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How to go to North Yankton GTA 5

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How to go to North Yankton GTA 5: You love to spend part of your free time playing video games, and among those that have thrilled you the most are the titles of the series GTA (that is Grand Theft Auto). Now, in particular, you are playing GTA 5and you’re having fun exploring every corner of the map.

During the story mode missions, you got to visit the city of Ludendorff and, now, you are looking for a way back, but to no avail. This is how things are, am I right? Then you will be happy to know that, in today’s guide, you will find all the information you need to know like going to North Yankton GTA 5 through simple and immediate procedures.

If you can’t wait to get started, all you have to do is get comfortable and give me a few minutes of your free time. Don’t worry, it’s nothing complex and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the final result! Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!

What is North Yankton

North Yankton is a fictional state in the world of Grand Theft Auto Vwhere two missions of the main campaign of this video game take place, involving the player characters Michael And Trevor.

In contrast to the state of San Andreas, where all the activities of GTA 5 take place, which is inspired by the real Southern California, North Yankton is instead inspired by North Dakota, a real state of the United States of America, bordering Canada .

The North Yankton city depicted in GTA 5 is named Ludendorff and it is made up of a few buildings and without any possibility of exploration. In fact, as I told you, this city is the scenario of two missions and, therefore, trying to get away from the objective will cause it to fail with a consequent restart.

The usefulness of reaching this location is purely linked to the curiosity to visit every place in the world of GTA, perhaps in search of some little secret or curiosity related to the world of this video game. Unfortunately, the only interesting reason to revisit this region is to see a alien frozen in the river. For the rest, very little is known about North Yankton, including the little information present on the official page of LifeInvander accessible only by Trevor.

Given this premise, you can well guess that North Yankton is a non-explorable and freely accessible area of ​​GTA 5. This means that, in the next few chapters, you will not find a direct method to access this region, but some tips that you can put into practice to return to visit North Yankton.

How to go to North Yankton via History

Replay mission GTA 5

As I already told you in introductory chapter of this guide, North Yankton it is a region that is only accessible during certain missions in GTA 5 Story Mode. This means that you can normally only return to visit this region by replaying the respective missions.

Specifically, North Yankton is the scenario of two specific GTA 5 missions: Prologue And Burying the hatchet. The first mission is the one that introduces you to the world of this chapter of the serious GTA and you come across it as soon as you start playing the title for the first time.

The second, on the other hand, is only available after playing at least more than half of the story mode missions, specifically after the preparatory briefing has been held to carry out the big shot at the Union Depository.

As for the first mission, the goal will be to make a heist at Bobcat Security and try to make Trevor, Michael and Brad run away, chased by the police. The second mission has as its objective, instead, that of reach Trevor who went to North Yankton to get some answers related to the events that occurred during the Prologue mission.

If, therefore, you have not had the opportunity to play all the missions that allow you to visit this region or you have played them quickly, without caring about the fact that you were right in North Yankton, the only solution for you to visit this place again is to replay the aforementioned missions.

To do this, access the menu of break time (e.g. key Esc on PC) and select the tab Match. From the left column, then choose the item Replay main mission and identify one of the two missions that I previously indicated: Prologue or Burying the hatchet.

After selecting the item relating to the mission to replay, go on Enter twice, to confirm. By doing so, you will be able to replay one of the two main story missions of GTA 5 that will replay you in North Yankton.

I remind you that you will not be able to freely explore the city of Ludendorff, as you will fail the mission objective. However, you can take a look at the immediate surroundings.

How to go to North Yankton via mod

North Yankton GTA V

Since North Yankton is normally only accessible by replaying the story mode missions, an alternative tool has been created to return as many times as you wish and to explore the place in search of some hidden curiosity. How? Using the mod of GTA 5 for PC.

You must know that the mods on GTA 5 can be used without any risk, if loaded only during the Story mode (i.e. the offline one) of this video game. If you were to attempt to access GTA Online with any mod active, you could risk being banned immediately.

That said, the mod that allows you to return to visit this region of GTA 5 is called Travel to North Yankton. This add-on is easy to install and, most importantly, to use. You will find all the information you need in the next paragraphs.

First, the mod can be run on GTA 5 only and only if you have previously installed it ScriptHookV in the game installation folder. It is a library that allows files to run in .ASI formati.e. scripts that run on Grand Theft Auto V.

You can easily get yourself ScriptHookV through this link which links to the site Then press the button Download and then again on the same, to download thearchive .ZIP containing the mod. After downloading the file in question, extract its contents within the root directory of GTA 5 (make sure the game is not running).

North Yankton GTA 5 mod installation

Of the three files in the archive, the ones that interest you mainly are ScriptHookV.dll (the .ASI script library) and dinput8.dll (the component that executes .ASI scripts). The file NativeTrainer.asi it’s just an example script that adds some “tricks” to the game, but it’s not needed for this guide.

Once this is done, it’s time to download the mod (or rather the script) that will allow you to access North Yankton. Therefore, reach out this link and download the archive, using the button Downloadto be pressed twice consecutively.

Once this is done, extract the contents of the archive inside the main directory of GTA 5, that is, in the same location where you placed the ScriptHookV files. The file to be extracted is named NorthYankton.asi and it must be in the same folder where you previously extracted the files ScriptHookV.dll And dinput8.dll.

Los Santos Airport GTA 5

At this point, start Grand Theft Auto V and reach the Los Santos Airport. All you need to do is approach the airport gates to be immediately transported to North Yankton.

Since this region was only created as a scenario for running two missions of the main campaign of GTA 5, many areas outside the objective area are not accessible (invisible walls). Additionally, you may crash into the game texture or encounter tons of other bugs. For that reason, all you have to do is use the 9 key on the numeric keypadto return to the area where you were initially transported.

I warn you: since the area is only accessible via missions, using the mod forces access to it. Therefore, do not change characters and do not try to save the game session. You can return to Los Santos at any time, simply by heading in front of the gate of the area where you initially arrived in North Yankton (theairplane icon on the map).