done button and then on Create a new world .

If, on the other hand, you have already created a world without having enabled the command console, you can temporarily access it by going to the settings menu (accessible by pressing the Esc key during the game), pressing the Open in LAN button  and pressing on the item Commands , to show the wording Yes . Then click on the Start the world in LAN button to return to the game with the command console enabled.

Whatever the method you used to enable the console, to use it, just press the T key on the keyboard (in order to open the chat) and enter the command strings that I will tell you about in the next paragraph.

If, on the other hand, you play Minecraft Pocket Edition on your smartphone or tablet , after starting the game via its icon on the home screen, tap on Play and then choose the items Create new > Random generation . Now, scroll the screen until you identify the item Activate the tricks and move the lever to ON . Then press the Continue button and finally the one called Create to start a new game.

If you have already created a world on which you have not enabled the command console, go back to the main screen and press the Play button . Then tap on the icon with the symbol of a pencil that you find next to the name of the game you had already created. At this point, follow the instructions I indicated in the previous lines, to enable the command console.

During a game, you can enable this tool by pressing on the icon with the symbol of a speech bubble , which is located at the top.

Useful commands

After enabling the command console, it’s time to use some code strings that can help you during your gaming experience on Minecraft.

The first code you could use is the one related to teleportation , which allows you to reach any place on the map by typing in the chat / teleport [subject] [destination] . You will have to indicate your character’s name or the term @p as subject ; while as destination you will have to indicate the X , Y and Z coordinates of the place you want to reach.

In this regard, I recommend you read my article on how to teleport Minecraft , in which I explain in detail how you use this command.

Another useful command for getting all the resources available during survival mode is / gamemode creative [subject] . Through this string, you can change the way the world survives to creative, by accessing all resources and also allowing you to fly.

When you intend to change the current session to survival mode again, simply use the / gamemode survival [subject] command .

Other useful commands are those defined by the / give , / effect and / summon codes . These allow, respectively, to obtain items in the inventory, status effects or summons of creatures and objects.

To use the give command , type / give [subject] [object] [quantity] , where by subject you must indicate the name of your character and in the object indicate the name of the resource or tool you want to obtain. When you enter the code, you will be shown a hint on the objects to insert; then type the term minecraft: and type the first letter of which the name of the object is composed, to show the entire wording (for example minecraft: diamond_axe ). Obviously the names are indicated in English and not in Italian. Then indicate the quantity by entering a positive integer.

The effect command requires the string / effect [state] [subject] [effect name] [time] [amplifier] . By status you have to choose between give and clear  that attribute or remove, respectively, an effect to a subject. If you use clear, you will not be required to use the tempo and amplifier parameters, which are necessary if you use give.

In subject it indicates the name of your character and in effect name it indicates the name of the state effect you want to apply (or remove) to your character. Type minecraft: followed by the first letter of the effect (in English) to see the suggestion on the wording to be written (for example minecraft: invisibility for invisibility). Then enter the number of seconds for the duration of the effect and any amplifier , which will multiply the intensity of the effect.

The summon command works in a similar way to those shown in the previous lines. Requires the code / summon [object name] [location] . By typing minecraft: you will be shown a list of suggestions and, by typing the first letter of which the name of the object or creature to be summoned is composed, you will be able to read the entire string needed (for example minecraft: enderman to summon an Enderman). Then indicate any coordinates of the map; if you don’t indicate anything, the summoning will happen next to the avatar.

Use the mods

In addition to the command console, mods can also be used  , which add some functionality to Minecraft, often improving the user’s gaming experience. In general, mods cannot be considered hacks, but simply modifications that enrich the user’s gaming experience. I speak to you, for example, of those that improve the graphic quality, those that add completely new objects or those that change the behavior of Minecraft dynamics.

The use of mods is not always lawful when playing online, because they improve the gaming experience in a way not allowed by the server rules, or they are simply not supported. So pay attention to the mods you use to avoid incurring a possible ban.

However, there are some mods that can be considered real hacks, such as XRay or Simple Hax . These mods allow you to see through the blocks, perhaps to identify the resources to be collected or find mines and underground fortresses.

In general, installing a mod requires Minecraft Forge : a Windows program that allows you to manage almost all the mods created by other users. Through its interface, reachable through the Mod button in the Minecraft main screen, it is possible to enable or disable the individual mods.

To install Minecraft Forge , go to the official website and choose the version of Minecraft you play, via the left sidebar. After that, press the Windows Installer button to download the forge-xxxx-installer-win.exe file . After downloading it, double-click on it and, in the window that is shown to you, then press OK to run the installation.

Once this is done, it’s time to install the individual mods. So, reach one of the many websites that contain Minecraft mods, such as CurseForge . Through the Projects menu item or the search bar at the top, find the mod that is right for you and download it via the Download button .

Now, reach the path C: Users [name] AppDataRoaming.minecraft through Windows File Explorer and create the mods folder  (if you don’t already find it among those present in the screen). Then place the JAR file of the mod you previously downloaded and start Minecraft.

In the Minecraft launcher, now press the icon with the symbol (▲) that you find next to the Play button . Then select the Forge profile and click Play . In the main screen of the game, press the Mod button , to access the list of installed mods, in which you will find the one just imported.

Now you just need to access a game and see the effects of the newly installed mod, following the same instructions that were indicated to you in the description of the file you downloaded, on the dedicated CurseForge page.

(Don’t) use modified clients

In addition to the solutions that I proposed to you in the previous paragraphs, there is the possibility to download real hacks that allow, through a modified interface, to access many features, such as invisibility, flight or immortality.

These tools, in addition to being banned in online games, may not be safe. In fact, they are not present in the Minecraft repository databases and may contain malicious code that would infect the computer.

With these premises, I recommend you to use the solutions I have indicated in the previous paragraphs, which can certainly improve your gaming experience during single games, with greater security.