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How to get unblocked on Facebook

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How to get unblocked on Facebook: You’ve noticed a strange phenomenon lately: come on Facebook you can no longer see the posts published by your friend (although you have not hidden their content from the news feed) and, looking at your list of friends, there is not even a trace of their name. This has left you somewhat perplexed and you begin to think that your friend has blocked you for an unknown reason. So you would like to know if there is a way to get unblocked on Facebook, but you really don’t know who to turn to to resolve this doubt. But how? So what am I doing here ?!

If you dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, I will be happy to explain to you how to understand if you have actually been blocked on the social network and, if so, what you can actually do to get unblocked by the user in question. Before getting to the heart of the topic, however, I would like to make a necessary clarification: if a user has decided to block you, you must also take into account the possibility that he may not be willing to revoke the block. You cannot force him into this choice.

So far all clear? Well, then I would say not to waste any more time and immediately take action: make yourself comfortable, take all the time necessary to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, implement the “tips” that I will give you. All I have to do is wish you good reading and, above all, wish you a big good luck for everything!

How to tell if you have been blocked on Facebook

Before get unblocked on Facebook you have to make sure you have actually been blocked by the “suspected” user. I already anticipate that there is no foolproof way to find out, but you can still collect some “clues” that can help you get an idea of ​​the real situation.

Basically, you will have to try to understand if you no longer see the profile of the user in question and his name in your friends list because he has simply deleted himself from the social network (or has deactivated his account) or if he has actually blocked you. Having said that, I would say that we can proceed: good “investigations”!

Search for the user’s profile on the Internet

Search for the user’s profile that you think has blocked you is a rather effective way to clarify the situation. To proceed, start browsing incognito on your browser (if you have difficulty, you can help with the instructions I have given you in another tutorial), connected to a search engine (eg. Google) and type the terms in the search field [Nome Cognome] Facebook.

Then locate the profile of the user in question, click on the corresponding link and take a look at the page that opens: if you see the user’s profile and his basic information, it means that his account is still active and , therefore, there is a high chance that you have been blocked.

If you want to do the “litmus test”, log in to Facebook and go to the user’s profile: if you are shown an error page or are redirected to your personal profile, the chances that you have been blocked by the suspected user are even more.

Check the User ID

Check the User ID, that is the sequence of numbers associated with each profile on Facebook, is another way to try to understand if you have actually been blocked by a user or if their account simply no longer exists. In case you do not know it, to obtain the Facebook ID it is necessary that you know the username of the friend whose User ID you want to verify (which is located in the last part of the link to his personal profile ): if you have no way to retrieve this data, then, you will not be able to verify the ID itself.

To proceed, connect to This Page, type in the text field Enter your Facebook profile URL below the URL of the personal profile of the friend whose ID you want to verify (eg., presses the blue button Find Facebook ID and, if you are shown the numeric User ID, his account still exists, which means that you have probably been blocked; if you are shown an error message, however, the profile you are looking for has obviously been deleted or deactivated.

Check Messenger

Another trick you can take to understand if you have been blocked on Facebook is to check out Messenger and see if it is impossible to perform certain actions: let’s see how to proceed both on computers, smartphones and tablets.

  • On PC – linked to Messenger login page, log in to your account (if you have already logged into Facebook in the browser, you should be able to do so by pressing the button Continue as [Nome Cognome]), locate the chat corresponding to the friend you think blocked you and click on it. Find the link [Nome Cognome] located on the right and, if this is not clickable, it is likely that the person has blocked you.
  • On Android – connected from the browser (eg. Google Chrome) to This Page, presses the button (⋮) located at the top right, put the check mark on the box Desktop site, wait for the page to reload and follow the instructions I gave you a moment ago: locate the chat relating to the user you think has blocked you and check if it is possible to click on the link [Nome Cognome] to go to the user’s Facebook profile (if this is not possible, he has probably blocked you).
  • On iOS – connected by Safari to This Page, presses on the symbol of sharing (the icon of the arrow facing up), tap on the item Request desktop site and check if the link [Nome Cognome] it can be pressed to go to the profile of the user in question or not (if this is not possible, it has probably blocked you).

By following the procedure I have indicated to you, you can try to understand if you have been blocked on Facebook. If you suspect that you have been unlocked only on Messenger, on the other hand, you can follow the advice I have provided you in this other article.

Check the tags

A rather immediate way to check if a user has blocked you on Facebook is to check the tags. In fact, if you’ve been blocked by someone, Facebook will automatically remove the links to their profile from your tags (and vice versa).

Therefore, proceed to trace a content in which you have tagged the user in question: if the tag has disappeared or is no longer functional, you may have been blocked by the user in question. Please note, however, that the user may simply have decided to remove the tag from the post in question or, again, have deleted or deactivated their profile.

Check the games

Have you ever played on Facebook with the user you think blocked you in the past? This could help you clarify the situation and understand if you have actually been blocked or not.

To proceed, start the game in question from the panel Explore> Games> Instant Games which is accessible from the left sidebar of the web version of Facebook or from its official app, go to the section dedicated to the game’s rankings and check the presence of its name: if it still appears, obviously it has not been deleted from Facebook and it is likely that blocked you.

Close help to a mutual friend

Although you have scrupulously followed the “tips” indicated in the previous lines, are you still not sure that you have been blocked on Facebook? In this case, you have no choice but ask for help from a friend you have in common, so you can know if the Facebook account of the person you have in common as a friend has been deleted from the social network (and therefore is not visible even in his contacts) or if he has blocked you (in this case the mutual friend will see the name of the “suspected” user among his contacts).

Contact who has blocked you on Facebook

If you have carefully considered the factors listed above and have come to the conclusion that you have been blocked on Facebook, you do not need to despair because your “friend” perhaps did it unwittingly or out of distraction. Or he may have made this decision after an argument from you and, since it has been a while since then, he may now be willing to lift the block.

The only way to get unblocked on Facebook is that of contact the user who blocked you, ask him the reasons why he decided to block you on the social network and ask him if he is willing to give you back the friendship (since one of the consequences of the block is the revocation of the friendship).

Despite having been blocked on Facebook, in fact, you may be able to contact the user in question through other services, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype or WeChat (unless you have also been blocked on these platforms!), Or by calling him on his mobile or, even better, meeting him personally to talk “face to face”.

When you have the opportunity to talk to the user who blocked you on Facebook, ask him why he decided to do so and, if he did it for unpleasant behavior you have taken towards him (for example by publishing a post in his diary that have annoyed), promise him that if he will restore your friendship you will pay more attention and, above all, you will speak up!

I’m sure that if the contact who blocked you did so out of distraction, he will be willing to revoke the block and restore your friendship on Facebook, but if this is not the case, respect his choice: who knows, maybe one day he will want to unblock you voluntarily.