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How to go offline in Call of Duty

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How to go offline in Call of Duty: Multiplayer sessions on call of Duty they are always particularly engaging, but in some cases you may need not to appear online on the game servers, for example to not receive invitations from friends or to not respond to any chats.

A little bit of healthy privacy is sometimes essential, and for this reason I’ve made a guide to illustrate you how to go offline on Call of Dutyexamining the features offered on some of the major versions of the game for consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

If you want to spend a few minutes of your precious time reading the next paragraphs, you will find that thanks to a few simple steps it is not absolutely difficult, where possible, to change the status of your presence on the game servers. Are you ready then? Perfect! I just have to wish you good reading and good fun!

Preliminary information

First of all, it is important to know that the player profile of all versions of Call of Duty, both at the edition level and at the game platform level, is centralized in your account. Activisionwhich was necessarily created following theinstallation of the videogame in order to access the multiplayer sessions.

To appear offlinetherefore, fundamentally you need to access your profile settings on the Activision website from your browser and act on the options relating to the status of the network gaming: I want to immediately reassure you that this is by no means a difficult operation, even if you are a beginner with gaming.

How to appear offline in Call of Duty

If you want to know how to appear offline in Call of Duty, in the next chapters I will show you in detail the situations in which the game server allows this mode and, where possible, the various steps to carry out this operation. For the preparation of this guide I have examined the versions Warzone, Modern Warfare And Call of Duty Mobile.

How to go offline in Call of Duty Warzone

activision profile

If you are looking for information on how to go offline in Call of Duty Warzonein the next lines you will find all the information you need: as mentioned in the previous paragraph the option to change the status on the game servers is not offered directly by the platform where the game is installed (in particular I am referring to console or PC), but it is only present on your profile Activision created to access online multiplayer sessions.

First of all, therefore, you need to connect to the page from your favorite browser Activision’s principal and press on the item Log in, top right. On the following screen, enter your email address in the field Email Address and the relative password in the field below, then click on the button Sign in.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request the reset by clicking on the wording Forgot your Password. In this case, in the new page that will be shown to you, you will have to enter the email address in the only field present and press the button Submit: a message will be sent to the mailbox indicated containing the link to type the new password.

After entering your credentials, if you have activated the two-factor verificationyou will have to complete the recognition procedure with the chosen method, otherwise you will see a screen where you will be asked to activate it: you can possibly skip this step by clicking on the wording Skip for now.

Once the loginin the main screen, press the button Profile located at the top right and wait for the summary screen for your account to load. Then click on the button Account Linkingin the left menu: in the central window the information regarding the accounts subscribed on the various gaming platforms will be shown, within the section Gaming Networks.

If, for example, your version of Call of Duty Warzone is installed on PS4identify the corresponding box PlayStation accountin which you will notice the presence of three options: Sign On Visible, Searchable And Visible Date.

By clicking on the drop down menu next to the item Sign On Visible you can inhibit the visibility of your account on the game servers by choosing the option It is not (none) instead of Friends (friends). If you want, do the same for the next parameter Searchable which, on the other hand, indicates the possibility of being found through a specific search on the server.

The last option, Data Visibleserves to make your game statistics visible (or not): in this case, by clicking on it you will notice that other options are also available, that is Annex And Friend + Partners. If you want to completely hide this information, you will have to press on the item again It is not.

COD warzone offline PS4

At this point, to check your actual status, access an online game from your reference platform: following the previous example, therefore, let’s assume that Call of Duty Warzone is installed on PS4.

After starting it, you have selected an online multiplayer mode (e.g. that Battle Royale) and then joined one lobbyselect your profile with the directional buttons of the controller before the start of the online session and press the button X controller, then, from the menu Player options that appears, select the item View Profile.

Now, use the arrow keys to select the item Set online status and press the button again X: you will see the item appear You appear offlineconfirming the successful outcome of the previously performed operation.

Finally, consider that the same operations described below are also applicable on consoles Xboxin the section Gaming Networks Activision profile. I must inform you, however, that unfortunately about the versions for PC of this specific game it is not possible in any way to appear offline, despite having performed the operations indicated above in your Activision profile on the boxes relating to the gaming platforms And Steam.

How to go offline in Call of Duty Warfare

cod modern warfare

If you want to know how to go offline in Call of Duty Warfarehaving installed this edition on the PS4 or on Xboxall you have to do is perform the same operation illustrated in detail in the previous chapter to set offline status on your profile Activision.

It will then be enough for you to log into your account Activision from the browser and press the button Profile to view the settings for Network Gamingand then modify the parameter Sign On Visible with the option It is not.

Unfortunately, as for the version for PCalso in this case the status cannot be set to offline: the profile will always be active in multiplayer sessions even if on the box or Steam the above change has been made to your Activision account.

How to go offline on Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile

Unfortunately, if you look for the instructions to understand how to go offline on Call of Duty MobileI must inform you that there is no such mode on the version for smartphone And Tablet of the title.

The settings, in fact, do not allow you to change the status of the profile on online multiplayer sessions, and even in the Activision profile there is no dedicated feature relating to this platform. Read more here